Potions Fume, Baby Boom, and Ministry Doom

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Chapter 7: Severus' Reaction, and New Love (September 8th)

Sunday morning found Hermione sitting on the couch, tears pouring down her cheeks. She sniffled, and missed the fact that Severus stepped out of his bedroom. Hermione wiped her cheeks.

"Miss Granger?"

Hermione jumped up and turned around sharply. "Professor, I mean, Severus! What is it?"

Severus walked towards the pregnant girl. "Hermione," he started. "Why are you crying? Is it about the babies? Do you not want to get married?"

"It's my parents. They sent me a letter last night, but with Harry's wedding, I forgot to read it. They said that Dumbledore told them that I had sex and I was pregnant with my teacher's children! How could he tell them something like that?! They don't want anything to do with me or the kids..."

"Well, why don't we just go visit them? We can tell them what really happened. I'll even swear on my magic, or prove to them that you are still a virgin." Severus wanted her to stop crying, and he also wanted her parents to be a part of her life... and in the lives of her children. They were his children too, so he was interested in their future. Severus raised a hand, and stroked Hermione's cheek. "I'm sorry to hear that Dumbledore is trying to alienate you from your parents."

Hermione stared up at him in shock that he would willingly touch her. "Can we go see them after the wedding?"

"Yes," Severus said, leaning closer to her. His face was a few inches from hers when the door opened. He jerked back, and let his hand drop to his side. Turning around, he saw Harry and Draco. "What do you two want?"

"It's almost time for your wedding, Sev." Draco smirked. He looked at Hermione and said, "Sorry to ruin the moment."

Harry laughed at her startled expression. "Come on, Mione. We need to get you ready."


Hermione stood in front of Severus. She smiled at him, and he couldn't help but return the gesture. They were about to say their vows when a man yelled out.

"They can't get married! He's her teacher!" Everyone turned to look at the man, and saw that there was a woman beside him. They both looked very angry. "Who's to say he isn't already married? Or that he only wants her as a slave?"

Hermione stared at them. "Mum, Dad? What are you doing here? I thought you didn't want anything to do with me or my children?"

Her mum, Helen, looked at her. "We changed our minds. On the condition that your children get put up for adoption as soon as they are born, and you lose all memory of magic."

"How can you say that?!" Harry yelled. "She's your daughter! They are your grandchildren!"

"Well, she shouldn't have had sex, and gotten knocked up!" John yelled back at him.

"Daddy, I'm still a virgin. I've never had sex." Hermione felt tears slide down her cheeks.

Minerva stepped up. "John, Helen, we have a spell to show how many sexual partners someone has had. If you want, I can use the spell on every student here. That way you know that we are telling the truth."

Hermione's parents looked at one another, and then nodded at the Transfiguration teacher.

Minerva cast the spell at Harry. Above him was the number 1. "Not surprising, Mr. Malfoy." She did the same to Draco, whose number was also 1. "That's a relief, Mr. Malfoy. You stick true to your husband." Draco nodded in response. Minerva then cast the spell at Hermione. There was a 0 above her head. "Very good, Miss Granger." Ron had the number 6 above his head, Lavender had the number 2 above her head, Dean had a 0, Seamus also had a 0, Ginny had the number 15 (which shocked her parents, even though they knew that she had sex before the accident), and both Fred and George had the number 1. Minerva then turned to the Grangers. "John, Helen, do you believe your daughter now?"

"But, Dumbledore said..." John couldn't finish what he was going to say. He shook his head in confusion, and led his wife to a seat. He looked up at his daughter. "Go on," he said. "I'm sorry."

Hermione and Severus said their vows, kissed, and Hermione leaned against him for support. She took in the support and comfort her new husband gave her. She looked at Harry. "Harry, can you get together with the goblins and do something about Dumbledore? I can see that he hasn't been to any of the weddings, probably plotting again."

"Sure, Hermione. I'll get right on that. It might take a while for results." Harry smiled at her. "It will be done."

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