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Naruto Uzumaki growled at his opponent. His unwounded right eye, once blue, had turned purple and had a ripple like pattern, while his left was closed and had a scar stretching over it from his eyebrow to his cheek.

Across from him, on the other side of the river, Sasuke Uchiha stood, snarling and glaring at him with his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan active, panting and bloodied.

"Why won't you die, dobe?" the black haired boy shouted. "I took everything from you! I killed your friends, I turned everyone against you, I killed your wife, I made you suffer, and you still won't die!"

"Damn right I won't, teme! Cause I'm Naruto-fucking-Uzumaki!" he said, holding out his hand.

A swirl of blue chakra formed in his hand, forming one of his signature techniques.

"One last jutsu," Naruto said.

Sasuke's hand crackled with lightning chakra as he formed his own technique.

"Fine, dobe, I'm finally going to finish you off with this."

Naruto growled lowly, his Rinnegan eye literally darkening.

"You won't be finishing anyone here," he said quietly. Then they both jumped forward, pushing their attacks towards each other.



The attacks met and clashed, both trying to overpower the other, before exploding with a sound like thunder, throwing both compatants apart.

Sasuke impacted on the opposite riverbank, crashing into the stone and making a small crater. He groaned in pain, and opened his eyes to see Naruto standing in front of him, completely unharmed, with his arms crossed.

"You know you can't beat me, Sasuke," Naruto said, speaking the Uchiha's name for the first time since the battle had begun. His breathing was light and even as he glared down at his opponent, his one eye a blazing purple.

"When you tried to use the Juubi against me, I just sealed it inside myself instead. Your Sharingan isn't powerful enough to stop me now. And you continue to try to fight me, for what?" Sasuke stood up and snarled at his opponent.

"To prove my superiority over you! I'm an Uchiha, an elite! You're nothing but a lowly peasant who should bow at my feet!" he yelled.

"If I'm a peasant, then why do I keep beating you?" Naruto asked quietly. "I've always beaten you. So if the peasant is better than the elite..."

"SHUT UP!" Sasuke yelled, throwing a punch at Naruto's face.

The blond caught the fist with his hand and started to squeeze. Sasuke was driven to his knees as he tried to stave off the terrible pressure on his hand. Then...


"Ah!" Sasuke cried out as Naruto let him go. He held up what used to be his fist, cradling the mess of flesh and bones close to his stomach.

"Do you honestly think that you're better than I am because of your blood? Because of your eyes?" Naruto snarled, and kicked the Uchiha in the chest, knocking him on his back.

"Do you honestly think that I even care what happens to you anymore? Because we used to be friends? Because we used to be brothers?" he shouted, and his fist cracked against Sasuke's jaw, breaking it and knocking him back again.

Naruto drew a kunai, pulled Sasuke up and pressed it against his throat. And for the first time in his life, the Uchiha felt pure, undiluted fear as he stared up at Naruto's furious eye.

"I hate you, Sasuke Uchiha. You took everything from me. I should kill you right now," Naruto said as he pressed the knife harder, drawing blood. But then he lifted it away.

"But I won't. I'm going to let you live. Live with the knowledge that I beat you, plain and simple."

He stood up and started walking away. Sasuke growled, and his Sharingan glowed.

"KAMUI!" he cried.

The blond began to spin, literally, as the final jutsu began to swallow him up. His Rinnegan eye, which had already darkened and sprouted tomoe from the effects of the Juubi's chakra running through his system, turned completely black.

Naruto stared at the person who he'd once considered a brother with absolute and all-consuming hatred and let the power of the first Tailed Beast explode from his body. It killed Sasuke in an instant, the hatred and malice manifested as pure energy too much even for him. Naruto had a split second view of Sasuke's skin melting off of his body before he didn't see anything.

The Kamui Sasuke had used was still in effect, though changed from the outburst of the Juubi's chakra. He felt a pain that made the Chidori Sasuke had shoved through his chest so long ago seem like a little love-tap.

Then, Naruto Uzumaki disappeared from the Shinobi World forever.

That jutsu was meant to send me to another dimension, one where I would be forever weak and helpless.

Didn't really work.

When I woke up, I was in a different place, and I was six years old again.


What the hell, right?

Well, luckily, I still had the Juubi in my body, still had the Rinnegan, though my eye remained wounded, and I still had all of my strength, which only grew as the years went on.

