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Chapter 1: Reunion

"Do y-you really really promise?"

"Yes, I promise you. No matter what happens, we'll be together and as long as you're with me, I'll protect you. Playing prince is fun, after all! So stay with me, alright?"

It all began with a promise. All of it. But when that promise is broken, there is nothing you can do to stop falling.

"I'm sorry! I really am... Don't leave me, Ilixo, don't... Please... You promised! I promised! That we'd stay together! No... Don't..."

Tears that were not my own splashed onto my face. Someone was crying. My heart felt as if it were cracking open. I wanted to comfort this crying person, but I couldn't and the sobs just got harder.

"Serena! Hey, you with me?"


I jerked my head, looking over to the voice that pulled me from a memory that kept slipping away. Kayleigh pouted as she looked at me, irked that I had drifted off again. Her childish face looked weird frowning and I couldn't help but chuckle as she stared intently into my eyes, blue into brown.

"God, can you stop drifting off? I was asking about how the performance was at A-East! How are Shibuya's concerts?"

"It was pretty cool..." I admitted, "But it was awfully crowded and any visits afterwards resulted in getting lost in the dark."

Kayleigh sighed and flicked her brown hair back. "Wish I could have gone..." she muttered, "So... how's the rest of Shibuya treating you?"

"Well, I haven't done much recently, with all the settling into a new house," I told her, sipping my drink. Me and my family had recently moved to Shibuya from overseas. Since we were busy with unpacking, we hadn't had much time to treat ourselves to a tour of the city. Today and yesterday, however, I had been able to spare some time and remunerate myself with a concert and a chance to tour Shibuya with Kayleigh, my best friend.

We had known each other since nursery in England and spent our primary school lives in the same class as each other. During secondary school, I moved to America and went to a middle school instead. A few years later, I heard that Kay had moved to Japan and my family decided to move to Shibuya after I finished middle school. So... upon coming here, the first thing I did was visit Kayleigh, as her family was originally from Shibuya and they had come back here when they came back to Japan. Kayleigh was my friend's English name, her original one being Mitsuru Okita. I, on the other hand, had never realized my name was so Japanese until I came here. Serena could be written in kanji as 'Snow Princess' which came as a pleasant surprise to me. Kayleigh had shown me how to write her name in kanji, too, and her name meant 'Beautiful Crane'.

"Is that so? I would show you around some more and stuff but high school starts tomorrow... I do wonder though, why aren't you going to an international school?"

"Cause I wanna be in the same school as you, duh," I responded, rolling my eyes. I hated being lonely. It was the worst feeling in the world. I checked my watch. "Oh god, it's getting late! I gotta go!"

"Alright then. Cya round at school!"

"Yeah, bye, Kay!" I got up and waved at Kayleigh as I walked outside. Taking a glance back, I looked at the 'Mexican Dog' sign on the restaurant. I'd have to remember this place. The hot dogs were good. Then I flicked the top screen of my phone up, checking the map of Shibuya. It was still quite early actually, but it was almost time They came out to play so I had to find a place with little people.

Udagawa seemed like a great place, as I knew that place was often deserted at this time, as Kay had shown me.

Using the map to navigate, I carefully made my way over to the graffiti covered wall. Trash littered the ground, but it was cleaner than it had been before. In front of CAT's mural, a teenager was standing there, looking up at it thoughtfully, an outstretched hand reaching towards the artwork. I slowed down, frowning slightly with impatience. Looking up, I saw the sunset begin to dye the sky a gold and red color. I didn't have time to wait. Wishing that the teen would leave soon, I inspected him. He had orange, spiky hair and wore an odd set of clothing which I can't really describe due to my colorblindness. A pair of headphones were covering his ears as if he thought he could block out the world with them. He still hadn't budged.

Getting annoyed, I tapped my foot and looked around. Reflected off the glass of a nearby window, showing a dulled version of me. In my boredom and impatience, I occupied myself by examining my own appearance. My brown eyes weren't shining, my frown blocking my eyes from the light. An uneven fringe of dark brown hair partially covered my right eye, slightly shorter on the left side as that was where my hair parted. The dark red streaks that I had dyed into my hair were quite noticeable in among the long, straight threads of dark brown, reaching past my shoulders. The top of my head was hidden under a black D+B cap with silver and pink markings that glittered with sequins and my ruby pendant rested on my crossed arms, hanging on a gold chain around my neck. Over my sea-green top, I wore a checkered hoodie that had silver chains hanging from it. Gold and silver chains also burdened my jeans, jade skulls hanging from them. I wore dark brown furred boots with low heels that didn't show on the outside.

Footsteps caught my attention and I looked away from the glass. The teen was walking towards me, a questioning shadow in his eyes as he eyed me. However, he didn't say anything as he walked past, music blaring from his headphones. I sighed in relief. Just in time, too. A shadow settled over the area. I walked over to a pile of boxes and sat down, waiting for Them to appear.

Not long after, a croaking noise caught my attention. I opened my eyes and smiled. Finally had come the creatures that I was so used to. In front of me, a frog with black, tattoo-like legs sat, seeming to be watching me. I got up and walked over, bending down next to the frog. I had never ever told anyone about what I could see. Not even Kayleigh knew about my meetings with these creatures. I told them things and they spoke back. Well, not really spoke, as they didn't make any sounds, but I knew what they were trying to say. They told me their worries and stories and I told them mine. It was fun.

At first, they didn't seem capable of showing much emotion or personality, but as I talked with them, they opened up and became more human. They told me they were dead humans, that they had lost everything and it was only when we talked that they felt human. A wolf with tattoo legs materialized near me from a weird floating symbol. As much as I was used to this, I couldn't help being curious, but I knew better than to intrude upon something like this further. They seemed unhappy when they told me they were dead humans and other things like that. Better to keep to the happy things. They come to me at dusk and have done so ever since I was young. And, somehow, I knew this wasn't normal, so I kept it to myself. When I was young and afraid of the dark, they would appear in my room and comfort me by talking to me. The part of the day I looked forwards to most was always dusk.

I lost myself in our conversation. More of the creatures had appeared. Suddenly, they needed to leave and they left, disappearing. I was puzzled. Why did they leave so soon today? Oh well... Perhaps Shibuya had so many people that they had sensed someone coming. And so they had.

Footsteps made me look around. I got up, realizing how late it was. Oops. I'd better get home. The night sky had laid itself over the light by now, blanketing over Shibuya. You couldn't see the stars in the city. That unnerved me. I used to live in the countryside. Our family was wealthy enough to own a mansion and a large part of the land in the countryside of England and America. I stood, looking at the sky for a second before sighing and walking away. I passed a a boy with silver hair who stared as I walked. He looked somewhat angry and confused. That unnerved me more. My heart began racing under the boy's lavender gaze and I held my breath, picking up the pace.

I let out a sigh of relief as I escaped the area, but my heart carried on racing in my chest. Was this fear? No, it didn't seem like it. Then, I hurried home, dismissing these thoughts. I didn't want to be late for school tomorrow!

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