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Naruto sighed and walked around the waterfall, trying to ease his mind. Being Hokage took a lot of energy... and Naruto was always filled with energy... for fun things.

Whatever the case, Naruto felt bad that when Hinata was sick, he wasn't there for her. Mad at himself and extremely tired, he sat on a rock and stared at the waterfall which had not yet frozen in the oncoming winter. Even the pond that it fell into was still full of water and fish.

Then he felt a presence approaching the area. Realizing that he didn't want to be disturbed, Naruto climbed up a tree and just as he reached the top, he bumped into none other than Sasuke Uchiha.



"What the hell are you doing here you bastard?"

"I could ask you the same thing you blockhead."

"I was meditating! What are you doing?!"

"Shut up! She's coming."

They both looked down from beneath the tree and saw Hinata. She stopped at the edge of the water and removed her clothes. Naruto had a major sense of dejavu and he had to stop himself from gasping.

"That's her! I saw her before!"

Sasuke had to shut him up by punching him. They both stared at Hinata again as she wore nothing but her birthday suit. They were much too far to see any details, but close enough for imagination. Naruto couldn't believe that the girl he saw years ago... was actually Hinata. If it was even more possible, Naruto fell even harder for the beautiful water nymph Hinata.

"God damn... her flesh...she's so smooth."

"And curvy... and round."

Naruto nearly forgot Sasuke was there. With a disgusted shiver, he turned to his best friend.

"What the hell are you doing here? Are you stalking Hinata-chan?" Naruto whispered.

Sasuke stared back hard, "And what about you? Gawking like a perv towards Hinata?"

"She's mine! She's been in love with me since forever!"

"Keep it down you blockhead!"

They both looked over to Hinata who hadn't notice them. She had just jumped across the pond in a beautiful ballerina turn. They could see her ample assets as she stretched into the next pose.

Sasuke saw Naruto's wanton eyes and he forcibly pulled Naruto back.

"Stop staring at her! She's not yours anymore! She belongs to someone else!"

Naruto tore his eyes away and coughed uncomfortably, "Whadda ya mean not mine? And keep your voice down!"

Sasuke huffed, "She's been with Genma this whole time you dumb idiot!"

… silence as the truth rang clear in both their heads.

Sasuke hadn't meant to say it. He didn't want to admit it. But now that he said it... it was so true, he hurt his own feelings.

Naruto stared at Sasuke with furrowed eyebrows and registered the truth as he added all the reasons together. Then with a gasp, he slammed his forehead with his hand.

"Kami-sama! I've been so blind! I... I set them up!"

The sentence rang loud and Hinata caused a splashing facade as she half sank in the water and turned to look around for people furiously with her eyes.

Sasuke glared at Naruto, burning a hole through his forehead and Naruto covered his mouth as they stared at the cautious, but very beautiful and naked Hinata. She hadn't used her Byakugan yet... or else they'd be dead... by either Genma's hands or each others.

Glancing and accessing the situation, Hinata turned back and ran towards her clothes, deciding not to risk it. Naruto saw as she ran and tried to cover her ample beautiful amounts of skin. He nearly sighed in defeat.

With a glare of his own, he threw a punch at Sasuke who intercepted it.

"Oh... now we fight? Aren't you a bit too late Naruto?" Sasuke whispered sharply.

Naruto growled, "Right... I can't believe I didn't eliminate you from the start! You like her don't you? Well, competition's getting tough."

Sasuke scoffed, "You think that if you beat me, I'll hand her over to you?"

Naruto laughed in response, "Hinata deserves the best man!"

Then Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "Like I was ever going to lose anyway!"

They wrestled each other in the tree and with a loose footing on Naruto's part, they came tumbling down, breaking branches, creating a lot of noise, and landed with a thunk on the ground where Hinata was at... still naked. Her clothes were just a little ways off from them.

They held each other fiercely with the intent to burn mountains down and drown whole oceans, until their noses started to bleed at the sight of a very sexy and beet blushing Hinata. They saw just about everything, right down to the skin that escaped her fingers.

She stared wide eyed at them and with one swift kick, she knocked both of them out.

"Ky~aaaahh! Genma!"


Naruto and Sasuke were at the hospital for having received some internal injuries from Hinata's chakra induced kick.

Naruto had some broken ribs and Sasuke some dislocated joints. She had knocked them out with one kick. Not to mention they lost a lot of blood through the nose.

Hinata walked around the hospital nervously waiting for Sakura and Ino to tend to the two males. One of them being the Hokage and the other the most wanted bachelor Uchiha.

"Hinata!" A concerned voice echoed from behind her in the hall.

Hinata turned around and saw Genma. She ran straight to him and hugged him. She pressed hard into him, her whole body touching every fiber of his being that he had to hold her back so fast, she didn't even have time to wrap her arms around him.


He looked at her with a disconcerted face, something Hinata had never seen.

"No – I can't hug you!"