I saved a man who called himself Eddard Stark (which was a weird name, by the way) from an ambush. He was fighting against the 'Targaryens' with his friend Robert Baratheon, and they had started a Rebellion against the 'Mad King' Aerys Targaryen.

I honestly had nothing better to do, so I helped them out a bit, always using but a fraction of my power.

The rebellion ended a little while later when Jaime Lannister shoved his sword through his the Mad King's back, killing him and ending the Rebellion.

By then, I was a hero in the eyes of the people, thanks to my actions in dozens of battles against the Targaryens. My skills and 'magical powers' became the subject of many songs and poems, much to my chagrin.

Then, six years later, a moron named Balon decided to start his own rebellion, so I went and knocked over a few castles again. The mountain Pyke stands on still has a few chunks missing.

What? I was annoyed. Greyjoy's interrupted by nap.

Anyway, after that was done, I was tired of all the fighting. So, I settled down in Winterfell, Ned Stark's castle in the North, and lived there.

Since I was a few years older than Robb Stark, Ned's oldest son, I helped to raise him and all of the children that came after him.

This is how this next story begins.

Bran pulled back on the string of his bow, trying to hold it steady as he aimed it at the target.

He was in the courtyard of Winterfell, surrounded by his older brothers, Robb Stark and Jon Snow, and his younger brother Rickon Stark.

He let the arrow fly; it slammed into a barrel five feet away from the target.

"Go on," Jon said, putting his hands on Bran's shoulders. "Father's watching. And your mother."

The boy looked up behind him to see his mother and father, Catelyn and Eddard Stark, looking down at him, his mother with a slight smile, his father with a serious face.

He pulled on the bow again, struggling to keep it steady, and shot. This time, it overflew and went straight into the bushes beyond the wall.

Robb turned away, smiling, as Jon chuckled.

"And which one of you was a marksman at ten?" came the serious voice of Ned Stark from above, and they all stopped laughing, but continued to smile. Ned nodded to his second youngest son. "Keep practicing, Bran. Go on."

The boy nodded and drew another arrow.

"Don't think too much, Bran," Jon said from beside him.

"Relax your bow arm," Robb advised.

Before Bran could shoot the arrow, another one flew past him into the target.

They all turned to see Arya Stark, Ned's youngest daughter and second-youngest child, holding a bow in her hand. She grinned and gave a curtsy. Before Bran could do anything, a knife imbedded itself into the center of the target, slicing Arya's arrow clean in half.

"To answer your question, Ned, I was a marksman at ten," a playful voice came, and they turned to see their blond and blue eyed teacher, Naruto, who was smiling as he hung upside down over Arya, his feet sticking to the ceiling.

He dropped down next to her and flicked her on the forehead with his index finger, earning a small yelp of pain.

"Never get cocky, Arya. There's always someone out there better than you," he said, earning a slight glare from the young girl, which turned into a rueful grin.

Ned smiled as he looked down at the man below him. Naruto was barely older than Robb, yet he was one of the most amazing and interesting people the Warden of the North had ever met.

He'd been six when he'd saved Ned from an ambush, catching the Targaryen soldiers from behind and dispatching them with an ease that was unnatural for his age. Ned had taken the boy with him, and he had proven himself again and again that he was more than a match for any opponent that crossed his path. The boy was as mysterious as he was good with weapons, never talking about his past or where he came from. He became famous in the war for saving Cersei, Tywin Lannister's daughter, from a group of Targaryen sellswords.

Then later, Ned had received a message from King Robert that the Greyjoy's were in rebellion. He of course called his bannermen to his side and marched to support the King, as was his duty.

However, both armies had arrived only to find several castles that had been destroyed already and one very irate blond who was tearing pieces out of the side of the islet the Great Keep of Pyke was standing on.

When the Rebellion came to an end, Naruto had decided to come with Ned to the North, to Winterfell, and stay there. He'd always seemed like he'd seen too much for his age, and was definetely more mature than most of the boys the Stark patriarch had seen.

He helped Ned raise his children, always treating them like they were all equal in his eyes, even the girls, Jon, Ned's bastard, and Theon Greyjoy, Ned's ward.

All of the children, especially Sansa, Jon and Arya, had come to admire him, and he even suspected that his eldest daughter may be more interested in Naruto than even she knew. The blond, of course, was completely oblivious to this, considering the fact that he was never very experienced when it came to girls.

His good mood was ruined when Ser Rodrik came up from behind him with a message.

"Lord Stark, milady. A guardsmen just came in from the hills, they've captured a deserter from the Night's Watch," he said. Ned became serious again at this news.

