The Kitsune and The Maiden


Naruto x Virgo


Author's Note


I was given permission to adapt NeonZangetsu's stories as long as I credit him. This will go much farther than the previous version. How Naruto and Virgo met will be covered and along the general plot line. This is mainly do the fact that Naruto is more like Vegeta than Naruto in the original version.


Story Start


Like most nights the stars were strewn about the impressive space in a glowing array of twinkling lights. It was this sort of night that he warmly embrace her as they enjoyed the cool night air from the open window in the room.

A smile would grace his face and he would greet her with a warm, tender kiss that was as fierce as the fire that drove his will. The wind, his domain could carry the warmth of a fire or the chill of a breeze.

Despite lacking an element she returned that warmth. Renwing the passion between them a great deal, her body welding against him; her lips capturing his own as their tongues dance.

The smooth skin of her cheek brushed against his scruffy, whiskered one. His hair filled her nostrils with the clean scent of delight and disbelief. She hugged him fiercely, the notes of strong hard arms joining with supple firm stomach and back merging with the pure feminine softness of her chest pressed against his making a chord of perfect acceptance.

With a tentative place he gently lifted his hands and gently brushed her back with a phantom touch. She tasted salt on her lips, the bitter acrid taste serving to sour the moment before she realized the truth of what it was.

A tear, her tear. Her chest convulsed uncontrollably, and suddenly she was sobbing.

That was then he pulled her into a comforting hug. The single moment of joy and reunion was a result of a great passage of time that transpired each time she was summoned.

"Welcome home, love." When he spoke, his words set her very heart ablaze. Home. Yes, this was their home. Forever and ever and ever. He would always be waiting for her here, waiting for her to come home, to return from wherever she was summoned by her mistress; her princess, Lucy Heartfilia. He always waited for her, no matter what. Just like a knight-no, just like a prince. Her prince.

Though his behavior and style of dress was anything but principally. His garbs, dark in color, consisted of black and red cloak with an orange shirt and black pants. He was not known for tastes in clothing, one of his many rough around the edges trait. Though he was hardly ever rough with her, despite the pink haired woman's eccentricities.

''Punishment'', that was not something the youth partook in. The term was used for their intimacy then any form of punishment. The youth definitely did not seem to be the kind to partake in acts of cruelty considering his appearance.

At first glance, it was easy to notice his hair. Disheveled, spiky and wild reflecting his demeanor. Then there was his cerulean blue eyes, sharp, aged, belying experience, but that wasn't all.

He had whisker marks, three on each cheek that along with an enthused grin gave off a mischievous nature. Now, he was intense, his visage free of the baby fat that had cursed him in his younger years. Chiseled and night but expressionless, that face squinted against the perpetual starlight that was their world; while nine tails of crimson fur curled round them both and sheltered them from the cold.

Some time had past sensed he entered that realm. Some time since he met her and stirred from within the pink haired spirit a spark of passion. Though at that moment the look on her face spoke of something more.

He stared at her inquisitively, his chin dipping ever so slightly as the fingertips brushed across her wrists; the act of which sent electric shudders down her spine.

She reached up, up, up, standing on the balls of her feet, to the tips of her toes, so that she might thread her hands through his hair. So that she might reach through the mess of ragged blond locks and caress the two cat-like ears hidden within. Of course she would never say such a thing aloud, even if her demeanor did not permit such a thing, that she knew these were not the ears of some tabby cat, but rather, the ears of a fox.

The ears of a kitsune.

Days led to weeks, which lead to months and those months turned into years. Time did not feel relevant in the realm of spirits. The domain of eternal life. That very time was undocumented, unspoken when he began to speak. The bridge between his former life and the current one a blank memory. Though the feelings that were missing were filled by her. It was filled by the pink haired maiden who stole his attention.

''My...key?'' he spoke, the question rephrased. It would be that moment, after calming down that she asked him about the key. A request, to lend his services to the same master she had. He had to admit, he was rather skeptical of such a thing; every spirit mage using one of the Golden Twelve as tools of powers and he would be no one's slave. But, it wasn't a matter of trusting some random Wizard, it was a matter of trusting Virgo who defended her master, the one who saw spirits as friends.

A look of distaste had marred his features. Fury and disgust plagued him as he remembered the stories of former summoners. His eyes met Virgo's again and he could see she was a bit frightful of his response. He would never raise his hand to her in violence, but his temper could be quite frightening.

"Give a human my key?" this wouldn't be the first time Virgo tried to explain to him, attempt to persuade him but he remained stubborn. Surely she knew that his power was in odds with the mindset of her so called mistress. Those without a killer instinct should never call upon his power.

His hand gently caressed Virgo's face, his lips grazing her forehead. ''Vi-chan, a relic such as myself no longer thinks of himself as a fighter.''

''Please, reconsider.'' she could not, she would not fail her princess. She did her best to explain the situation to him, to make him understand that, without his aid, her hime-her most beloved princess-would surely perish. She watched as her words sank into the fine features of his face, watched, as they struck a chord somewhere deep within him, watched; as they twisted his visage into a rictus of fury and pain.

"Grimoire Heart?" He repeated the name of the Dark Guild she had given him, the guild that was currently assailing Tenrou Island in search for something. What that something was, she knew not. She only knew that her mistress was nearly out of magical power, and that she was in desperate need of assistance. She could no longer summon her Celestial Spirits in her current state, and if something was not done soon, the agent of Grimoire Heart would kill her, and all of her contracts would cease to exist altogether.

''PLEASE!'' The desperation filled her voice. The blond had to take a moment to recoil at the volume. Virgo's usual stoic nature had been broken. She was desperate, and felt utterly desperate.

''Those who break the rules are trash! Though those who abandon their friends are worse their trash!''

It had been a long time since he thought back to his old life.

''Do you have someone precious? Someone precious you are fighting for?''

Even in another lifetime he could not turn his back on those memories, on who he was. ''I'll do it.''

"Thank you." She smiled, placing a gentle kiss on his whiskered cheek. He looked at her in surprise and then he saw a kind of relief settle over the girl, her face easing, her shoulders losing their tightness. Seemingly satisfied, she leaned back once again, doing her best to ignore his sudden surprise and, perhaps, her own cherry-pink blush.

She pressed her back against his chest and kissed him then, and it was wonderful. Before she realized what happened he grabbed her and flipped her onto his bed.

There was no time for her to resist, even if she wanted to. It always left her a bit shocked at the movements of his speed. She gasped, the sensation his lips trailing down her neck as he pulled at her frilly dress she'd gone to all the trouble of wearing and the lips that explored her body...were gone.

The moment the warmth disappeared she knew he was gone. Without him a sudden coldness filled the room. She felt a sudden breeze caress her cheek just then; followed by a distant tremor in the distance, emerging as a slow, subtle vibration that worked its way up her heels and into her hips, leaving her shuddering as the sound of faint laughter traversed across the realms between them.

Whatever dark force had been assailing her mistress had ceased to be. The magic had vanished without a trace. Relief had washed through her knowing her mistress was safe. And the offending party had gotten their just punishment. ''Thank you...Naruto-kun.'' Virgo thought, as she waited for her lover to return to her side.