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*beep beep*

Rukia immediately stood up from the bed and swiped her cellphone/hollow detector out of her back pocket. "Ichigo, a hollow appeared near the soccer field!"

The orange-haired teenager whipped around in his chair and opened his desk drawer to grab his Substitute Shinigami badge. "Got it. Let's go!"

The two dashed down the stairs to see Yuzu holding a plate of chocolate-chip cookies. "Hey guys! I was just about to go up to your room and-"

Ichigo and Rukia were out of the house before Yuzu could finish her sentence. Ichigo turned his head back and shouted, "Sorry sis, maybe another time."

The blond-haired middle schooler sighed and set the neglected cookies on the kitchen counter. Now where is he going, she thought.

Ichigo and Rukia finally reached the soccer field, and Ichigo quickly used his badge to transform into his shinigami form. He was met with a crushing headache as soon as his human body collapsed onto the soft grass. Damn, he thought, as he placed a hand on his forehead, Just a little bit more time...


His black robes were tattered and he was covered with bruises and scrapes. Rukia, Orihime, Uryu, and Sado rushed towards him, but his vision blackened and all he could hear were the worried shouts of his friends. Soon he couldn't even hear that. I'm finally gonna die, huh? he thought.

But he didn't die. Ichigo opened his eyes to see the concerned stares of his friends in his room. He abruptly sat up on the bed when he realized what happened.

"Aizen! Is he-"

"Don't worry, Ichigo," Rukia interrupted. "Aizen was imprisoned in our highest-level security prison. He can't do anything now."

"Oh," was his only reply.

A long silence took over as Rukia tried to figure out how to word her next sentence.

"Your powers...we heard from Urahara...," she finally said.

Ichigo just looked down at his bandaged hands.

"But your reiatsu hasn't completely faded yet, and Urahara said it won't disappear for awhile if you don't strain yourself," Rukia continued. "The Captain-Commander decided to station me in Karakura so you're not too burdened. At least until you..."

"It's okay guys," Ichigo said with a grudging smile. "I knew what the consequences were. I was prepared to lose my powers."

End Flashback

Rukia noticed the flinch on Ichigo's face and knew he didn't have much strength left. She wanted to tell him to stay back but she knew he would just refuse.

Setting up for a large slash, Ichigo readied his Zanpakuto and jumped into midair to charge at the large hollow. He wasn't fast enough, however, and the beast easily swiped him away with a clawed hand.

Rukia quickly deflected a second blow from the hollow and slashed it in half with one strike. The hollow dissolved as she rushed to help her friend.


Ichigo propped himself up with his elbows and struggled to stand back up. Damn it, I'm too slow; I can't even flash step anymore, he inwardly cursed. He didn't have much time to fret, though, when another set of urgent beeps came from Rukia's cellphone. As soon as she flipped open the device to see where the new enemy was, they felt a strong reiatsu pushing them down.

They looked at each other worriedly and Rukia knew they were thinking the same thing. Menos!

The team sprinted over to Karakura High School to find a pair of Gillian destroying the buildings. At the sight of the two shinigami, Menos No. 1 formed a large red orb in its mouth preparing to obliterate the new intruders.

When Rukia saw the huge mass of spiritual energy ready to be directed at them, she quickly put up her hands to cast a Kido spell and deflect the blow.

"Hado 33: Sokatsui!"

A gigantic beam of blue light rocketed its way towards the black hollow. At the same time, the Menos released its Cero and the two bodies of energy collided. Rukia knew that, without the incantation, her spell wouldn't be able to overpower something as powerful as a Cero, but she hoped it would at least negate the enemy's attack. What she didn't expect was for the other Menos to fire a Cero as well.

The second ball of reiatsu streamed passed the explosion caused by the collision and charged its way toward Rukia, giving her no time to cast another spell or draw her sword.

Suddenly she heard a voice. "Getsuga Tensho!"

Ichigo, seeing the danger she was in, had rushed in front of her and fired an arc of spiritual energy at the second incoming Cero. However, Ichigo didn't have enough reiatsu to release a strong attack, and the Cero blasted its way through.

The Cero exploded as it found its mark on Ichigo, and Rukia raised her arms to protect herself from the impact and the flying rubble. When the dust cleared, she saw the Substitute Shinigami with his Zanpakuto raised and still standing, though breathing heavily and completely battered.

Ichigo felt even worse than he looked. He knew that he probably just fired his last Getsuga Tensho, and he could feel himself losing a grip on his Shinigami form. As if on cue, his Zanpakuto shattered into a million pieces, and he collapsed on the ground, knowing what was coming. The Cero Blast was too much for his body, but his thin string of spiritual pressure was letting him hang onto life for a little while longer. When the thread broke, he was most certainly going to die.

Rukia knew she couldn't waste time; When the Menos were idle after their attacks, she quickly muttered a spell to bind them from attacking again.

"Carriage of thunder, bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six! Bakudo 61: Rikujokoro!"

Six shafts of yellow light zoomed at each of the hollows, immobilizing them. Rukia took the chance to cleanly split both of them in half, and the Gillian roared as they were defeated. She then remembered Ichigo lying on the pavement and rapidly ran over to her friend's side.

"Baka Ichigo! Don't you dare die on me!" she commanded as she looped one of Ichigo's limp arms over her shoulder. She used her other arm to support him at the waist and started flash stepping towards Orihime's house.

Even with his severe injuries, Ichigo managed to cough out, "S-Stop wasting your t-time. I'm gonna d-die."

Suddenly, tears started streaming out of Rukia's dark blue-grey eyes. "Idiot! You're not going to die! Just hang on 'till we get to Orihime-chan's house. You've survived plenty of fatal injuries before, haven't you?"

Rukia waited for a response, but the weak body she was holding on to was silent. Her eyes widened and she quickly stopped at a building rooftop to lay Ichigo's unconscious body on the ground.

Miraculously, he was still alive and his eyes fluttered open weakly. "Hey Rukia," he said to a now-sobbing female shinigami, "Stop getting your tears on my face."

She kept crying.

"You said Soul Society was a good place, right?"

She just nodded.

"Well, since that's where I'm headed, I guess that's reassuring. Maybe I'll see you again when I get to Rukongai."

Rukia knew there was almost no chance of that.

"Goodbye, Rukia." And he closed his eyes for the last time.

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