Potions Fume, Baby Boom, and Ministry Doom

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Chapter 6: Saturday Wedding Jitters (September 7th)

Hermione looked up from her breakfast to see Draco and Harry walk in. "Hey," she said, and got their sleepy replies. "Did you do your homework from yesterday's Parenting class?"

Harry nodded. He thought back to that class...


[flashback to the first class of Parenting/Childbirth]

"Welcome, everyone, to your first Parenting and Childbirth class." Molly Weasley smiled at everyone. "Today, we will start with sex." She laughed when most of her students blushed. "Yes, it is embarrassing to talk about, but you must know about it. Now, if you are a guy/girl pairing, you have a guy's sperm and a girl's eggs." The students' blushes deepened. "The sperm, when ejaculated, swims further into the girl's body to her fallopian tubes. There, an egg will slide through the fallopian tubes, from her ovaries, and the sperm tries to enter the egg. If a sperm cell is successful, the egg will then go to her uterus and the zygote -or baby- will grow." Molly paused there, letting the students know that they should be writing notes.

Then she continued, "If you are a guy/guy pairing, the bottom of the relationship does something special. His magic turns a bit of his sperm into an egg, and forms a uterus for the baby to grow."

A blushing Pavarti raised her hand. "Mrs. Weasley, what about girl/girl pairings?"

Molly smiled. "It's similar to the guy/guy pairing, except that it is the top of the relationship to do something special. Her magic changes an egg into sperm. Then, through use of a peg -fake cock- she impregnates her partner." She passed out packets. "I want you to read these packets tonight, and return the filled out questionnaire to me before or on Wednesday. Also, read chapter one for our next class. Good day."

[end flashback: You can look now.]


Harry blushed in remembrance. "Yeah, I finished the questionnaire. It was embarrassing, too. 'Have you ever had sex?' 'Do you know the lubrication charm?' 'What is the charm or spell used to prevent pregnancies?' I mean, we're already pregnant, and yes these might help in the future, but dang it."

Hermione blushed and laughed softly. "You're not the only one who was a virgin when you got pregnant. Besides, just think of those that had to put down that they had, had sex before their pregnancy. Two redheaded youngest siblings ring a bell?"

"Ron?" asked Harry shocked. He knew that Ginny slept around with anything with a prick. When Hermione nodded, Harry snorted out a laugh. "Ok. I'd hate to see the look on their mum's face when she sees that. You know, I love the fact that she made sure we could only answer the questions truthfully."

"Yeah, and as much as he'd say that the reason why he'd say yes to that question is his wedding night, but we both know he wouldn't touch Lavender since she got pregnant. He just doesn't like pregnant people." Hermione sighed. "It's all so complicated."

"I disagree," Draco said. "It's all very simple. Weasley's an arse." He saw that his statement made Harry and Hermione laugh, and he smiled too.


Harry handed Mrs. Weasley his questionnaire. "Here you go."

"Thanks Harry." She sighed. "Did you know that both Ron and Ginny have had sex before the potions accident?"

He bowed his head. "I knew about Ginny. I just found out about Ron a little bit ago. I'm sorry I never came to tell you that Ginny slept around with every guy she could... I just couldn't break your heart like that."

Molly nodded. "Thanks. I know you wouldn't do anything like that." She hugged him.

Hermione came running in. "Harry," she said, panting lightly. "Draco asked me to come get you. His parents are here, and they want to meet you."

Harry's eyes widened. "They want to meet me? Do they know it's me that they want to meet? What do they think about their son expecting children with another guy?"

"I don't know, Harry. All they said was that they want to meet the person that is carrying their grandchildren." Hermione wrapped her arms around the shaking black-haired boy. "I won't let them hurt you, Harry."

Harry shakily smiled. "'Kay. Is Professor Snape with them too?"

Hermione said, "Yes." She led him down to the dungeons, and to Severus' rooms. She asked the portrait to tell her future husband that they were there. A few moments later, they were allowed in. Hermione walked over to a loveseat, and sat on the end furthest from Severus' chair.

Harry stood shocked by the fact that 1: Severus still didn't like or trust her well enough to give her their password, and 2: That she felt she had to sit as far away from him as possible. Harry walked over to wear Draco sat in between his parents on a couch. He kissed Draco on the cheek, trying and failing to hide the fact that the Malfoy parents scared him, and whispered to him, "I'm going to sit next to Hermione and give her support, since her future husband isn't the least friendly to her."

Draco nodded, kissed Harry on the cheek, and watched as Harry sat down beside Hermione. Noticing Harry grab Hermione's hand, he smiled at their friendship. Then he frowned at his godfather. "Uncle Sev, you still aren't being nice to Hermione? I thought our talk had helped you come to terms with your impending marriage tomorrow."

Severus glared lightly at his godson. "It's between me and miss Granger. Now, Lucius and Narcissa are here to meet Mr. Potter."

