All You Had To Do Was Ask
Chapter 4

Santana and I stroll around the fountain at the center of the park. The air is chilly, but not freezing and moonlight streams around the sidewalk. It's an unusual night in New York City because for once the stars are visible through the smog. Hundreds of them, shining brightly, caressing the dark sky.

We walk slowly, chatting about anything and everything. It's comfortable, it's easy, but underneath I can feel the passion burning inside us both.

The night has been amazing so far, we got dolled up and I took her to a little romantic Italian restaurant down the street. Afterwards we got hot chocolate and came here.

At first I was a little concerned that all of this was overkill for the first date that I'd scare her off, but I wanted to take the chance because she's worth it.

A comfortable silence falls over us as we make our way around.

I look over at her and see her smile shyly before dropping her gaze. My heart jumps, she's just so beautiful especially when she's like this, all innocent and vulnerable.

In that moment I decide to take another risk and reach out for her hand. To my surprise she intertwines our fingers and squeezes.

My mind just can't process everything, I mean, how did I get so lucky? And better yet how did Brittany ever let her get away… I can't wrap my head around it.

Six months ago if someone would've told me that I've have feelings for Santana Lopez I would have fallen over laughing, but now, I can't imagine life without her.

I shake my head a little and let out a little giggle. She looks about me with that questioning smirk, which sends a shockwave through my body.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing babe, don't worry about it." I tell her with a smile.

"Rachey…" I melt as her lips jut out into a pout.

I cave instantly, "I was just thinking about the past few months, tonight, us… just everything. It still surprises me you know? But I can't get over how right it all feels…" I stop abruptly and look down not knowing how she'll react.

She stops walking and I feel her squeeze my hand again so I look up. Tentatively she brushes a strand of hair out of my face.

"I'm still surprised too. After all we didn't exactly like each other..." She chuckles, "And I never imagined that we'd be doing what we've been doing much less that I'd let you take me on a date." My eyes instantly fall again, terrified that this doesn't mean the same thing to her as it does to me.

She pulls my chin up and surprises me by kissing me softly.

"You know, I feel that way too baby. It feels right—this date, kissing, cuddling, you… you feel right." Now I see her look away timidly.

"Don't look away…" I tell her tenderly.

When she doesn't continue I lean in and peck her lips. Her smile lights up the night, and my soul.

"You bring out something in me that no one else ever has. I feel safe with you, comfortable. I never worry about putting on a brave face or forcing a bitchy attitude to hide how I'm feeling. I don't need to hide. You're always exactly what I need."

"You know I feel that way too baby." I mimic her words in a cutesy voice. She looks offended but breaks out into giggles pulling me closer and wrapping her arms around my waist.

Moving in for a kiss I shift so my lips are at her ear.

"I will always be exactly what you need."

Santana shivers and my arms instinctively tighten. This night is seriously perfect.

When we pull away our eyes are filled with so many emotions, lust, adoration, hope, excitement, wonder and something else that I can't quite place, but it sets me on fire.

Santana must feel it too because her lips are on mine instantly. It's forceful and hungry.

Her tongue runs along my bottom lip, asking for entrance which I grant instantly. My tongue finds hers and they dance together as I tangle a hand in her chocolate locks. She caresses my curves and I can't help but whimper into the kiss.

We finally run out of air and pull away gasping. She grins at me cheekily.

"Let's head home, I think Kurt's spending the night with Adam and I need you…" She says in a sexy tone.

It only takes us 15 minutes to get back to the apartment, but it feels like a lifetime.

The instant the door swings open her lips are on mine. My body is on fire with need for her, but it's more than that because this time it means so much more. We walk backwards, never breaking the kiss as we kick off our heels.

I slow our kisses, wanting to savor this night and Santana doesn't object. Instead I feel her slide our jackets off one at a time, while moving her lips tenderly against mine.

My hands find purchase on her lower back and pull her impossibly closer.

Her hands find my cheeks and her thumbs stroke them softly. She tastes like cherries and chocolate with a hint of spice, it's intoxicating.

So lost in the feel of our lips I don't realize my feet are leaving the ground until I'm in her arms bridal style. I pull away to look into her dark eyes, they're the perfect color like rich, exotic espresso.

"Take me to bed." I whisper into the dimly lit loft.

"All you had to do was ask." She moves towards the bedroom easily, never taking her eyes away from mine.

She flicks on the lights, but dims them so the room gives off a faint glow before laying me down on the bed.

Her tan skin looks silky in the light and her dark eyes sparkle as she hovers above me. I surge forward to capture her lips again while bringing my hands around her back to unzip her dress.

When she realizes what I'm doing our lips part so she can stand up. The emerald green dress pools at her ankles and I gasp at her beauty. Even though I've seen her naked many times before this time it feels different.

