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Chapter 9:

I trace the letters on her chest slowly and gently. I'm amazed as I stare at the letters on her chest. My eyes flicker to the letters over my own heart then back to hers. The whole thing is astonishing to me and I'm a little dazed. A shiver runs down my spine at my Isa's warm touch as she traces the letters of my chest.

It's my name. She sounds and looks just as dazed as me. I look at the spot above her heart and then looked at my own.



Seeing my name over her heart fills me with pride, adoration, and a strong feeling of possessiveness. She's mine.

She looks at me, grinning as she hears my thoughts. You're also mine. My Edward. She has no idea how much I love it when she stakes her claim over me.

Yes my Isa, yours... all yours... I kiss her sweet lips lovingly. She sighs into my mouth, her hand tangling in my hair. My hands slide lower, from her hips to her butt and I grab it, pressing us unbelievably close. She lets out a sweet little moan, and the sound travels from my ear straight to my manhood. I pull back when she needs to breathe, stroking her rosy cheek.

Has this ever happened before? I ask. This is getting very confusing and I want to know how all of this is possible. How can she read my mind? How did my change color? And how do we have each other's names tattooed on the other's chest?

She shrugs. No, but like I said before, every mating connection is different. Nobody really knows what to expect and how the connection is going to react. Our connection is the most unique, since you're a vampire and I'm an angel. To my knowledge there has been no mating connection between our kinds before.

The eye color change, reading you mind, and now this, she thinks to me, pointing between our chests. It's all very different from the mating connections I've seen before. Our connection is a lot deeper and more complex. Most mating connection I've seen were only connected physically and emotionally but it seems we're also connected mentally. She touches my forehead. This is very rare and makes the connection a lot more complex and harder to understand and predict.

This is all very extraordinary and unwonted. There have been a few angels whose special ability was mind reading but their mates were never able to read their minds in return. We're connected on a mental level which is very uncommon and quite remarkable.

I am truly astonished as I listen to her. I think about all the mated couples I've meet and my family members, and realize she's absolutely right. Our connection is a lot more intense and powerful than any connection I've seen before.

Does it bother you? I know this is a lot to take in. She fidgets, her eyes glued to my chest. There have been a lot of changes—with your eyes and the mind reading and the tattoos—and there will probably a lot more changes that we won't be able to understand or explain.

She looks so troubled as she traces the line arching from near the top of my hand to the base. I lift her head with my hand, making her look at me.

I love you, my Isa; so much. I look into her beautiful eyes, making sure she can see the sincerity in mine. I don't mind anything that's happening and all these changes are proof of our love and how deep our connection is. These changes just show that you're mine and I'm yours.

She brightens at my words and all the tension leaves her body. I love you, my Edward.

I love you, too, my Isa.

We're quiet again, just the sound of our breathing and my Isa's heart beat filling the silence. She strokes her name on my chest softly. I like it; seeing my name on your body fills me with... she trails off but she doesn't need to continue; I understand perfectly because I'm filled with the same emotions.

She leans down, placing an open-mouthed kiss on my silent heart. I groan, my body reacting to which she lifts her head, blushing as she shakes her head to get her hair out of her eye. I smile, gently tucking her hair behind her ears.

"We should probably get out now," I say, kissing my mating bite. She shudders and her body breaks out in goose-bumps. I lift her from the tub and dry us off before carrying her to our bedroom. I lie her down on the bed, and go to get her clothes.

I pick a simple white panties-and-bra set for Isa, and grab one of my button-up shirts for her. I put on a pair of boxers and a green t-shirt. I walk back to my angel, dressing her in the clothes I had picked. After dressing my angel, I grab a hair brush. She sits in my lap as I brush her hair. I put the brush on the nightstand when I am done then pick my Isa up, tucking her under the blankets.

Goodnight Edward. I love you. She snuggles into my chest as I wrap my arms around her.

I love you too my angel; sweet dreams. I kiss her forehead. She sighs, closing her eyes. I listen as her breathing evens before closing my eyes and allowing myself to be pulled into the soft world of sleep.


My eyes flutter open and I instantly frown, immediately feeling that my Isa isn't in my arms. Fear and worry grip my heart and I jump from the bed quickly, putting my clothes on. I almost break the door in my haste to look for my angel, but sweet little giggles fill the air and I calm down. I concentrate for a moment and a smile blooms across my face. My Isa is in the kitchen with Esme, talking and laughing, as Esme makes breakfast for my angel.

