The Kitsune and The Maiden


Naruto x Virgo


Author's Note


I was given permission to adapt NeonZangetsu's stories as long as I credit him. This will go much farther than the previous version. How Naruto and Virgo met will be covered and along the general plot line. This is mainly do the fact that Naruto is more like Vegeta than Naruto in the original version.


Story Start


Lucy Heartfilia, the Celestial Mage of Fairy Tail found herself holding a key. The design of this key wasn't that of Gold like the Twelve Celestial Spirits or Silver of the lesser spirits, but one of an intricate design and material.

The material of key was platinum with teeth fastened on the end around its facets, shaped like a lightning bolt. There was an orange gem in the middle of the key's head, from its unorthodox look it wasn't an ordinary gem. This unusual key was without a doubt special. This very key, or its sumonee had saved her life seven years ago. This very key had been given to her before she was well aware of its existence.

'I wonder why he gave me his key?' she mused. She hadn't summoned him. None of her spirits-not even Loki-had done that before. Granted, Loki came and went as he pleased, but he was an exception. Just as he was an exception. That mysterious blond, who'd summoned himself to her side in her moment of need.

"Maybe you should just sell that, Lucy." One of the guild members suggested.

"Yeah!" Agreed another. "With the money you'd get from selling that, you'd be set for life!"

"NO!" Lucy shouted, clutching the key to her chest. "I'll never sell this key!"

"Huh?" Natsu asked, peering over her shoulder. "When did you get that one, Lucy?"

"Just recently." Lucy answered. "And you're too close!"

"But I wanna know!" Pressed the pinkette. "You've never used that one before, have you?" A look of consternation crossed his face. "Is it that guy's key?" Lucy knew exactly to whom the dragonslayer was referring. Natsu had been spot on. It was his key.

A key to that mysterious. Could she ever bring herself to use it? Lucy honestly didn't know. The man who bequeathed the key to her terrified her. Naruto Uzumaki. He was not a man of cruelty, know, maybe that was not the best way to put it. He…he frightened her. In an instant her had reduced the Grimmoire mage trying to kill her to ashes.

The same man who had been so nice and protective to her, had ended someone's life without so much as blinking. And he had left her his key, telling her to call him when needed. Despite it all, she couldn't bring herself to summon the man. Lucy was a person of nearly infinite forgiveness. She…she wasn't a person to bring herself to kill, which was why the enigma confused her greatly.

"Hey, you should summon him!" Abruptly, Natsu's eyes brightened. "I never got a chance to thank him for saving you!"

The life leached from her face. The memory of seven years ago starting to appear in her mind.

She slammed into the soil with a pained gasp, her back arching in agony as her entire body spasmed in pain. She groaned, made as if to rise, but before she could do so, both her hands were bound and he was upon her, straddling her for a terrifying instant. But only an instant. Abruptly, he stood, his knee driving the air from her lungs and the fight from her body, rendering her helpless for what came next.

Slowly-lazily-he raised a palm.

"This is the end-

He never had a chance to finish it.

The ground trembled and the sky shook.

Something smacked across Kain Hikaru's face and sent him sprawling. Another something plugged its knuckles into the man's ribcage, proppelling him into the distance with a speed that no human should possess. Lucy clamored up onto her hands and knees, just in time to see a shadow to thrust itself between her and the dark mage. Kain screamed, screamed as a geyser of azure flame raked across his flesh, tearing deep grooves into his arms and chest as he spun end over end.

Howling winds descended from above in the form of a small tornado. The figure appeared, both frightening and powerful in appearance. A glowing sort of light radiated from this humanoid figure. In a movement, a single flash of light and he was gone.

"Heartfilia…Lucy-chan." He spoke the words with warm reverence. The golden haired mage found herself unable to speak. She felt his powerful hand grasp her wrist, helping her up. "I've come to aid you." This man, this force of nature…no her savior had filled her with warmth. "Let me take care of this man." He said as he turned.

She blinked, blinked as the man was suddenly blanketed in a powerful golden aura. Outlines of black formed and together it formed some sort of outfit. This blond stranger had radiated power she had never seen. "That man…that giant. He is the one who hurt you right?" he asked, craning his head towards her.

"Yes…" she answered, finally finding her voice.

"W-W-W-Who are you!" the overweight giant stammered out, trying to be tough.