Santana's hair falls perfectly around her thin shoulders, her round breasts are completely bare, her nipples hard and inviting. Soft muscle definition beneath the caramel skin of her stomach begs to be kissed. Her center, like her breasts is also bare, smooth and inviting, I can smell her arousal and I swallow hard. Tan legs seem to go on forever, sleek and feminine.

She smirks because of my obvious staring but doesn't say anything before climbing onto the bed. Her hands reach out for mine and I sit up so we are facing each other on our knees.

Our eyes lock on each other and soon I feel her fingers playing with my top. She twirls the hem waiting for permission, I nod.

Slowly she pulls the fabric up, our gaze only breaking to pull it over my head.

Tan hands unclip my bra easily, exposing my breasts to her. She cups them gently and kneads the flesh, tweaking my sensitive nipples. I throw my head back and let out a moan.

"Ohhhh San, you feel so good."

She hums in appreciation as her lips find my neck, kissing and licking exposed flesh.

My hands slide from her waist to her perfect ass to squeeze the supple flesh. When I feel her leaving a love bite on my pulse point I bring one hand up to play with her hard nipple, rolling it between my fingers.

"Rach…" I hear her groan against my throat.

"Baby I need you, please," I beg in a breathy voice. Santana understands what I want and quickly unzips my skirt, pushing me onto the mattress before pulling it down along with my lacey thong. Once the material is gone I instantly spread myself for her, wanting her to see how wet I am.

Santana's dark eyes lock on my glistening pussy that's dripping for her.

"Fuck baby you're so wet, is that for me?" She asks with a raspy smirk.

"It's all for you, only you. Please, Santana, touch me."

My words must break her because lips are on mine her hand sliding down my smooth stomach in a heartbeat. Her fingers trace the tiny strip of hair above my center before dipping inside my drenched folds.

I moan into her mouth as she uses one finger to trace from my clit to my entrance and back again. My hands tangle in her hair and I spread my legs wider to give her better access.

Her lips pull away from mine and move down to wrap around my nipple, suckling me like a starving child.

"Fuck San, I love when you do that!" I cry out. My nipples are extremely sensitive and when Santana told me she had a fetish for suckling I almost exploded right there. She continues to devour my breast hungrily, taking my areola and nipple into her mouth completely.

I tangle on my fingers in her hair and tug; she takes the hint and circles my clit without stopping her assault on my chest.

"More, please baby. I need you inside of me, fill my pussy." She groans against me.

I feel her finger slide down my folds to my entrance, and I push my hips up desperately. Painful slow she pushes into me with one finger.

"Oooohhh Fuckkkk!"

She pumps her finger in and out, building up a rhythm, but it isn't enough, I need more.

"Fill me up, please…" I beg her. I feel her finger pull out of me completely and I whine. She smiles up at my and switches to my other breast before pushing three fingers deep into my aching pussy.

"God you're so tight baby." She tells me before reattaching her lips to my breast.

"YEESSSS!" I scream out, filling the air around us. Her fingers move faster, curling upwards to hit my g-spot and my body starts to rocket towards an orgasm.

"I'm getting close…" I tell her breathlessly.

Santana pulls away from suckling with a pop and re-positions her body so her mouth is hovering above my dripping pussy without ever breaking her rhythm.

"Oh fuck San, you feel so good. Do you like being inside me? Like how wet I am for you."

"I love it. Now tell me what you want?" she says with a cocky voice.

"Please Sanny, lick me, taste my pussy."

"With pleasure" She winks before licking from her fingers to my clit.

Her tongue swirls around my little button, lapping at my juices, pumping into me hard.

"I'm going to come." I tell her.

She thrusts into me harder, pushing against my g-spot again and I fall over the edge, crying out her name.


Her fingers slow as my walls pulse around her, she kisses my clit softly, bringing me down from my climax. I whimper when she removes her hand because I feel so empty without her inside of me.

"Shhh, it's okay baby." She whispers, before moving her tongue to probe my entrance, licking up the cum there.

When I can't take anymore stimulation I tug on her shoulders. She slides up my body and kisses me, I moan into her when I taste myself. It gives me an idea. I grab her wrist and bring the fingers that were just inside my pussy to my mouth.

Staring into her eyes I lick my own cum off seductively, moaning loudly at the taste.

"You are so fucking sexy." She says in a husky voice.

I push her fingers away and meet her for another kiss. It's passionate at first, but I feel her slowing down, savoring the moment like I did before, it makes my heart race.

I'm the one to pull away and I push a strand of hair off of her tan cheek.

"That was amazing. You're amazing." She blushes.

"But now it's your turn, I need to be inside of you."

Before she can even react to my words I push her over and straddle her waist, making sure to grind my center into her.

"Fuck Rach!" She moans when she feels my wet pussy against her stomach.

I lean over and find her ear, nipping at the lobe.

