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Chapter 15. Dining Without Dishes.

I was flat on my stomach on Edward's bed. He'd laid various pieces of fruit onto my back.

"I'm starving!" he said, as he dropped yet another cold piece of a slimy fruit onto my back. "Both you and my midnight snack are delicious!"

"I'm sleepy, but so happy I can be your table," I replied sarcastically. I felt another slimy chunk hit my ass. "Is that watermelon?"

He took his mouth and sucked it from my back, making sure to lick all the juices off. It felt amazing.

Edward then gave me a watermelon kiss. "What do you think?"

"I think I like your kink, crazy." I bit his lower lip. He liked it when I bit.

Two weeks. It'd been two weeks at Camp Edward. I might as well have a dresser at his place.

"I won't be around tomorrow," he said, putting a strawberry to my lips. "Wedding shit."

I just shrugged. I would be happy to never discuss his horrible brother. Avoiding the topic of his family wouldn't be a good thing to continue doing if I wished for this relationship to flourish. I was awfully fond of him. I'd miss his face if it ended.

"That's fine. I can go into the bakery. Peter is still figuring things out. The kid's a great pastry chef, but his customer service skills are sketchy," I pointed out. I felt something wet dribbling down on my back.

"I like chocolate on skin. Have I mentioned that lately?" He licked down my spine. "So, the wedding is in a week."

"Yup." I closed my eyes and felt his fingers gliding over my bare skin. His fingers continued down into my folds, pushing into me and making me startle and then moan.

He moved slowly and hovered over my twitching body, his mouth at my ear. "Say you'll be my 'plus one' for the shindig. I want my parents to meet my gal."

His thumb danced over my clit, as he pushed three of his fingers into me hard. "Oh...God...shit...he hates...oh,"

Edward licked the shell of my ear. "He hates you? Or are you saying for me to fuck you?"

"Both," I hissed.

"Oh, Muffin, I don't give a flying fuck what my brother thinks! All I know is my dick is meant to be buried in your pussy and you make me the happiest I've ever been. I want you to meet my parents and for them to love you as much as I do." He removed his hands and flipped me onto my back. The fruit squished underneath me and into the sheets. "You're mine and everybody's going to know it."

He bit my nipple gently and slid his dick inside me. He rocked into me and purred, "Say yes!"

I hummed. He rocked harder.

"Say yes!"


He pinched my clit and pounder harder.

"That's not a yes, Muffin. Try again."

He pushed and I evaded. I was coming undone and so was he.

"Baby, say it! Say yes!"

My body made my resolve weak.

"I'm close," I said softly.

His dark eyes fixed on mine. He was close, too. "You'd better be close to saying yes!"

He drove into me so quickly, my body was trembling hard. "Yes! Oh, fucking yes!"

I wasn't quite sure I was saying 'yes' to the orgasm or 'yes' to the wedding.

Edward quickly followed, as he unloaded into me.

"That's my girl." He kissed my sweaty head.

I looked at him, feeling spent. "I think the fruit ruined your sheets."

"They can be replaced," he said, kissing my collarbone.

"You are such a spoiled brat!" I pointed out.

"I am and you love it!"

And that was the honest truth.