"Because fear kills everything, your mind, your heart, your imagination."

Luna shuddered. Looking around, she felt depression sink into her. She was trapped here, in this dingy dirty cell. She would probably die here. Trapped in Malfoy Manor.

She never saw it coming. She thought she'd get on the train and go home for the holiday, but the Death Eaters had another idea.

Luna hadn't been hurt yet, but she knew it was only a matter of time. She was in a house that contained several insane people; it was inevitable that she would be hurt.

The fear crept into her. She tried to fight it, but couldn't.

She was afraid. Afraid of what would happen. Afraid of what would come. Luna was afraid to die.

She didn't want to do. But then again, no one ever did.

Maybe it was the not knowing part that frightened her the most.

She didn't know what would happen, or when it would happen. She couldn't fall asleep. Luna was afraid to close her eyes, afraid to go to sleep, fearing it would be the last time.

The fear consumed her.

She was tired. She was depressed. And she was alone.

Would she die alone? With no one to hold her hand as the life left her eyes. It seemed that way.

Fear was a powerful thing.

It could motivate people to do things they never would have done before hand. It could turn the nicest person into something that was unrecognizable.

Luna was afraid that she's turn into that.

Luna was afraid her fear would turn her into something unrecognizable.

She felt a bit silly. She was afraid of fear. But by worrying about the idea of fear, she was subjecting herself to it.

It was pointless really.

The fear consumed her.

Her heart weighed down with the realization of her situation. No one knew she was here. No one was going to come and rescue her. She would perish down here in the dark.

What was the point of trying to keep herself alive? It was just pointless.

No one would miss her if she died. She was just Loony Lovegood to everyone. No one even knew her real name.

The fear of dying crept in, consuming her wholly.

She was trapped her in the darkness. She would never see the light of day again.

She couldn't feel, she couldn't think, she couldn't breathe.

The fear was slowly taking over. Sneaking up into her life, changing her permanently. She didn't notice it until it was too late. She was numb now.

The fear consumed her.

Being here, in the dungeons of Malfoy Manor, Luna had finally succumbed. She was always so positive, so happy, but now, she had been broken.

She had fought it, tried so hard to fight the fear and depression. But it was unavoidable. It crept in, consuming her until nothing was left.

Luna was exhausted. She was too tired to fight any more. Maybe sleep would help? Maybe that would numb the turmoil of feelings inside her.

There was nothing she could do. She was a broken shell of what she used to be.

The fear had consumed her.

There was no good left in the world.

And even if she was saved, even if the wizarding world was saved, Luna would never be the same. The light would never be in her eyes again. They would be dull, filled with a darkness that would never go away.

The loneliness and depression had changed her, and not for the better.

The fear had consumed her.

She had been changed into something else. Luna's personality would never be the same. She was broken. She was empty.

The fear had consumed her.

Written for:

The not for the Faint of Heart Competition: operation void

Six senses competition: emotions: fear

The greenhouses competition: devil's snare option

Florence and the machine challenge: no light, no light option

The Wand Wood Competition: Aspen option

The Latin Challenge: nemo, pereo

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