After their first meeting, it really didn't take long for them to be close. Gilbert was rather persistent about it. Every night, Gilbert would curl up next to Matthew as they slept. At first Matthew didn't like having his personal space invaded in such a way. Though, Gilbert kept pressing it. Nuzzling into his neck, wrapping his arms around his middle and the soft pleased hums started to grow on Matthew. It was comforting. Comfort was something foreign to him. He never knew just how addictive it was. Now, there wasn't a night that they didn't share a blanket by the campfire wrapped in each other's arms. In the short time, they learn more about each other. Gilbert now knew that Matthew was from a faraway land. He learned about what Wendigos were and the isolation and pain Matthew went through. Matthew found out that even though Gilbert was an Aufhocker, he was different from them. He was the only one with white hair. Most of his kind had black hair. He was shown the extent of Gilbert's powers. The many forms of animals he could take, all with white fur. Matthew was especially delighted when Gilbert turned into a Polar Bear. He told him it reminded him of his home land. Not only was he a shape shifter, he could change his size and weight. Something that he could use with deadly force.

They traveled together as well as hunted together. Sometimes Gilbert would turn into a dog and keep by Matthew's side as they entered the villages they came across. Even though they looked after themselves, they would need some supplies and clothing. Countless of times their clothes would get damaged while fighting humans and from transforming mishaps. Matthew had to learn how to use the thread and needle. His work was crude at best, but it worked. Finding food was never a problem. Every night they slept with full bellies.

Gilbert was happy being with Matthew. He couldn't explain why he felt so connected to the other. Gilbert found himself being protective and a bit possessive over Matthew. He didn't want anyone being as close to him as he was. Matthew had to explain to him that he had no interest in others. That Gilbert was the only one to be close to him. Matthew was inexperienced with seduction, much to Gilbert's displeasure. It wasn't that he didn't like Gilbert. Sex just made no sense to him and deep down he felt inadequate. He didn't want to disappoint Gilbert. So he would ignore or feel confused when Gilbert brought up the idea or hinted at it.

"Matthew." Gilbert's voice was unusually stern.

"Hmm?" Matthew looked up from the flames of their camp fire.

Gilbert walked right up to the other and stood right in front of him. Matthew was sitting down on log, looking up at him. For a moment Gilbert was silent as he tried to figure out the words he wanted to say. Swallowing, his face twisted as he tried to keep his face neutral. Red dusted his cheeks as he chest puffed out with the large intake of air.

"I can't take this."

Matthew's eyes widen at Gilbert's words. Fear filled his violet orbs because the first thing that came to mind that Gilbert wanted to leave. Instantly he realised just how important Gilbert was to him. Gilbert seemed to know what Matthew was thinking and quickly corrected himself.

"No. I'm happy that we're together, but… I need more than companionship." Gilbert quickly dropped to his knees, forcing himself between Matthew's legs. His hands gripped at the other's waist as he looked up to Matthew.

"I have my needs, Matthew." He voice came out more like a plea.

"…I don't…"

"Don't give me that excuse!" Gilbert interrupted. "Can't you see how much I want you?" Matthew was silent. This wasn't the answer Gilbert wanted. Caught up with his emotions and his raging hormones he shoved Matthew back so that he was laying on the ground. Pinning the other down, Gilbert started to pant. His eyes were glazed over as a desperate expression morphed onto his face. A deep whine reverberated in the back of his throat. He shoved his face into the crook of Matthew's neck and breathed in deeply, taking in the other's scent. Matthew was stunned by the other's actions. He stayed still as Gilbert wrapped his arms under his head. Their hips were pressed together and Gilbert arched. Gilbert shuddered and Matthew lets out a small started noise. Something hard was pressing against him. Gilbert arched his hips again, pressing down as he started to grind into Matthew. Whining out, Gilbert gripped at Matthew tighter.

"..S-stop… stop!" Matthew started to feel a little panicked as Gilbert became lost in pleasure in humping against him. It was starting to feel weird. The way the other's clothed erection was pressing right against where his length was, was making him feel flustered. He couldn't understand it. A soft moan left him as that strange feel started to feel good. Gilbert must've heard him because a relieved sound came from him and rolled his hips, focusing on both of their pleasure. Matthew bend his legs, gripping onto Gilbert's back. He gasped as he felt his length start to react to Gilbert's movements. Lips pressed against his bare neck. Matthew could feel the other's sharp canines pressing against his skin, scraping against it as Gilbert started to suck on his neck. Pleasure was fogging up his mind, a sensation completely new to him. A low growl came from him, warning the other not to stop. His nails grew sharper, digging into Gilbert's back. A loud groan left Gilbert as he bucked his hips, moving them faster.

It wasn't long until they were a writhing mess, arching and gripping at each other. Matthew's head arched back as Gilbert's movements became erratic. His teeth grew sharp as he felt himself so close. All he knew was that he needed this completion. Their cries mixed together as their bodies stiffened. Teeth bit into the flesh of each other's shoulders, latching their mouths in place as they came. They didn't let go of each other as they rode out their orgasm. The pain of the other's bite added to the pleasure. Gilbert then collapsed on top of Matthew, releasing the other from his bite. Matthew removed his teeth from Gilbert's shoulder, gasping out for air. The both of them laid there, panting and recovering from their activities. Groaning, Gilbert lifted head to look at Matthew. Each other's blood was smeared over their lips.

"Sorry… I-"

It was Matthew's turn to interrupt Gilbert. Instead of saying anything, he ran his tongue over Gilbert's lips; removing some of the blood that was there. At first Matthew's reaction stunned Gilbert, but a relieved smile came out. Gilbert hummed out blissfully, gently licking away the blood from Matthew's lips. When they were done, they moved down to the bite they gave each other. Gently they licked and lovingly nuzzled into their marks.

"This.. feels right." Matthew murmured as they held each other, gazing up to the starry sky.

"Yeah.. it does." Gilbert said, leaning his head against Matthew's.

It was that night that they became mates.