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"What are you doing?"

Blazing blue eyes glared at him and he couldn't help but to smile, slinging a well muscled arm over her bare back, "Kagome, you're so cute~!" Goku grinned as her glared turned more heated, "I'm so lucky!"

"Saiyans are not cute," Kagome sniffed, her tail lazily flicking around and she stiffened slightly when Goku pressed his cheek up against hers and began to nuzzle fondly, "You've taken to an Earthling's sense of affection far too much, Kakarott."

His hand stroked her bare back, marvelling at her skin and wondered how she could be so soft when she was just as much as a warrior as he was, "I'm sorry Vegeta never showed you any affection." He apologized with a sincere tone.

Kagome huffed, feeling her cheeks warm up against her will and she rested her head on her folded arms, content to just lay there naked on her stomach with Goku cuddled up to her side, "Can you honestly see Vegeta being all huggy-huggy like you are?"

"And what's wrong with being huggy-huggy?" Goku asked curiously, his hand moving lower until he was cupping her rather ample buttocks, "You're too cute for me not to be huggy-huggy."

"I'm not cute," Kagome insisted, giving him a look underneath her long bangs and ignoring his mischievous touches on her backside, "I've slaughtered thousands of beings."

"Because you had no other choice other than to listen to Freeza," Goku's warm smile faded into something more serious, "You might not think so, but you have a pure soul."

"Tch," Kagome rolled her blue eyes, "That hit to your head as a child must have been a lot harder then I first thought." She unconsciously moved away, but he wouldn't have it.

"And that's why I love you~" Goku nuzzled into her long hair, pulling her so close it was almost like they were fused at the side, "Even if Kuririn thinks you're a Tsundere!"




"What the hell is a Tsundere?!"