I walk into the kitchen to find my Isa sitting on the kitchen counter, swinging her legs back and forth. Esme is telling her about the time Emmett made a dent in my Volvo and how I painted his jeep pink as payback. My Isa already knows what happened but she listens to Esme, smiling happily.

"Edward!" my angel squeals with delight, jumping off the counter and into my arms.

"Good morning, my angel." I grin at her, spinning her around in the air. She giggles happily, a wide smile on her face and eyes light with pleasure; she is an absolute vision. "I was in quite a panic when I woke up to find you had disappeared."

"I'm sorry Edward," she says, staring sadly into my eyes, feeling guilty for worrying me.

"It's okay, beautiful." I kiss her cheeks. "I'm glad you're spending time with Esme; she's great."

She nods vigorously. "Mm-hmm, she is. She made me an apple pie, it's so good."

She jumps from my arms, dancing over to Esme." Thank you, Esme," my Isa says as she pecks her on the cheek. Esme grins fondly at her and hugs her closely.

"You're more than welcome, dear. If you need or want anything, just let me know. I found a great recipe book and we can try them all then you can pick your favorites." Esme smiles affectionately and my love beamed back at her.

I grin as I watch them together. I'm so happy my angel has bonded with Esme; she's the perfect 'mother' for my Isa. My Isa's sparkling eyes move to gaze at my face and she smiles at how happy I look. She jumps into my arms again and I can't resist kissing her. I bury my face into her soft curls, inhaling her delicious scent.

They are so precious. Esme's seconds away from jumping up and down in joy. I pull back from my Isa and sit her on the counter once more. She snatches her fork and eagerly eats another piece of her apple pie.

"Thank you for taking care of her, Esme," I say as I gently wipe a few crumps from my Isa's mouth.

Oh, it was no trouble at all. She's absolutely wonderful, Esme thinks to me and I nod, agreeing with her before turning to Esme to flash her a smile. She gasps as she looks at my face, staring at me with wide eyes.

Edward, your eyes... she thinks, amazed.

I sigh, knowing it's inevitable. I knew she was going to notice my eyes sooner or later but I had been hoping for later. I can't explain to her how they changed color, without explaining what my Isa is and the special connections we share. It's not like I want to hide or lie to her and the rest of my family, but what I have with my Isa is so special and I am not ready to share.

At that moment Emmett and Rosalie walk into the kitchen, followed by Alice and Jasper. Rosalie huffs and wrinkles her nose as she passed my love. I hiss at her and feel my Isa's warm touch as she softly strokes my cheek.

It is okay, Edward. Just ignore her, my Isa thinks. She had noticed Rosalie's reaction as well but didn't give her a second thought, choosing to just ignore her. Her touch immediately calms me down and I wrapped my arms around her waist.

Rosalie turns to me, ready to give me a tongue lashing but the words die in her throat as she looks into my eyes. She gasps, causing the others to look at me. I am slightly amused as I look at the speechless faces of my family. The only thing missing is Carlisle's shocked face and mind filled with different theories. I roll my eyes as they all begin hounding me with questions.

What the fuck? What the hell did you do now you selfish bastard? You can guess whose thoughts are that.

Eddie, dude, what happened? I growl at the hated nickname in Emmett's thoughts but otherwise ignore him.

In all my 150 years, I have never seen a vampire's eyes become any color other than black, ruby, or gold. It must be something that Isabella is doing, Jasper thinks as he looks at me.

I roll my eyes. My angel is not guilty of anything except loving me.

What's going on? How come I didn't see this? Humph, I hate this. Dammit, Edward, how is she blocking my visions?

I smirk. Oh, how happy I am that you can't see or interfere with my future, dear sister, I think though she can't hear me. They continue to fire questions at me while I have a silent conversation with my love.

What do you want me to tell them beautiful? I ask her.

She shrugs. I don't know, she thinks. But I trust you and will be okay with whatever you want to tell them.

She still doesn't trust them enough to tell them she is an angel and I'm still not ready to share her. I am not ready for Carlisle and Jasper's endless questions. I am not ready for any jokes or inappropriate comments from Emmett. I am not ready for Rosalie's jealousy and hateful comments. I am not ready for more of Alice's demanding and know-it-all attitude. I just am not ready to share her and our wonderful connection with them. She is mine—all mine—and I want to keep it that way.

We all heard the sound of ground groveling under car tires; Carlisle is home. He walks into the kitchen, takes one look into my eyes and says, "Dining room. Family meeting. Now."