"Get the lads to saddle their horses."

"Do you have to?" Catelyn asked.

"He swore an oath, Cat," he said.

"Law is law, milady," Rodrik added. Ned looked up at him.

"Tell Bran he's coming too."

"Ned!" Catelyn said. "Ten is too young to see such things!"

"He won't be a boy forever," the Stark said grimly. "And winter is coming."

"Why are you Northerners all so serious?" Naruto said from behind them, and they saw that the blond was crouched, balancing on the railing easily. "There's no need to be all dark and dreary all the time. Seriously, Ned, how many times have I told you to lighten up a little?"

"One too many," Ned grumbled, bringing smiles to everyone's faces.

"Anyway, I'm going hunting. The stock of wild boar has gotten a bit low, and you never know when we could use some more," Naruto said. "Do you mind, Rodrik?"

"Not at all. We could always use more meat."

"Awesome. Tell me how the execution goes!" the blond said jovially, before jumping up and climbing past them up onto the roof.

"I'll never understand how he's so cheerful all the time, what with everything he's seen," Ned stated, shaking his head.

Naruto whistled a tune as he ran along the rooftops of Winterfell, moving with a grace that few could match.

"Naruto! Naruto!" came a soft voice, and he looked down to see Sansa looking up and waving at him.

He slid down a thatched roof and jumped off the end, landing on his two feet a few meters away from the Stark girl.

"Hey, Sansa. What's up?" he asked, and she blushed right down to the roots of her hair. Naruto had always been handsome, and the last few years had seen him grow considerably in that regard. He was tall and muscular, and ridiculously strong. He was also naturally tan, which was odd for someone living in the North. The three whisker marks on each cheek, as well as his oversized canines, gave him a somewhat feral appearance, though the whisker marks were somewhat hidden by the light growth of stubble on his face. Lastly, his left eye was always shut, the scar from an old wound stretched from his eyebrow down his cheek. His right eye however, twinkled with happiness.

"U-um, well, I was w-wondering when we're going to have our next lesson," she asked, cursing herself for stuttering. Naruto's smile widened considerably. The lessons she was referring to were something that were kept between them, though he suspected that Ned knew.

When Sansa had been growing up, all she'd talked about was how handsome knights were going to rescue her when she grew up and whisk her away to their castles and fall madly in love with her. She'd always thought of herself as a helpless damsel who needed to be saved.

Naruto literally beat this attitude out of her, encouraging her to stand up for herself, and began to teach her kenjutsu, or the technique of the sword. Since then, she'd grown into one of the most proficient sword masters in Winterfell. Even Ned Stark had a hard time beating her with a sword.

However, the real secret was that Naruto was teaching her taijutsu, or the technique of the body. He was showing her many forms of martial arts, most of which were considered outright deadly. He always told her never to use them unless her life was in danger.

"Well, I'm going hunting right now, but maybe tomorrow," he said, and she nodded mutely, still blushing, which he didn't notice, thankfully.

"A-all right, see you later," she said.

"See you later!" he said, smiling, and took off again.

A few hours later, Naruto returned.

He'd gotten a few kills in, most of them huge, and they were held in a sealing scroll in his kunai holster on his right leg.

He walked through the gates of Winterfell, nodding to the guards. He came across Ned and Cat, both of whom looked grim, as well as Robb and Bran, who had two small pups following behind them.

"Hey, Ned. What's up?" he said, walking up to the older Stark. He could tell that the Warden of the North seemed especially upset.

"Jon Arryn is dead," Catelyn said solemnly. Naruto grimaced.

"I'm sorry." The Stark patriarch acknowledged his words with a nod.

"Robert is coming up from King's Landing to Winterfell," he said, to which the blond raised an eyebrow.

"Only one reason for that."

"I thought the same thing," Catelyn said.

Before any of them could continue, the two pups ran up to Naruto and yipped happily. He crouched down and took a look at them.

"Hullo. Who are these little guys?" he said, scratching behind the pup's ears, to which they responded with zeal.

"We found the body of a direwolf and six pups, one of each of the Stark children," Ned said.

"Including Jon?" Naruto asked, looking up to see Ned nod and Cat look away.

"I'm surprised that they like you so much," Robb said. "We only got them a little while ago, but now, if anyone tries to touch them, they'll snap and start biting everything in sight."

"I've always been good with nature," Naruto said, grinning. "Come's with being a Sage."

"A Sage?" Ned asked, raising an eyebrow.

