Genma Shiranui


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Genma Shiranui was a strange shinobi. He was calm, collected, impartial, proud, and above all casual. But he did have a tendency to crack some wise jokes every once in a while, especially during serious situations.

His actual hair color when he was younger was actually white. But when he was promoted to a Chunin at the age of thirteen and a Jonin at fourteen, somewhere along the way his hair had turned into a amber brown. It was nothing important, just an interesting fact about Genma Shiranui.

He had also completed 935 missions. An overwhelming load of missions that any shinobi would be proud of and free to boast about.

But not Genma Shiranui. He was a calm, collected, impartial, proud, and casual person.

He always had that senbon in his mouth, hands in his pockets, and ever mysterious smile about him. He was a very handsome fellow with many admirers. His job was to protect the Hokage. A job given only to the elite.

So it was a little bit strange when he went out of his way to find the Hyuuga heiress.

Of course, being Sasuke, he shook it off as nothing serious. Genma Shiranui was simply doing a favor for Naruto the Hokage. They were all adults now, he shouldn't care about petty things like jealousy. Not that he was in love with the Hyuuga heiress.

Hinata Hyuuga was a strange shinobi herself. During the war, she had confessed her love to Naruto and helped bring him back to reality, bringing the war to an end with simply a touch on Naruto's cheek.

By when Naruto had responded to her feelings, she had rejected him saying that she loved him, yes, but she would be betraying her feelings if she didn't tell him that the feelings had worn down and she didn't feel the same way anymore. She still admired him, still wanted to support him, and still wanted to be there for him, but she didn't want to be romantically involved with him. Naruto wasn't crushed, just spurred on to capture her heart. And throughout Konoha, Hinata and Naruto were the famous pair that every news station wanted a bit of juicy information about.

But along with Hinata's rejection, doors opened for other males. Specifically her brash teammate Kiba Inuzuka, his perverted mentor Kakashi, the Kazekage of Suna himself, and Sasuke – not that he was in love with the Hyuuga heiress, mind you.

How they fell for her charms was not a question. She was a strong and elite shinobi who held her own ground during a battle. Being the Hyuuga heiress was no fancy name, she had trained her whole life to better herself and bring glory to the renowned clan. It wouldn't do to have a weak heiress. To add onto that, she had worked with an element other than air that the Hyuuga were so proud about: water. With water and air at her arsenal, she could create ice and snow, making blizzards and shrouding battles within seconds. And she was the most graceful, polite, elegant, and reserved lady in the whole village.

A complete natural with her modesty about her clan's legacy and her utter beauty. She was certainly beautiful, no doubt about that. Who wouldn't want to tease her and try to make her release a sound other than that soft, smooth voice she always had? It was no wonder her family allowed her to wander freely and intermingle with the Konoha population, specifically the male population.

So when the five feet and nine inches tall Genma Shiranui cornered the smaller five feet and four inches Hyuuga heiress, Sasuke merely wrote it off as another male to Hyuuga heiress encounter. Nothing he should be worried or jealous about. After all, he was an Uchiha, the most sought after male in the village.

But something did feel off to Sasuke about those two strange shinobi.

Hinata simply did not blush for anyone other than being embarrassed by compliments, talking about scandalous things with Ino and Sakura, or when she wore a drop dead sexy dress, of which Sasuke had the honor of hiding other men from. Hinata also did not stutter for the same reasons. What the male population wouldn't give to hear her stutter cutely with a red face in front of them.

But she did just that, blush pink and stutter, in front of Genma Shiranui.

Now Sasuke who had just began walking away from the scene did begin to think it was rather... different.

The two strange shinobi were in an alley. A spacious alley, but an alley no less, and Genma Shiranui did have his arms on the wall behind the Hyuuga trapping her in.

It suddenly occurred to Sasuke, once the bringer of hell to Konoha, that he did see Hinata interact with the Hokage bodyguards very much right after the war. Sasuke had finally found his reason to return to Konoha and helped fix the broken village back to its once supreme stature.

At first he thought it was because of Naruto. She was in love with him, at least used to be in love with him. But she was also the Hyuuga heiress who had political power and so he thought that she went to and from the long, boring talks at the Hokage building. But then again, if he remembered correctly, Hinata Hyuuga also fostered the Genin to Chunin promotional division of the Hokage duties. Of which included one of the bodyguards was assigned to take care of. That bodyguard was Genma Shiranui, who once even proctored Sasuke's own Chunnin exam.

So it finally clicked into his head that Hinata probably spent most of her time around one male right after the war, if not Naruto her previous love, Neji the most likely candidate for her hand, or brash teammate Kiba, but actually older, mature, smooth talking Genma Shiranui who wasn't at all interested in any females other than the one in front of him at the moment.

Then Sasuke's ears finally turned red with a twinge of jealousy when he saw their intimate interaction.

Genma leaned down closer to the object of Konoha's affections, whispering something to her, causing the most beautiful bloom of rosy petals amongst her soft cheeks. She stuttered, actually stuttered, something incoherent back to him and he chuckled softly to her obvious embarrassed rejection to his idea. Her arms were resting against her chest, hands clasped as she looked down at his Jonin vest instead. A pretty blush adorning her beautiful face and her doe eyes modestly looking away from his amused and slyly smiling face.

He bent down on his knees to meet her moon colored eyes. His hands had slid off the wall and onto the sides of her slimming lavender jacket. They rested on her hips and her soft back. Her silky long, dark tresses fell forward brushing his face and he whispered something once again.

She blushed furiously and after a long moment's pause, of which they stared into each others eyes tenderly and with conviction, her hands moved from her chest to his shoulders and her right hand graced his cheek, taking out his senbon.

He closed his eyes for the briefest of moments, enjoying her desired hand, and then opened them again as the Hyuuga heiress leaned down. His hands moved to her legs and she finally gave him what he asked for.

A soft, tender kiss upon his lips.

They stayed there, caught in the moment, until his own hands moved to her hair and brushed away the dark tresses that brushed softly against his face. They stayed there, parted only by millimeters and out of breath, when he finally captured her lips instead, finally disturbed and impatient. He pressed against her and she pulled on his Jonin vest to bring him closer. Just when her lips finally parted for him after a whole year of asking for kisses, he grabbed her whole body, enveloping her into his own and moved lightening quick to the side as a kunai landed with a deafening thunk just right next to his ear.

Hinata gasped, holding on tightly to his vest, and Genma turned to look at a burning red and very furious Uchiha who had not yet recovered from his throwing kunai position.

Well, so much for a secret relationship.

"Genma Shiranui!"


BK: I am most certainly going to continue this story. I love it too much. I love Genma and Hinata too much to let it simply stay as a one-shot. I mean think about it... it's a secret relationship. And who else is best at hiding secret things than the quiet Hyuuga and a very casual, calm, collected shinobi named Genma Shiranui?