Disclaimer: Kuroko no Basket is rightfully Fujimaki Tadatoshi's.

Pairing: TakaMido.

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Midorima Shintarou's P.O.V.

It was around five years ago, when I'm still ten.

Since I was young, I couldn't adapt in my school, and I'm always alone. Except my family members, there's no one who can accept my harsh and straightforward comments. I often make my friends cry because of that back then. Until the day when I'm reaching ten years old, I am still alone.

Even though I really am lonely, I don't want to fake myself like I always did in front of adults. I think, if I really can befriend someone, he/she should accept me for who I am. Pretending makes me tired, and I don't want to do that in front of my friend.

But finally, I met my very first friend. It was a really hot day, I remember. The sun shone brightly, made me all sweaty. The air conditioner broke, and I was told to wait and play outside until the man in uniform finished repairing it.

Being told so, I grabbed my basketball, and my lucky item of course, and walked to the nearest court to play. But since it was summer, the court is full. The kids didn't seem to be friendly enough to ask me to join. Not that I mind though.

So I walked a bit further. If I'm not mistaken, there's another court over there, which never been used. My house used to be at the edge of the town, and close from there was a mountain, which is the direction I'm heading to now. The houses disappeared from my sight one by one, and a basketball court appeared not too long after that. It's only half the original size, but it doesn't matter. I focused on shooting, since I liked the sound of the net swishing whenever I scored.

"Why are you here?" An unfamiliar voice surprised me. The ball on my grip fell, and it rolled to the sandal of a young teen. I assumed he's around my age. His hair was black, so was his eyes.

I frowned against his question. "Why… because I want to play basketball?"
He scrutinized my appearance. "Are you a human?"

I frowned once more. "Well, of course I am. What else?"

"Oh." He looked really weird, because he wore old-fashioned clothes and he's really… short! Really, he's way shorter than I am. Well, even though I've been categorized tall for kids at my age, but still, he's really short.

"By the way," I approached him, but he took a step back with a surprised expression on his face. No, rather than surprised, it's more like scared. It's not quite obvious though. "Huh? Why-"

"Don't come closer."

"Whaa?" I frowned even more. "Why? Have a phobia or something? Or you have a bad compatibility with a Cancer like me? But how do you know that I am a Cancer?"
He shook his head, but with a rather confused expression.


Silence. He looked hesitant in answering, so I took a step closer. But he took a step backward in response.

"Don't come closer," he said once more.

"You're weird," I frowned. "What's your name?"

Silence. "Takao."

"Your full name?"

"Takao Kazunari."
"Hawk, eh? And your zodiacs?" This is very unlike me, to ask that much question, but well, I am curious. This boy is somewhat mysterious.


"Uh, when's the day you were born?"

"21 November… perhaps."

"Perhaps?" I frowned once more. "Well, whatever. Scorpio, huh? You seem to be rather quiet. My name's Midorima Shintarou."


"Shintarou. Are you an idiot, who aren't able to differ-"

"But Shinchan is a lot cuter, right?" He smiled brightly.

What I thought back then, is damn. Why.

"My name is Midorima Shintarou. And why did you call me by my given name? We just met."

"Why did something like that bothers you?" He laughed. Come to think of it, this person seemed to be rather cheerful person. Why didn't he join the other kids?

"Why didn't you join the other kids on the other court?"

His smile faded.

"I can't, ahaha…" He laughed dryly. "I can't touch human."

I frowned. As a logical person, I linked his statement with science I've learned from books. "You can't touch them? Do you carry some dangerous disease or what?"

"Nope. I will disappear if humans touch me, you know." He kept the smile on his face.

"Disappear? You aren't making any sense, Takao. I'm not in the mood for joking, you know."

"This sound pretty weird, right?" He smiled weakly, and I could tell that he's not lying. "Of course. But really, if I touch people, I will disappear."

As a logical person, of course I won't believe at statements before there is a proof. So I kept on questioning him. "Why do you think so?"

"I just know. My mind said that I shouldn't."

"That didn't make any sense," I replied.

"Everything about me doesn't make any sense," Takao replied. "Can you do this?" He stepped his feet to the air, as if there's a stairs there. He stepped another one, and another one. He floated.

"There must be an invisible stairs-" I followed, but I stepped on nothing but air. "W-what are you?"

"I don't know." Takao smiled, but I could feel something painful from him. "I can touch items, plants, and animals, but when I touched a human, I'll disappear."

"If you're not a human, then what are you? Ghosts?"

"Of course not." He laughed. "But I don't know what I am, myself."

"You are… mysterious."

"I know right?" He winked and sticking his tongue out. "But I'm glad, someone come here. If there's a lot, I couldn't tell them and they probably won't believe me. They can surround me and touch me. But you're alone, so… well. It's easier."

"What I'm not glad is, that certain someone who I met here is a talkative one." I sighed. "And I hope I will met someone just like myself."

"You are quite talkative yourself," Takao teased.

"Nah." I lifted the bridge of my glasses, sighing. "You're just too weird. That's why."

"Ah, Shinchan is really a tsundere."

"Shut up, I'm not a tsundere. And stop calling me Shinchan, it's weird."

"Okay, Shinchan~"

"You just never learn."

"Hey, let's play basketball!" Takao took the ball I brought. "I can play with you, as long I don't touch you."

"How could we? We can't play one-on-one like this."
"How about shooting competition? We don't have to touch each other that way!"

"Well, sounds like an idea." And then, I spent the whole day with him, until dusk's approaching. Of course, I always won the competition, but looking at his defeated face's pretty amusing as well.

"Shinchan's brutal," Takao lie on his back. "Anyway, thank you for coming. Will you come tomorrow?"

"Maybe." I shrugged.

"I want to play together with you again," Takao said. "Do you want to?"

"Hmph. Guess I didn't have any choice."

"Shinchan is such an adorable tsundere~"

"I am not a tsundere!"

"Hmph." I let out a deep breath, and took out my lucky item for that day, a yellow headband. "I'll give you this."

"He?" Takao frowned.

"You're my very first friend," I looked away, trying to hide my reddened cheeks. "That's all. I'll be going."

"You're my very first friend too, Shinchan!" Takao shouted, as I walked out the court, back to my house.

Yeah, that's five years ago…

To be continued…