"What's a Sage?" Bran asked, curious.

"Tell you later," the blond said, giving a final pet to the two pups before standing up. "In the meantime, I have some food to deliver, and then I've got to get started on the feast."

"The feast?" Ned said, raising an eyebrow.

"We're having a feast?" Cat asked, looking at Ned, who shook his head, indicating that he didn't know.

"Of course we're having a feast! Nothing beats a bad mood like good food!" the blond said, rubbing his hands together. "I'll make this one extra special!"

Before any of them could protest, he was already running towards the kitchens. Ned rubbed his eyes and sighed tiredly.

"I'll never get used to that one."

Hours later, the Stark family gathered for their supper. They walked into the dining hall, to find a bunch of panicking servants. The tables and plates had already been set, but there was no sign of food anywhere. The head steward, catching sight of them, rushed over.

"Lord Stark- you, I- he was- it's utter chaos, completely ridiculous- I have no idea what he's doing!"

"Calm down, man. Tell us what happened," Ned admonished, and the steward took a few deep breaths of air to get his thoughts collected.

"Ser Naruto locked us out of the kitchen, my Lord! We can't get inside, so there's no food to be had! We think that he's cooking, because we've smelled meat and vegetables, but there's no way he could be finished!"

Before any of them could respond, Naruto's voice rang out from the kitchen.


Ned palmed his face.

"Let's see what he's been getting onto, the little idiot."

They all walked towards the kitchen and opened it, peering inside.

Naruto was standing in a flowery apron, wiping his hands with a rag, as he looked down at all the food surrounding him. Bunches of steaming vegetables were heaped onto platters. They ranged from mushrooms to broccoli to carrots to potatoes, and were surrounded by bowls of sauce. The meat had been sliced into cubes and cooked with garlic, or large cuts were grilled with an outer covering of bread, or smaller chunks were put into soup. Loafs of bread and hunks of cheese were being set around.

The masterpiece of the dinner, however, lay in the center of the room.

An enormous wild boar, browned, stuffed and glistening with sauce, filled the whole room with its heavenly odor. Combined with the all the other scents, it created a delicious combination that nearly had the Starks fainting from how good it smelled.

Naruto looked up and grinned at the family.

"Well? Are you just gonna stand there and waft, or are you gonna get out of the way so we can try this food?" His admonishing tone of voice knocked the Starks out of there stupor, and they all retreated and sat down at the table.

The servants finally came out with the food, taking it to the family, who served themselves enormous portions that were almost too big for their plates. They were about to start, when Ned held up a hand and looked at Naruto expectantly, waiting for him to sit down.

"What?" the blond asked. "Don't wait for me, dig in!"

They needed no further prompting and immediately began eating.

"Dear Gods, you need to make feasts more often!" Ned said with relish.

"My word, Naruto, where did you learn to cook? It's delicious!" Catelyn said.

"Had to learn how. Growing up on the streets'll do that to you," he answered. Ned raised an eyebrow, while he was chewing on a piece of meat.

"You grew up on the streets?" he asked, and Naruto grimaced.

"I'll tell you after you've eaten, I don't want to spoil the dinner." That statement just caused everyone to get even more confused, and the rest of the dinner passed in silence. Naruto had revealed only small details of his life before the rebellion, never anything concrete.

So, finally, when all the Starks were fed and watered to the point of almost exploding, they waited for the servants to clear, before settling down and looking at Naruto expectantly.

He sighed and got up, pacing around the room, before finally sitting down in front of the head table.

Ned, Catelyn, Robb, Jon, Theon, Sansa, Bran and Arya all looked down at their blond teacher and friend, who sighed.

"I guess I'll have to tell you everything now, since I can't exactly leave you hanging like that, but understand that this is kind of a sensitive subject for me," he said, and they all nodded. He gave a strained smile, then looked down and wrung his hands.

"The first thing I should tell you is that I'm not actually twenty-two. Not mentally, at least."

Everyone blinked at that.

"The technique that sent me here made me six years old again, but in my world, I was sixteen there too, so mentally, I'd be about... thirty eight, right now? Don't know, I was never really any good with math. Although then again, my family has always lived longer than others, so that's why I still look so damn good..."

"You mean you're actually old?" Arya asked.

"Arya!" Catelyn said sternly. Naruto smiled.

"It's fine, Cat, I've gotten used to it by now," he said. "To answer your question, mentally, yes, but physically, no. And now, to explain how this came to be, I'll tell you the rest of my story. I was born in a village called Konohagakure no Sato, which means the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I was an orphan, so I had no parents. I was in an orphanage until I was four, when I was kicked out."

