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Pretenses and Ecstasy: Thunder

It's been two months now since Jewel has moved in the institution, and honestly, all I can say is that she had been rather a pain in the neck for me sometimes. Not only do I have to look out for myself, for the fact that we share rooms and she's sort of my "responsibility" as Roger had informed me, I (unfortunately) have to look after her as well, which of course is much of a trouble for me since I'm not used to having anyone following me around.

Ever since that girl was left under my watch, I've been getting into more trouble than I'd like, and believe me, she's more trouble than she's worth I haven't passed two of my essays in History and one project in Chemistry because always I have to help her out, always. With her it's like I have to do everything myself. It's always 'Near this' and 'Near that' it's like she isn't capable of doing her own task! It's quite vexing, really.

Even if that girl regarded me as her friend, I have no intentions of having any emotional attachments with her, I have no reason to and I don't see how that will benefit me. Never will I allow anyone to have strings attached with me. I have tried and tried for as many times as I can remember to keep her out of my hair. But still no matter what I do, she keeps coming back again, she has many friends, why stick with me? It's unnerving to think of how she always manages to find me, it's like she planted a tracking device on me or something and locates me on her radar.

Come to think of it, something like that isn't as impossible as you think. This is Wammy's after all, and children here are known for their special abilities and intellect that are much higher than mediocre children of our age.

Jewel however, seems to be an exception. It's quite clear that she has no interest in succeeding L whatsoever, considering her ranking as the 19th in Wammy's list of students. She isn't very studious. I have no idea what her talent is yet, and neither does she have a clue. It's intriguing how she was qualified to enter Wammy's, there is nothing special about her, I could tell. Maybe Watari just took her in out of pity, well there is a twenty percent possibility that that might be the reason however I am not that certain.

I don't know a lot about her for we don't share much personal information to each other. I'm naturally not a conversation-starter, so it's mostly Jewel who does most of the talking and I just tend to listen. The only things I know about her that are quite obvious is that she tends to talk in her sleep, she likes to play sports specifically soccer, in a short amount of time she (oddly) became acquainted with Mello and Matt and gained popularity amongst the residences, she's scared of the dark so I have to suffer sleeping with the lights on. Well, that's about it I guess.

It's been fairly a chilly evening and it's been raining nonstop since yesterday and this indicates the near coming of winter. I like winter. I like the cold. I like white. I like the serenity of it. It's the only season where everything seems still and somehow it gives me a sense of peace.

I placed the Chemistry book I've been studying— Well, more like scanning(in case there would be a pop quiz tomorrow) on my wooden desk and proceeded to lie down on the bottom bed of the bunk bed.

I wrapped the blanket around me to maintain my body's temperature and shut my eyes close. I twisted and turned on the bed restlessly, hoping that sleep would take me anytime. But it never came. I ended up staring at the ceiling. It's always like this every night, I always have a hard time putting myself to sleep.

I flinched a little at the striking sound of thunder, somehow the noise seemed incessant and the continuous sound of thunder increased a decibel and along with it came a whimper. I sat upright wondering where it came from, I then noticed Jewel hurriedly climbing down the ladder of the bunk bed and almost stumbling her way down to the floor.

It was hard not to notice her quivering from head to foot. Fear etched quite clearly upon her pale face. She stood in front of my bed for some time, staring and rooted at the current space she was standing on. And at another roar of the tempest, she jumped right onto my bed invading much of my so called 'personal space', pressing me against the cold wall.

"N-Near, I'm scared." Jewel whimpered

It's as if I didn't know that already "That's quite apparent." I said nonchalantly


I sighed. I suppose I should say words of comfort "It's alright, it's just thunder." I said

"It's too loud." Jewel whined as she covered her ears

"Don't worry it'll be over soon, I promise." I reassured

Suddenly, I felt something warm against my torso. I looked down and saw Jewel resting her head upon my chest. What does she think she is doing?

I recoiled and stared at the surprised girl in front of me.

"I… I'm sorry" Jewel apologized "It's just that I'm so cold."

I remained silent.

What am I supposed to do in a situation like this? Should I just leave her alone? It isn't as if I could just tell her 'So what? I'm cold as well. Go back to bed.' That'll just be too rude.

I felt Jewel's cold quivering body press against my chest once more. I tried to push her away but I couldn't move, it's like I was immobilized in that very moment.

"N-Near?" Jewel asked, her voice weary

I opened my mouth as if to answer but nothing came out but a pathetic "Huh?"

"C-could we sleep together, just for this night?"

For a split second my mind came to a halt and my body stiffened. Every single thing about her statement sounded… wrong.

Jewel's sapphire eyes widened realizing what she had just said "No! I didn't mean it like that, I mean… that maybe you could comfort me and maybe I could fall asleep." She explained

I sighed in defeat knowing that if I declined it would just lead to more pointless small talk. "Alright." I said in agreement

Jewel snuggled further onto my body and wrapped both my hands around herself. It's almost as if I was… What was that gesture again? Oh right. It's as if I was hugging her. I tried to squirm away but her grip on me only tightened.

In the end I had no choice but to succumb to her forced embrace. Although, I must admit, the warmth we made was rather soothing. I felt more relaxed than ever. Well, I guess I could allow this much physical contact, just for now. Being lulled by the coolness of the weather outside, the pitter-patter of rain on the roof and the growing temperature of our bodies closely pressed against each other, unknowingly I fell asleep.

My eyes fluttered open as the bright sunrays reflected by the windowpane shone upon my face. I looked down and saw Jewel in the same position that she was in last night, resting in my arms quite comfortably. I have to be honest, I had never fallen asleep so soundly in my entire existence. I felt completely revitalized.

I felt the sides of my lips twist into a curve at the sight of her murmuring something in her sleep. Was I actually smiling? Probably

I gently and carefully took my arms off her hold and laid her down on my bed as tenderly as possible as to not wake her. I got off the bed and stretched my body, staying in that position for so long numbed half of my body.

I gazed at the girl sleeping on my bed. Her long wavy silver hair fell in front of her face and framed it perfectly, her lips as rosy as ever, her skin ashen, and as flawless as a piece of paper. I felt my cheeks heating up. Is that even normal?

I continued to observe her intently. She rested on her side and buried her face on the pillow and purred. I felt a chuckle about to erupt in my throat but I impressively suppressed it. Hmm, when she's asleep, she actually looks kind of cu—No. Never.

The supposed smile on my face faded, hidden behind the emotionless mask that I wear on a daily basis and I ensued my morning rituals that I needed to do to start the day.

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