Harry shook slightly again, afraid of what their reactions would be. When he didn't hear an outburst he looked up. Then he remembered that Draco had written them, and that he himself had written a bit at the end. He blushed and cleared his throat. "I'm sorry this wedding is happening too soon. Believe me, I'd like the chance to know your son better before marrying, but it's not possible. I know I'm ruining your name with my muggleborn half, but I'll try my hardest to make you proud. I'll learn everything I can about how purebloods act and present themselves. I'll even do all the chores of the house when Draco and I find our own place, so that you keep your own house elves. I wouldn't want you to part with any just because he's your son. I promise I'll keep the house spotless. I'll-"

Hermione had covered his mouth with her hand. "That's enough, Harry. Now what's this about you doing all of the chores of the house?" She removed her hand.

Harry squeaked, "N-nothing?"

Draco got up and walked over to Harry before kneeling down. "It's not nothing. I will find out sooner or later why you said what you did, but for now we need to talk about the wedding."


Harry walked down the makeshift aisle that the Room of Requirement provided. He thought back to when Narcissa had talked with him about the wedding. She had put him at ease with first insisting that he call her Narcissa. Then she semi-threatened him about hurting her only son. She was a good woman, and a great mother. Harry looked at where Draco stood, and gasped at the look of awe and joy on Draco's face. It was out there for everyone to see. Harry stepped up next to Draco, and smiled at him.

"Dearly beloved, we are here today to join these two in holy matrimony. First, I will ask them a few questions, and then they wish to give their own vows." The Official turned to Draco and Harry. "Draco Malfoy, heir to the Malfoy line, do you promise to love and cherish the soon-to-be-Lord Harry Potter?"

"I promise," Draco said.

"Do you swear to only sleep with your husband, to be faithful for all the days of your life?"

"I so swear."

"Do you swear to protect and serve your husband? Protect him not only from evil, but also from himself?"

"I so swear."

The Official turned to Harry. "Harry Potter, heir to the Potter line, do you promise to love and cherish Draco Malfoy, the Malfoy heir?"

"I promise," Harry said to Draco.

"Do you swear to only sleep with your husband, to be faithful for all the days of your life?"

"I so swear."

"Do you swear to protect and serve your husband? Protect him not only from evil, but also from himself?"

"I so swear."

The Official looked over at the crowd. "Now Mr. Malfoy will say his vows."

Draco smiled down at Harry. "From the moment I met you in Madame Malkins, I was fascinated in you. Here you were, this scrawny little lost kid, and you didn't know a thing about the wizarding world. I was such a jerk, boasting about how Slytherin was the best and how my entire family was there for generations. If I knew then what I know now, I would have probably been your friend this whole time. I made a bad impression, and it's taken me five whole years to realize that maybe we were meant to be. You are the most important person in my life, and you always will be. I promise to take care of you and our little ones even after I die, which I hope won't be for a long time." People chuckled some at that. "I love you Harry James Potter."

"Mr. Potter, your turn please," The Official wiped a happy tear from his eye.

"Draco, thinking back about our fights and taunts these last five years, I agree that maybe we were meant to be together. We were so attune to each other, always knowing if the other was near. Hermione used to call me obsessed with you. She's right, you know." Harry laughed, along with most everyone else. "I always used to wonder what you were up to all the time. I also think that every time you started something, you were really trying to get my attention... like, you wanted me to notice you for real. Well, you have my attention, now, and I'm not going anywhere. You're stuck with me, Draco Lucius Malfoy, and I love you too."

Many people were tearing up, especially Narcissa and Molly. The Official asked, "The rings, please?" Blaise handed a ring to Draco. Then the Official asked Draco, "Do you, Draco Lucius Malfoy, take Harry James Potter to be your lawfully wedded husband; to have and to hold; for richer or for poorer; in sickness and in health; till death do you part?"

"I do," Draco replied. He slid the platinum ring on Harry's left ring finger. Then Hermione handed Harry another platinum ring.

"Do you, Harry James Potter, take Draco Lucius Malfoy to be your lawfully wedded husband; to have and to hold; for richer or for poorer; in sickness and in health; till death do you part?"

"I do." Harry slid the second ring onto Draco's left ring finger. They smiled at each other.

The Official beamed. "I now pronounce you husband and husband. You may kiss."

Draco leaned down, and kissed Harry sweetly on the lips. He wasn't prepared for Harry to wrap his arms around his neck. He held still for a moment, before wrapping his arms around Harry's waist and bringing him closer. Almost everyone cheered and clapped.

When the two pulled away, slightly flushed, the Official asked, "Which last name are you going to use, or are you going to hyphenate your names?"

Harry glanced at him before looking back at Draco. "I'll take his name." He smiled at the shocked look on Draco's face.

"I now present to you, Mr. and Mr. Malfoy." The Official smiled at the guests. Then everyone watched as Draco led Harry back up the aisle to the reception area.


After dancing with Draco for the first dance, Harry was asked to dance with Lucius. As they twirled around the dance floor, Harry said, "I know this is a bit of a shock to you. I hope my kids will still get to know you as their glamfather."

"Glamfather?" Lucius asked.

"Yes," Harry replied. "You just aren't the regular grandfather type. You are too glamorous, hence glamfather: glamorous grandfather."

Lucius thought about it some as they continued to dance. Then his face lit up in happiness. "You mean it?"


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