"You were kicked out?" Ned asked, stunned. "Why? Did they not have enough space?"

Naruto snorted.

"They had plenty of space. They kicked me out because they didn't want to take care of me. I'll tell you why soon.

I grew up in a village that hated me. Every day, people would beat me, sometimes more, sometimes less. I never understood why. They chased me around, never let me get into any shops. They always said I'd killed their friends and family, and called me a 'demon'. I never understood why until I was twelve years old. It was then that I learned about the Kyuubi no Yoko, or the Nine Tailed Fox."

He looked up at the stunned faces of the Starks and sighed.

"The Nine Tailed Fox was one of the most powerful demons to ever walk the earth. It was very strong. With a single swipe of one of it's tails, it could flatten a mountain or cause a tsunami, and it had nine. On October 10th, it attacked the village, and took out over half of our forces. Finally, the Fourth Hokage stopped it."

"Hokage?" Cat asked, unfamiliar with the term.

"It means Fire Shadow. He was the supreme leader, the most powerful person in our village."

"So how did he stop it?" Arya asked, eager for more details. Naruto grimaced again.

"Well, all the children my age were raised to believe that the Fourth killed the beast, but honestly, even he wasn't enough to stop it. The only option he had was to seal it away, putting the mind and energy of the Fox into something. However, the only thing that could contain it's raw energy was a newborn baby."

He looked up at family he cared about so much, then smiled sadly.

"That baby was me. The Fourth put Fox into my body, and I became what is known as a jinchuuriki, which means 'the power of human sacrifice'."

For a few seconds, no one in the room said anything as they digested this piece of news. Finally, Ned managed to speak.

"S-so that's why everyone called you a demon," he said. Naruto nodded.

"Pretty much. But I just want to make this clear that I am no demon. I only contained the Fox's energy inside my body, and I held it prisoner. Once we managed to get along, he was actually pretty nice, just bitter and sarcastic. His real name was Kurama."

Everyone was silent until Robb spoke up.

"Was? You mean he's not in you anymore?" Naruto shook his head.

"Well, not exactly. And that brings me to the next part of my story," he said, collecting his thoughts again. Ned, Rob, Theon and Jon all seemed incredulous at Naruto's story, while Cat and Sansa were both almost in tears. Arya and Bran were riveted, and were waiting anxiously for the blond to continue.

"A group called Akatsuki aimed to capture all of the tailed beasts, from one to nine, and they almost succeeded. They managed to take all but the Eight-Tails and the Nine-Tails."

"Why?" Jon asked. Naruto frowned.

"To explain that, I'll have to go back a little bit further, so just bear with me, all right?"

They all nodded, and he collected his thoughts before continuing.

"A long, long time before this happened, all nine of the Tailed Beasts were one entity, called the Ten-Tails. This enormous mass of energy was so powerful, it literally shaped the world into the way it was. It could create continents, make oceans. For centuries, it was a guardian of the world, protecting everything and everyone. But then, some people got greedy and tried to control it. It didn't work, and the Ten-Tails went on a rampage.

No one could stop it, until one man, the Sage of Six Paths, managed to defeat it and sealed it into his own body, becoming the first jinchuuriki. However, he knew that upon his death, the Ten-Tails would be released again, so, using his ultimate technique, he split the energy of the demon into nine separate parts, creating the Nine Tailed Beasts."

Naruto grinned.

"And then, he did something even cooler. This is my favorite thing about him. He sealed the physical body of the Ten-Tails into a massive stone prison, before hurtling it into the heavens, creating the moon."

All the Starks tried, and failed to comprehend exactly how powerful the man must have been, and surreptitiosly looked out of the window at the full moon.

"But anyway, back to my story. So, the Akatsuki wanted to bring together all of the tailed beast to recreate the Ten-Tails for some grand plan of world domination. So, of course, I had to stop them.

For a while, things seemed to be going well. The Eight-Tails jinchuuriki and I beat the last Akatsuki members and I finally made peace with Kurama. Things seemed to be going well, until the Ten-Tails was revived."

Naruto looked up at the family in front of him; they were gripping the edge of their seats, riveted on him, as they wondered what came next. He sighed.

"The battle began to head south for us after that. We fought, but we couldn't beat it." The Starks were wide-eyed as Naruto's head dropped and a heavy sigh escaped him.