Hinata blinked and she stared at him, "But... why?"

He saw her face fell from relief to rejection and he went from the calm, collected, casual Genma to Hinata's Genma – nervous, easily embarrassed, and too much in love.

"It's not what you think! It's just that... that when you hug me and your body, chest, and lips touches any fiber of my being... I... it makes me want to touch you. It makes me want to kiss you. I don't know how to control it yet. My body remembers yours too much."

Hinata stared at him and she felt the oncoming rush of blood faster than her pumping heart. This man... the faintest touch that she gave him made him nervous. She made him vulnerable. Disregarding their secret relationship, she took the chance from his distraction to hug him, her lips landing on his.

She didn't care anymore. She loved him.

"Genma... I love you!"

The words echoed in the ear as Genma registered that the love of his life was kissing him in public. In a hospital... where the news stations were going to come and journal the Hokage's one hit KO and the Uchiha's confirmed rumor about love. But then relief filled him as he kissed her back, smashing her small body into his as they didn't have to worry anymore about what anyone thought.

She finally told him. She finally said that she loved him.

He had waited for those words ever since he fell in love with her.

He felt her hands dig into his disheveled hair and back. He felt her chest press into his like that night before where she discarded his shirt to become one with him. He felt her moist lips, so similar to her inviting body, and pried them open with a need.

She loved him. Goddammit, the Hokage can kiss the ground and the Uchiha could eat dirt. Nothing else mattered so long as the woman in front of him was his forever.

"Genma Shiranui!"

It was a collected jumble of voices that screamed his name, but he only heard the one after which whispered his name through her breathy voice.

"Oh... Genma."

He wanted to growl into her mouth because of how much he wanted her. Because of how she controlled him. Because of how he wanted to be hers. But he pulled away and held her to his chest, both of them facing the news stations, her friends, his friends, teachers, even Naruto and Sasuke who had woken up – one in a wheel chair and the other in crutches.

"My heart has been set since the day I fell in love with her! I love Hinata Hyuuga! Throw all the kunais you want, break all of our moments, do whatever – but I love her forever! No one can change that!"

Hinata stared wide eyed at the people and then turned her head to look at Genma who turned serious and stared out at the crowd with resolve. He loved her. And that was that.

Sakura and Ino, even her sensei Kurenai squealed in delight, fanning themselves. Kiba laughed and Hanabi smiled. The people of Konoha went from shock to love as they screamed and supported them. Naruto and Sasuke were dead set against it, but power of the people... they loved the couple too much. And they thought Genma was just perfect for the blushing Hyuuga.

A secret relationship against the Hokage! A conspiracy! True love! Older men rocking the charts! They could practically create headlines on the newspapers and stations.

Somehow... as people piled in to see what happened to their three favorite people: Hinata, Naruto, and Sasuke... they all left with their hearts in their mouth because of Genma.

Genma got down on one knee and all the girls sighed. Naruto, if he could get out the darn wheelchair would have thrown a rasengan at Genma, and Sasuke, if only he could hop over without destroying his joints, would have sent a chidori at Genma.

Genma held Hinata's hands and he looked up at her. He stared at her eyes and something seemed to pass between them.

Look at me Hinata. Zone them out.

It was just them. The atmosphere changed and Genma sighed. He didn't bring a ring. Hell, he didn't even prepare a cheesy speech for this day. But he knew in his heart that this was right. She was the one.

"Hinata... Hyuuga Hinata, will you marry me?"

Hinata fell forward, her hands trembling as she touched his cheeks, and she kissed him, sending a sensation of gasps throughout the room.

"Yes. Yes, Genma Shiranui. I will."

ataniH 3 amneG

To Hinata,

I know Naruto said not to fall in love with you. You are a very beautiful lady. Your soft spoken voice and confidence, along with your care for everything touched me deeply when we talked briefly. I can see why he worried about us meeting.

But news travels fast and even if I waged war for your hand, I know you are happy now with that man I failed to introduce myself to: Genma Shiranui.

My regards to Naruto and Sasuke who must be fast in recovery to destroy your wedding day.

I will do my best to keep them injured.


Hinata giggled and she tucked away the letter safely into a box. That was the very last congratulatory letter. She didn't know that Gaara had a sense of humor. She wondered briefly that if she never met Genma if she would have fell in love with the Kazekage. Everyone seemed to think so.

Arms wrapped around her and from the corner of her eye, she saw the ever familiar senbon.

"Whose letter was that?"

Hinata took out the senbon and she kissed Genma's Adams apple, her fingers brushing against his lips.


Genma kissed her fingers, "Hmm... really?"

Hinata giggled and she turned around to face him, kissing him on the cheek.


Genma held her hands and looked into her creamy eyes.

"Hinata... Say my name."

Hinata blushed and she looked straight into Genma's amber eyes, the flush of blood invading her face.

"I love you... Genma Shiranui."


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