The whole family quickly shuffles into the dining room. My angel jumps off the counter and we walk hand in hand into the dining room. All eyes are on us but we ignore them. I sit down in one of the chairs and my Isa immediately sits in my lap. I wrap my arms around her and she snuggles into me, ignoring the looks we're getting from my family.

"Ok, will someone like to tell me what's going on?" Carlisle asks.

Six pairs of eyes turn to me, making me internally roll my eyes.

"There is nothing to tell." I shrug.

"Like hell there isn't," Rosalie growls. "How the hell are your eyes green? What did you do? What did she do?" She points an accusatory finger in my angel's direction. I growl at her, warning her to back down.

"Rosie, baby, just calm down," Emmett says, wrapping an arm around her waist.

"No! I will not calm down. She came and suddenly everything is all about her. We don't know a damn thing about her; she could be dangerous for all we know. He's keeping things from us and we have no idea what the hell we're dealing with. What is she, huh, Edward? What are you hiding?

"You're a selfish jerk that's only thinking about him-fucking-self. Have you given one thought to how this might affect the family? Or are we not important anymore, now that you have some whore." She is seething.

Now, normally I can just ignore Rosalie and her hateful rants because they're all the same. But insulting my Isa is where I draw the line. I let loose the most ferocious growl I think I ever have before and the whole room stills; Rosalie, for once, looks frightened of me.

Everyone starts trying to calm me down by mentally screaming in my head. My Isa turns in my lap and places both of her hands of the side of my face. She starts to rub her thumbs across my cheek bones to calm me; I immediately start to calm down.

I spun my head around and bored my eyes into Rosalie's, hissing at her. "Apologize," I growled, my tone daring her to argue. She looks completely offended and angry by the idea but her thoughts—no matter how much she tries to hide it—give away her fear of me.

She almost decides not to answer but I growl at her again.

"I'm sorry," she spits between her teeth.

My Isa just shrugs. "It's okay; your opinion doesn't matter to me." I snicker while Rosalie threw daggers at my angel with her eyes.

"She might not care but if you speak about my Isa like that ever again, you will regret it. Are we clear?" I hiss at her. She huffs, turning her head away, deciding to ignore me but I growl and repeat my question. Stiffly, she nods once.

My Isa shifts in my lap so she's nestled under my arm, getting comfortable. I wrap one arm around her and lie my free hand down against her stomach, rubbing lightly with me fingers. She halts my movement, interlocking her fingers with mine.

"Okay let's get started, shall we?' Carlisle asks. Everyone nods from around the room, so he continues.

"Edward, would you like to tell us what happened with your eyes?"

I smile inwardly; he wants more information but he will be sorely disappointed.

I shrug. "Nothing happened."

"Umm, son, your eyes are green."

"I'm aware."

Carlisle looks a little perplexed about how to continue.

"Edward, we have been patient but we have a right to know what's going on. A vampire's eyes don't just change color. Something big occurred and it has something to do with what Isabella is and what you're hiding from us." Jasper keeps his face calm, but his thoughts give away his irritation with me; being in the army for years had made him suspicious of everybody and everything.

I sigh, extremely annoyed. They don't understand that they don't have a right to know anything when it comes to my mate. Our mates are our life; without them we're nothing. No one has the right to make a decision about someone's mate. I always tried to give them the privacy they demanded and needed and I should have the same courtesy.

I understand that they want to know what my mate is and the changes that are occurring but they should trust me. They should trust me to not allow anything or anyone to hurt the family and my Isa is the least harmful thing they will meet.

"You guys don't seem to grasp the concept that what my Isa is and the changes that are occurring are none of your business. You should know that I will never allow anything to harm the family. All you need to know is that she's the most harmless creature in the universe.

"I've been without a mate for a hundred years and I have finally found her. I never said anything when Carlisle changed Esme for himself or when Rosalie brought Emmett home or when Alice and Jasper came into the family. I welcomed you and your mates without a word and I demand the same courtesy." I gave them a pointed look.

"She's my mate whether you like it or not. No matter what your feelings are, you have no bearing on our lives; too bad if you don't like it. I will tell you our connection is very special and if you don't back off then you can blame yourselves for breaking up the family. I will take my Isa and live on our own," I declare. I hear Esme gasp, her thoughts begging me not to.

"This meeting is over," I say and get up, taking my Isa's hand in my own. I have every intention of running us a warm bath to relax us.

We start walking out of the dining room. But before we can leave, I hear a fierce growl and turn my head. I quickly push my angel behind me, just as they attack.

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