"The Ten-Tails killed everyone. All five of the great villages were destroyed, everyone in them slain. I was one of the only ones who survived, as all but one of my friends died."

They all gulped at Naruto's tone. He sounded... broken.

"I managed to escape and stumbled back to what was left of my village. I had no idea at the time, but the pain I'd gone through, of losing my friends, had awakened the Rinnegan, or the Samsara Eye, the eyes of the Sage of the Six Paths. I came across the remains of the Naka Shrine. Inside was a stone; a relic authored by the original Sage. Only someone with a true, naturally occurring Rinnegan could read the entirety of it, namely, me.

It detailed the Sage's story and secrets, as well as a way to defeat the Ten-Tails. I used this knowledge against the beast, and sealed it inside myself, becoming it's second jinchuuriki, as well as the second Sage of the Six Paths."

"T-that's amazing!" Ned said. "Just how powerful are you, Naruto?"

"Honestly? Even I have no idea. I have yet to test the actual limits of my strength. Using less than a quarter of a tail's worth of chakra, I was able to crack a mountain in half with one punch, so trying with any more could be dangerous. That's why I decided to limit myself."

Everyone blinked at this, trying to process what they had just heard.

"What do you mean, limit?"

"See these?" he said, pointing to the tattoos on his arms. They'd all noticed over the years, ten tattoos over Naruto's forearms. They were small circles, going down his arms from elbow to wrist, with strange symbols around the edges.

"I made these to limit the chakra of the Ten-Tails. So, unless my life is in danger, I will only be able to access one Tails' worth of it's power. But even without it, I'm still pretty darn strong. I made these when I came her because I'm just too strong without them. I could rip someone in half just giving them a hearty handshake."

"... you mentioned... charka?" Robb asked. "What's that?"

Naruto face-palmed.

"Chakra, and what am I thinking? I haven't even explained to you how I do all the crazy stuff I do. Well, chakra is a combination of spiritual and physical energy, and it's needed for all the techniques that I use. There's actually two other types of energy: yokai, demonic chakra, and nature energy, which is something I can use as well."

"Can you show us?" Arya asked eagerly. Naruto smiled lightly, stood up and held up a arm, palm facing the ceiling.

For a second, nothing happened. Then, a swirl of blue energy began to gather in Naruto's hand.

The Starks stared in stunned amazement at the small, spinning ball of chakra.

"This is called the Rasengan. It's one of my signature techniques," Naruto said happily, his earlier sadness disappearing.

"That's amazing!" Sansa said, to which they all agreed. Naruto let the energy fade, before sitting down again.

"Unfortunately, there's more to the story. After I defeated the Juubi, there was still one more enemy to defeat. Sasuke Uchiha." He spoke the last two words with fury. Most of the Stark family shivered slightly; they'd never heard Naruto sounding that angry before.

"He was the last of the Uchiha Clan; a so-called 'noble' clan that was descended from the original Sage. When he was a child, his entire clan, or house, I guess you'd call it, was slaughtered by his elder brother Itachi. I learned later that the clan was planning a coup, so he was tasked by the Hokage to kill them all. But he couldn't bring himself to kill his little brother, so he left him alive.

Sasuke grew up with hatred festering in his heart. We were put on the same ninja team when we were young, and for a time, we were friends. But his hatred for his older brother only grew, so much so that he was willing to abandon everything for the sake of revenge. He left his village, his home, his friends. He finally managed to kill Itachi, but he'd thrown away everything to do it. He had far too much anger in his heart to simply let it all go.

So, after I'd defeated the Juubi, he turned his anger on me. He'd always thought of me as an idiot, a fool not worth his precious time, a clan-less boy that should grovel at his feet."

"He never realized just how wrong he was until I killed him," Naruto snorted with derision. Then he stood up and stretched.

"I think that's enough," he said, smiling, but it was strained. Remembering his past life was clearly hard for him. "I don't want to tell you the rest yet. How I defeated him, and what happened to my eye," he said, pointing at his left eye, closed and scarred.

The Starks again raised an eyebrow at the final sentence.

"Your eye? What's that got to do with it?" Theon asked. Naruto smiled again.

"This is the final keepsake of my friend, his last gift to me before he died. But that's a story for another time."

And so, Naruto walked out of the great dining hall, his hands in his pockets.

Ned, Catelyn, Robb, Jon, Theon, Sansa, Bran and Arya all stared after him.

"This world is going to change soon," Ned said, staring after his friend. "That man will make sure of it."

That's a wrap. I hope you like this story.


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