Disclaimer: Kuroko no Basket is rightfully Fujimaki Tadatoshi's.

Pairing: TakaMido.

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Midorima Shintarou's P.O.V.

"What do you mean by- are you kidding me, Takao. It's not funny." I clench my fists.

"B-but…" Takao nervously fidgets, looking at me as if I'm a monster or something. Well, with that short build, maybe I look like a monster, but we're friends! Three years ago, at least.

"Seriously, who's that guy, Takao? Is he your acquaintance or something?" The boy beside him nudges him at the sides.

"Ow, it tickles!" He laughs.

He doesn't disappear.

"But seriously, I don't know you, sorry…" Takao bow as an apology. "Maybe you're mistaking me for someone else?"

Mistaking him?

I won't-

"I won't mistake my first friend!" I let out a loud shout, and then turn away. Running.

I guess I won't attend the first day of school.

How great.


Are you happy to see me suffer, Takao? Do you intend to play with my-




"Shintarou? Why do you come back?" My mother frowns. "It's your very first day!"

"Just not feeling up to it." I throw my basketball to the basket, and walk to my piano.

I open the lid, and see familiar white and black keys lined up altogether.

And I sit.

Putting my hands over the keys.

And begin to play recklessly. Strong, maybe able to crush the keys.

An expression towards my anger.

My disappointment.

And especially…

I feel betrayed.

But you have forgotten him for quite some time, right?

But still… he can't do this….

If you can, why can't he?

"Damn…" I close the lid, and stand there for quite some time.

Like that day, when Takao leave…

It rains.


"Midorima Shintarou? You didn't attend the first day?"

"Yeah. Doing something important."

The teacher looks at me, scrutinizing my appearance for a bit, and then nods. "Okay. You can go back. Your class is X-A."

"Thank you." I bow politely, and leave the teacher's room.

What will I do if I meet that guy again?

I close my eyes, and take a deep breath.

I'm eleventh today. At least not the last, but still…

I've brought today's lucky item as well. Hope that it will be able to help my fortune a little.

"You can do it nanodayo," I say to myself, trying to lift my morale up.

"PUHAHHAHAHAH!" A loud laugh interrupts. "N-n-nanodayo?! HAHAHAHA!"

It's Takao… or not?

"What's your name?"

"Huh?" He frowns. "Takao, Takao Kazunari."

He's really Takao.

But why doesn't he recognize me?

"Never mind." I walk to the class, and he tails me behind. Talking about random stuff, and how funny are my habit of saying "nanodayo" or "nodayo"

Guess we'll start all over again.


"Can I sit beside you?" He smiles.

"Why would you?"

He laughs. "Why wouldn't I?"



"Okay, Shinchan~!"

I don't say anything like "Don't call me as if we're best friends or anything" like usual.

He's my best friend, after all.