The man brought his arms forward as a dense black sphere began forming in his hands. "You're executioner! Despite your simple nature I sense a great cruelty in your heart. This time…I won't repeat the same mistakes form my past." Those who often held power over their opponents tended to torture them. They reveled in their power and often treated their opponents as toys. They watched as their helpless opponents beg and pleaded for their lives.

Naruto wasn't that kind of person. As he prepared the attack he watched as his enemy pulled out a doll of some kind. In a way, the glow mirrored his own attack as his enemy stuck out his palm and released a light blast from his enemy. The attack hit, but Naruto stayed firm, tanking the hat and only caused him to slightly lose his footing.

His opponent broke out in a nervous sweat. He seemed to pull out another doll and leaped high up in the air. Naruto glance up, wondering what his opponent was doing when the man turned himself into iron. "So you plan to crush me? You only made yourself an easier target." Naruto said as he aimed the attack up and then used his chakra arms to extend and rushed the attack towards his enemy. The massive sphere consumed the man and his dolls who. The Iron shell shattering as it began reducing everything to ash. Skin, flesh, and even bones were being grounded into paste and melted by unrecorded temperatures.

When that Naruto dropped his cloak, his eyes had closed. People, people had become unbelievable cruel and power hungry since the past. The amount of world-wide threats popping up was staggering. He could only hope that those striving for peace in this world will achieve. He turned his attention to the woman frozen in place. By her look, he could see the fear; she seemed to be in shock.

In an instant he was in front of her, causing her to stumble back in fear. "I won't hurt you Lucy-chan." He kindly spoke. "Don't look away…please." He asked after the girl could finally look at him after a few hesitant seconds. "You…you have a kind heart. Someone like you must have her reasons for fighting. If you need me, summon me and I will fight by your side." He said as he took her wrist and held her palm up. With that he placed the keys in her hand and balled up the fist. "Train yourself and be strong. I'm nowhere near as generous as the others for my summoning requirements." it was then he flashed her a foxy grin. "I'll be seeing you 'tteboyo." He said and with that he vanished.

"Once a month." He grunted, vanishing without pause or pretense.

The memory then faded. How could summon who seemed so warm have such terrifying power. She didn't know which kind of Celestial Spirit he was, nor could she claim him to be. Her spirits had never slain anyone before. Defeated them, yes. Beaten them within an inch of their life, yes. But never had they ended a person's life without so much as blinking. It was just so cold.

Yet…it had been seven years since she last saw him. It had been a long seven years since she saw him or any of her spirits. After the Tenrou island spirits she hadn't exchanged words with any of them, not having a chance to summon her. Did they hate her for that? They ought to. She didn't want that. She wanted to thank them. To thank them for all they'd done to keep her alive, to keep her going. She stood from the table and marched out of the guild. Natsu followed after her, and Gray after him and then Erza...soon the entire guild had followed her outside.

"W-What are you guys doing!" Lucy sputtered, realizing the entire guild had gathered around her. "Why are you following me?"

"I want to see too!" Happy chimed in.

"Alright," Lucy nodded to herself. "I'll do it!" She thrust the key forth, a black magic seal bursting into existence it. A low roar tore through the abyss between worlds, trying to stifle her magic. She resisted. She'd been told that this would happen, that the strain of summoning him might swallow her very soul. She felt the pain and pushed past; as the guild itself began to quiver in fear.

"Open the gate of Peace...Naruto!"

The ground trembled and the sky shook. An orange glow formed as the seal burst apart. A mini-tornado had formed; lingering for a moment as the figure slowly emerged. For his power and unusual background his summoning was rather simplistic. With a grin his eyes fell on Lucy. "Took you long enough Lucy-chan. For a moment I was beginning if you forgot all about us."

"N-Never!" Lucy hastily exclaimed. She could never just forget about the spirits. Spirits or not, they were dear to her…they were her friends.

"So…did you need my help?"

"Well…I…" Lucy suddenly felt nervous, unsure of herself. "I wanted to thank you…for saving!" she hastily rushed out.

"Is that all?" he asked, surprised by the admission. "Well, it was the right thing for me to do. That, and Virgo ask me to do it. Isn't that right Virgo-chan?" he asked, looking to her sky. Suddenly the earth broke beneath her feet, parting for the arrival of another. An azure magic seal, as bright as the blue skies, parted before the newcomer as they moved to stand beside Naruto. Much to her dismay, another spirit had emerged. She knew this spirit. That grace-filled gait, the chains rattling from her wrists, the maid-outfit, that indefatigably pink hair, that small bundle in her

"Allow me to explain, hime." the spirit of the maiden began. "I was the one who asked Naruto-kun to assist you."

