This was the first time she had left her room since that night, the Doctor had been leaving food outside her door but every time he went back he found it untouched, now she walked in to the control room, trying to act as normally as ever.

"Look Donna, there's only one way I'm ever going to prove to you how much I care. So put your hands on my head, open your mind and you'll see everything, okay?" She frowned but then nodded, not understanding exactly what she was doing, but trusting her Doctor like she always did.

After following his instructions, she found herself wandering through his mind, she could see everything had seen but more than that she could think every thought, feel every emotion. Through everything she could still hear his voice guiding her, focus on you, he had said. She did and there she saw herself, every day they had spent together, every minute in fact. But she looked amazing, vibrant and outgoing, the way she had always hoped to appear but always known that she didn't...this couldn't be how the Doctor saw her.

Minutes passed and she watched back every single moment of her life with the Doctor, it had been amazing. Finally she came back out of his mind and smiled at him, he still looked dazed but she didn't care, he was the Doctor - her Doctor - and he was brilliant.

"So do you see now?" He asked, needing to know that she finally understood, and believed. "You are the single most important thing in my life now Donna Noble, and you aren't going anywhere. I'm never going to let you out of my sight again." Donna began to cry, tears of happiness streamed down her face, there was no room for doubt anymore. He pulled her in to his arms and held her there, with her head resting against his chest, keeping a tight grasp on the one constant thing in his life.

"Thank you." She murmured simply in to his chest, the sincerity shining through in her tone of voice. "Thank you for this, all of this. You've made me see that I could be more than 'Chiswick's super temp' if I tried. So thank you Doctor." She wrapped her arms around him and pulled herself up to his level, then kept him at arms length, and smiled.

"You, Donna Noble, are impossible. You're my impossible earth-girl." And she was.

"And you are my impossible martian-not-from-mars-boy!" And he was. They had each other and now, that was enough for the both of them.