"I can't wait to feel you, to taste you. All I can think about is being inside that tight pussy of yours. I love feeling you around me." I whisper seductively, knowing what my dirty words do to her.

I grind into her again for good measure and she moans out loudly. I want to tease her, to play her body, to drive her crazy, but I don't know if I can, because I'm so desperate for her, but I try.

Carefully I move my legs to one side tangling them with hers. My lips move to her neck and start to nip along her jaw, then her neck and down to her collarbone where I start to suck impatiently.

"Mmmmm fuck…" I double my efforts, moving over a few inches. Her body writhes beneath me and I bring one hand up to play with her nipples while I mark along her neck and collarbone.

After what seems like forever I pull away and she moans out when my mouth leaves her skin. I examine the five marks along her perfect flesh, it sends a jolt through my body, I love marking her for everyone to see.

"Do you like when I mark you baby? When I leave little reminders of me for everyone to see?" Her back arches off the bed and her hands dig into my flesh at my words.

"Yes, Rach. I love when you mark me…"

"And why's that sweetheart?" I ask tauntingly, circling her nipples lightly.

"Because I'm yours and I want everyone to know. I belong to you Rach, only you, my body and my heart." The conviction and rawness in her voice takes me by surprise. I find her eyes and raise my eyebrows questioningly at her declaration.

She moves her hand to caress my cheek.

"Do you mean that?" I ask carefully, praying that she did.

"Yes." One simple word and it changes everything. I find her lips and kiss her tenderly, trying to show her how much I care, how much her words mean to me.

Our tongues move together, slowly and sweetly. Carefully I slide my hand down her body and cup her sex. She's soaked.

I pull back from her lips to look into her eyes as I slide two of my long fingers into her wet heat. We both moan.

"I love being inside of you." I tell her sincerely.

"Me too" she breathes out.

She finds my lips again as I start to slide in and out of her, building her up slowly, wanting to make her feel amazing.

One of her hands caresses my cheek and the other wraps around my neck. I move my thumb to circle her clit and she moans into my mouth.

I thrust into her deeper and her walls clamp down hard, making it hard to thrust but my thumb presses a little harder and she explodes.

"Raaccchhheellll… Rach… oh fuck… baby…" She pants out.

I slow my movements but don't remove my fingers.

Her head is on the pillow, hair splayed out everywhere, eyes closed, breathing heavy.

I stare at her in awe, watching her cum is the most beautiful thing in the world; I could watch it forever, just like I could stay inside of her forever.

When her eyes snap open they find mine and she smiles. I lean in and kiss her again.

"Wow, that was… wow." My eyes sparkle at her words.

She kisses the tip of my nose.

"Baby?" I hum in acknowledgement.

"Umm your fingers…" she says a little awkwardly.

"I know, I just, I love being inside of you." I tell her easily, "But if you insist."

I slide my fingers out of her and bring them to my lips, tasting her sweetness.

"Mmmmmmm, I love tasting you."

She shoves my fingers away and kisses me. We both moan at her taste.

We pull back a few minutes later, desperate for air, both smiling widely.

Without saying anything we adjust ourselves so that I'm on top, one of her legs in between mine and vice versa. Our still wet centers press together, our clits coming into contact.

"I love feeling you like this baby." She whispers directly into my ear.

I slowly rock my myself into her, grinding our bodies together in a slow rhythm. Our hands roam each other, caressing, kneading and grasping at smooth flesh. Her forehead rests on mine as we pant out the other's name, filling the air with whimpers.

It doesn't take long for our orgasms to approach as our bodies move together gracefully.

Her lips find my ear and her voice fills me up.

"Come with me baby."

We thrust one last time and climax at the same our juices mixing together our moans harmonizing.

Our bodies collapse but we make no effort to move away from each other. Neither of us speaks for a long time as we bask in the afterglow of the night.

"That was incredible Rach…" she pauses to kiss my lips. "Not just the sex, but the date too."

I smile, "It's only incredible because it's you."

"No, it's because it's us. Because this feels right." She motions between our sweat covered, naked bodies. I smile at her, and she gives me a coy look.

"So Rach, does this mean you'll be my girlfriend?"

I stare up at her to make sure she's serious, but her eyes are soft and genuine.

"All you had to do was ask." I tell her with a smile.

I snuggle my head into her neck, her arms wrap around me and our bodies relax. It feels perfect being here with her, and I feel myself start to drift off. Before I'm completely asleep I feel a blanket being tossed over my body and a kiss on my forehead. I snuggle closer.

"You may have started out as my guilty pleasure Miss Rachel Berry but you're so much goddamn more that than. Goodnight sweetheart."

Hope everyone enjoyed this chapter, I got a lot of requests for a romantic storyline so I decided to make this into a short story instead of a two-shot. I'd love to hear your thoughts so don't forget to drop me a comment :)