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Chapter 1

Hermione ran. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She wasn't sure where she was going, she just knew that she wanted to get away. No, had to get away. When she finally stopped she realised that she had found herself at the bottom of the Astronomy Tower. She climbed the stairs and walked towards the ledge. She leaned forwards onto the railing, looking out over the school grounds.

The late September breeze was blowing her already strewn hair around her face and turning her tears cold against her flushed cheeks. She allowed fresh tears replace them as she closed her eyes; the scene from just moments ago flashing through her mind like a movie.

Hermione got to her feet and left the library quietly. She had been working on her latest Ancient Runes essay and finishing up on her Potions homework. She still had fifteen minutes before curfew so she took her time going back up to her dorm room.

"Password?" The Fat Lady asked as Hermione neared the portrait hole.

"Pumpkin Pasty." She answered with a small smile. The Fat Lady nodded as she admitted Hermione to the Gryffindor common room. She stopped suddenly in her tracks at the scene before her. There, on one of the couches, was Ron. He was kissing a very familiar brunette. "Ron?" Hermione asked softly; the waver already present in her voice. "Lavender?"

"Ah, 'Mione! It's not what you think!" Ron stuttered as he quickly looked up at Hermione and moved away from Lavender.

"Really?" She replied; finding her voice once again. "Because it looks like you swallowing her face to me!" She spat; motioning to the brunette.

"Look I'm sorry." Ron replied; getting up off of the couch. "It just happened ya know? I did mean to tell you. We can't be together anymore. I'm sorry." He walked over to her and reached up to lay his hand on her shoulder.

Hermione backed away; swatting his hand in the process. She looked up at Ron; tears misting her vision, and then without thinking she turned on her heels and ran out of the room, ignoring the Fat Lady's protests behind her.

Hermione slid down the stone pillar beside her. Sitting on the hard floor with her head resting on her knees for a few minutes before lifting it slightly to pull back her sleeve and look at her forearm. She stared at the single word that had been etched into her skin almost a year before. She ran her fingers across the scar before taking out her wand.

"Kniro Heataro." She muttered. The tip of her wand was glowing a bright, hot red as if it had just been pulled from the hot coals of a fire. She placed the scorching tip on her arm, wincing at the pain before slowly dragging it over the previous scar. Blood was now trickling out of her wound but she once again ran the tip of her wand over the offensive word; causing yet more blood to flow onto her arm. She sat and watched for a few moments before conjuring some bandages to clean and wrap the wound.

Standing up once more, she took one last look out into the night before making her way back down the stairs and towards Gryffindor Tower.

Sitting in the shadows of the Astronomy Tower, a lone figure was leaning up against the brick work; contemplating what they had just witnessed.

"Well, Granger." They muttered into the darkness. "Not so good after all."