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Chapter 14 Decorating Lessons.

The man had a library to die for. I sat on his leather couch in front of the fire and stared at the wide selection before me. Shakespeare sat next to Diana Gabaldon. There was a selection of Spider-Man comic books on the coffee table. They were all in jumbled mess with nothing in alphabetical order. I thought Edward just might be a hoarder.

"If you see any books you like, please feel free to borrow them," he said. I turned around and my mouth dropped open. "Sharing is caring, you know."

Edward stood there holding a tray, wearing only a robe.

I narrowed my eyes. "I thought we were having dessert, Hugh Hefner!"

"We are." He placed the tray on top of the comic books. "Frosting galore for my muffin."

"Are we eating that Duncan Hines with a spoon?"

He dropped his robe, revealing his naked body. Now that was delicious looking. Edward stated, with a wicked grin, "This is your canvas, little girl; make flowers, swirls and, of course, hearts. Then, you can lick them off me."

"You are one kinky boy, Edward," I commented, which earned me a wink. "What are you going to be eating? Going dessert-free?"

He leaned in close and our noses touched. "I'm eating you, muffin. I find you sweeter than frosting."

He was killing me.

He licked my cheek. I moaned and added, "Lay on the floor!"

"Getting demanding?" he asked, smiling wickedly. I pushed him down on the rug in front of the fire.

Peeling off my dress, as his eyes were on me the whole time, I stood over him and straddled his body.

I dipped my finger into the vanilla frosting, kneeling down and rubbing it on his lips. I kissed it off, our tongues tangling as we shared the sweet frosting.

His eyes were dark as he demanded, "Take off the rest!"

"Look at you, getting all bossy," I said. I dabbed frosting onto his nose and slowly licked it off. "I get to be the teacher now."

I swirled my fingers in the frosting and rubbed them onto his chest. He moved his head up slightly. "Where are my hearts?"

"Hush...I'm creating right now." I tried to make flowers around his belly button. "I have better decorating tools at home. You have to be patient with my fingers."

He groaned. "I like your fingers."

I reached his hard cock and grinned. I started piling frosting on the tip. "It isn't the prettiest flower, but it sure will be tasty!"

"Killing me here, girl!"

"No, this will be killing you." I brought my mouth down to his dick and licked off the frosting. I kept on sucking, as he pulsed in my mouth.

He pulled me off of him and flipped me over, so he was now hovering over me. "Not yet, muffin. Where are my hearts?"

"You're so weird!" I couldn't help laughing. He made me giddy.

"You're so pretty." He removed my bra and grabbed the tub of frosting. He drew hearts around my nipples and I couldn't stop smiling. "There they are! I made pretty hearts for a pretty girl."

I'd never felt this happy before.

He sucked my nipple into his mouth, as his hand traveled down into my panties. As his mouth licked and nibbled, Edward's fingers entered me and worked me up into a frenzy. He hissed on my breast, as I raked my nails down his back.

"Damn, woman, I need you!" he whispered in my ear. I heard a rip and felt the air hitting my lower body.

I looked at him with an annoyed glare. "I liked those panties!"

"I'll buy you a new pair." He quickly entered me, thrusting with intensity. He moaned, "God, you're perfect!"

I felt overwhelmed with emotion as he pushed into me repeatedly, kissing me all over my face. I clung to him as I came undone. This could be everything.

We collapsed into each other's arms, sweaty and sticky.

He whispered, "Stay with me tonight."

I smiled, feeling shy. "You planning on locking me up in your playroom filled with handcuffs and whips?"

"If we're talking about my bedroom, then yes, I do have some silk scarves that I would love to wrap around those pretty wrists of yours."

He kissed my palm and chuckled, then turned serious.

"Please tell me you'll stay."