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Chapter 12: No Fury Like a Woman Scorned.

Edward Cullen was a goofball.

I, like a fool, let him stay the night and I didn't regret it one bit. I was laughing the whole time. Sometimes it was because he was trying to be funny, but mostly it was just due to him being ridiculous.

"I like baths better than showers," he admitted. This was said when we were actually in the shower. Edward was obsessed with using a washcloth on my boobs.

"Good for you." I didn't have a bathtub, so he was going to have to suck it up.

He dropped the washcloth and moved in closer. "Next time, we'll use my bathtub. It has a spa feature and looks like glass."

"You're the most spoiled person I've ever met," I said, wrapping my arms around his neck. "You know that, right?"

"I think you've forgiven me," he said, with our mouths pressed together.

"I think you're delusional."

He pulled back and made puppy dog eyes at me. The pretty bastard.

"Fine, you're getting closer to forgiveness." I kissed him quickly.

He wrapped my legs around him and pushed himself into me as I gigged in surprise. "And you're getting closer to a kick-ass orgasm."

He was right and as we kissed, he pumped into me under the stream of water. We were defiling my shower and I couldn't care less.


We'd been up all night.

Edward and I had snuggled in each other's arms and just talked. Jake never talked. He just rolled over. That should have been a clue that we weren't each other's destiny.

"I've told you about my book collection, right?" He liked to play with my hair. He was using a strand of it as a mustache.

"Maybe?" I couldn't remember with all the sex. My brain had turned to mush.

"You should come and see it. My mom gave me a Kindle, but there's something about having paper under your fingers and the smell of ink in your nose." He looked wistful.

"You read a lot?"

He smirked. "I do. Don't tell my big brother. I was sick a lot, so my parents gave me books to keep me occupied. I'm quite the Hardy Boys scholar. Once I got well, Emmett decided I needed to be popular. I keep my love for books on the down-low."

"Your brother is a douche." I hated Emmett.

He kissed my shoulder. "I'm really beginning to see that."

I started to get up and he pulled me down on top of him. "Tell me about your first pet! I had a turtle named Moe."

I bit his nipple gently. "Oh, God! Do that again!"

"Coffee first!" I hopped up and grabbed my robe. "We need to have a discussion about you and the pain thing, buddy!"

He just laughed.

I was heading to the kitchen when the doorbell chimed. I peeked out the peephole. It was Rose. "I know you're in there!"

Shit. I inwardly prayed that Edward would stay in the bedroom. I didn't care if she knew about us, but the morning had been so lovely and it would have been nice to not have any drama.

"What, Rose?" I crossed my arms and refused to let her enter.

She licked her lips. "Only in a robe for me?"

"I have to make coffee. I'll see you tomorrow at work, Rose." I wasn't in the mood for this.

"I heard about your date. Alice was rubbing it in my face yesterday when I saw her at Mike's bar." Rose was sneering. "Is he inside? That Riley guy? Did you fuck him?"

What the hell? This was turning into a bad television movie.

"It really isn't any of your business. We need to be just friends."

Of course, Edward had to come out just then, wrapped in a sheet. "Muffin, want me to make pancakes? I can do it if there's a box of pancake mix."

"What is he doing here?" Rose screamed.

"We're exploring having a..." I began.

Edward smiled. "She's my girlfriend."

Rosalie was livid. "This ends now!"

"No, Rose! I like him!"

"This isn't happening, Swan!" She turned and rushed away from the house.

Edward wrapped himself around me. "How about those pancakes?"

I hoped I'd made the right choice.