Stiles first became aware of the day when the sun shone directly into his eyes. He whined and put one of his multitudes of pillows over his eyes to shield them from the offending light. The smell of coffee less than a foot from his trusty nose made him open his eyes minutely to discover his best friend in the entire world, Scott, holding Stiles' favorite mug filled with the delicious Hazelnut flavored liquid. The guy had a very sheepish look on his face while holding the slightly chipped Batman mug, like he was trying to apologize for something before he had even done it.

Moaning, Stiles turned over onto his back and sat up against his headboard, throwing the pillow that was over his face onto the floor and rubbing his eyes. Stiles glared at Scott after he glanced at his alarm clock, it reading 6:32 am. Stiles accepted the coffee as a kind of peace offering, making no protest when Scott sat down on the bed and waited patiently as Stiles drank his way through half the mug of caffeine giving liquid.

The wolf then could no longer contain himself. "You have been formally requested to attend the pack meeting this morning at 8. I have been instructed by the Alpha to deliver this invitation in person, so as the message could not go astray." Scott had the tone of one reciting from memory, looking annoying pleased with himself at his ability to remember everything correct. It must have taken the better part of an hour or two to get Scott to get it.

Stiles sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Scott—it isn't even 7. Why did you need me to wake up this early...?" Not that he begrudged his friend for making him get up so early. But Stiles had gone to bed at almost three this morning, and not getting even four hours of sleep for a Saturday? Not his ideal situation. Hence Scott bringing him coffee, he supposed, to wake him up and make sure he was properly fueled for the day ahead. Scott knew about Stiles' insomnia problems. Probably why he once again looked apologetic.

The beta fidgeted on the bed, not exactly meeting Stiles' eyes. "It's—well, it's a werewolf thing. While all the werewolves are pack members, there has been no official declaration. And—well, humans are essential to the pack, and pack dynamics, so Derek said—" Scott stopped talking at Stiles' glare. He then took a deep breath and continued. "Derek said that you should also be formally initiated into the pack so that if rival packs ever turn up, they would know you have the protection of our pack, so—"

"So what you are telling me is that we're going to have some sort of ceremony to formally initiate all you fuzzies into the pack, along with me and—I take it Lydia and Danny as well?" Scott nodded. "And Lydia and Danny, so that rival packs of fuzzies know that we're under the protection of said fuzzies being initiated." Stiles shook his head, bemoaning the fact he had such a strange life, and finished his coffee.

"Good grief." He set the empty mug on the side table and pushed Scott off the bed with his foot, flinging back the covers and stepping onto the cold wooden floor. He had been seriously meaning to get a rug for the floor. "Alright, I can be there. Just—let me shower first, okay? I'll meet you there."

Scott nodded. "It's at the Hale house. Eight sharp, okay? See you there." With that the wolf crawled out Stiles' open window. Stiles walked over and closed it, watching as Scott biked out of sight, thinking that he really needed to fix the lock on his window. He was a little tired of all the wolfy interruptions when he was trying to sleep...