"Virgo?" Lucy exclaimed aghast, looking at her spirit in wide-eyed disbelief. Only to have them narrow in confusion. Virgo was carrying someone. No, that wasn't quite right. It looked more like a someone, rather than a something. A something with bright blond and pink hair, its arms wrapped firmly around the maiden's neck its head nested into her bosom.

"Nani? Who is...

Naruto's grin only grew wider. He wrapped an arm round Virgo's waist, drawing his fellow spirt, close to him. The child in her arms squirmed suddenly, her face upturned towards this sudden intrusion. When she saw Naruto she squealed with delight. She scrambled into his arms and he took her with a broad grin, sweeping her away from Virgo with all the skill of one experienced in the ancient art of parenthood. Much like Virgo she wore a maid's attire, though in place of black she'd opted for the brightest, most hideous of orange. That the white frills remained was something of a miracle, all things considered. She giggled and slapped at the cheeks of the blond, grinning as he mussed the long locks of her long, dually colored hair.

"This is our daughter, Kachuu. She's been eager to meet the princess the celestial spirits were fondly speaking of."

Lucy nodded absentmindedly. "Oh, I get it. So she's your daughter...EH!" Aghast she jabbed a finger toward the happy couple. "Wait a second! How is she your daughter! I thought spirits couldn't...couldn't couldn't do that! Her cheeks darkened, leaving her unable to say the dreaded word. "V-V-Virgo, does that him...are..." She made a pressing motion with her fingers and dared not say more.

"You are correct, hime." The maiden nodded at her master's lack of understanding, her once stoic expression dissolving into a small smile as she returned Naruto's embrace. It left Lucy utter speechless. "Naruto-kun and I were intimate with one another and as a result, I produced a daughter." Bold and frank as ever. Lucy felt her ears begin to burn as she mentally depicted the two spirits in the act. The same seemed to be true for the rest of the guild.

"T-That's just…wow." It was just something to contemplate.

"Well…now that…that's out of the way. Kachuu wants to give you something. Though I'm warning you now, don't summon her in a battle situation for at least another five years. Time in the spirit realm pasts much faster than here and we want her sufficiently trained before having to deal with any conflict."

The girl-she couldn't have been more than four years old-reached from Lucy with her little arms, her face incredibly serious. Naruto's face was painted with amusement. Lucy's fear of Naruto was disappearing. He was a very protective family man and seemed to hold no malice.

Gingerly, Lucy accepted the child. She held her as she had seen Virgo hold her, and dazzling grin split Kachuus face. She tugged on Lucy's collar, demanding her attention. She was just like her father in aspect. She could not, would not, be ignored. And so Lucy gave the girl what she wanted. She turned her gaze downward, granting the child her full attention.

Kachuu pushed her hands against Lucy's breats. For a moment, Lucy flushed. "H-Hey! Watch where you're putting those!" Kachuu looked up at her, gazing at her with those eyes of deep and soulful blue. She was utterly serious.

"Here." When Kachuu spoke her voice was remarkably high pitch. She sounded just like any child her age would. This child, despite something in her eyes was mischievous; she had the look of innocence like any well behaved child.

Kachuu opened her hands, revealing a shining source radiant light.

A flawless platinum just like her fathers, but much, much smaller. The tips of the key were curved, almost in the shape of a heart, mirroring that of her mother's key. All in all, it was as perfect replica of their keys, forged into one. Lucy marveled at little Kachuu's key.

"Is this...for me?"

Kachuu nodded, a swift, jerky bob.

"Give us a little warning before you summon her Lucy-chan." Naruto began blackly, "Virgo and I of course are ready to help you anytime. Though if anything happens to our little girl because of an ill-timed summon I won't be so quick to forgive you."

"O-Of course." Lucy stammered as the blond sent her a cold gaze momentarily, before returning to his usual happy persona.

"Now if you excuse us, we have to go. See you later Lucy-chan!" He said as he scooped up his little girl. "Tonight's ramen night." With that the little girl cheered and began chanting 'ramen' 'ramen' 'ramen'

Virgo bowed.

"I look foward to being punished by you again, hime.

"There was no punishment!" Lucy exasperatedly cried out! What was with her spirits and punishments?

Kachuu clapped her hands and laughed.


With that, the three of them disappeared.

Leaving Lucy to wonder...why was everyone in her life so damn weird?