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Chapter 17

The ceremony would have been considered beautiful, from an outsider's perspective. Tanya looked lovely in her white gown with a hint of lace and Emmett appeared debonair in his tux. The pure white calla lilies surrounding them were gorgeous.

The whole scene reminded me of a funeral.

Tanya looked morose while Emmett looked as if he were watching a golf tournament.

But Edward…Edward looked devastatingly handsome. He glanced over at me, throwing me a wink. My whole body sang at the gesture.

The reception wasn't any better. I was able to discern that the wedding cake was created by the bakery located near mine. It was perfect to look at on the outside; but on the inside, the cake was dry, the taste bland and slightly off. It was a fitting metaphor for the relationship of the newlyweds.

"Your cakes are way better looking," Edward stated, as he wrapped his hands around my waist, nibbling on my ear.

"Behave! Your parents are somewhere around here!" I exclaimed.

He laughed. "Here they are, now! Are you psychic, muffin?"

A dignified man strolled over to us, along with a lovely sweet-smiling woman. The man had graying blond hair and looked nothing like Edward. He gave me a relaxed grin. "Manhandling lovely ladies again, son? I'm Carlisle Cullen and this is my wife, Esme. You must be the charming Bella who's been keeping my son in line."

What a charmer.

Edward's mother gave me a hug. He had her red hair and green eyes. "My son is taken with you and now I see why! Thank you for teaching him to make cookies. They were delicious!"

Actually, I was the one who'd made them. Edward flashed me a cheeky grin.

His parents were such lovely people, as we stood and chatted. They must have found Emmett by the side of the road.

Soon, they were called away by some relatives and Edward used the timing to pull me toward the gardens. "Let's sneak out!"

He kissed me under a lovely, flowering tree with dusty rose blooms and a stream trickling nearby. It was so romantic and my idea of perfection.

Edward took my face in his hands. "Come away with me - a vacation to France. We'll walk arm-in-arm next to the Seine, ponder artistic masterpieces at the Louvre and make love on a small bed in a room that overlooks the Eiffel Tower. What do you think?"


He was giving me my dreams.

We kissed for what felt like hours, but must've only been a few minutes when one of the bridesmaids interrupted us.

"Hey, Edward, we need you for a couple more pictures." She was a goddess, but I didn't care. Edward was holding me and kissing me and I was the one he cared for.

"Oh, hi," she addressed me, giving me a small sad smile, which I thought was very odd.

"Thanks, Irina! Muffin, meet me at the dessert table and then we'll leave so we can discuss our trip." He gave me a peck on the lips. "I'm so excited!"

"Me too!"

I watched him jog away, visions of croissants and Versailles dancing in my head.

"I want to apologize." I turned around to see a leering Emmett behind me. How that monster was related to my Edward I'd never know.

"Rosie explained to me that you were innocent."


He took my hand and I wanted to rip it away, he was a snake. He placed a kiss on my palm and placed an envelope onto it.

"I don't want you to be hurt, but I don't think you'll believe me any other way."

Emmett was nothing but a liar; he'd be happy to see me trembling in the grass.

I took the envelope and opened it. Inside were pictures of Edward and the bridesmaid I'd just met. They were both shirtless.

Oh, God – Oh, God – Oh, God!

"This is from a long time ago. Before me," I whispered.

"They're from last night, honey. The back is dated from the camera. Digital photography's really fantastic." He shrugged. "I told him that he needed to stop seeing you and that there wasn't any reason for revenge anymore. He likes playing games, though. Baby, you're one hell of a game. Has he promised the world to you yet? He will, and then he'll pull the rug right out from under you."

Tears slid down my face.

"Look at that heartbroken little face! He already has!" Emmett was grinning.

Oh, God – Oh, God – Oh, God!

I stared at his mouth on hers. Her hands on his hips and his squeezing her breasts. They were tangled up limbs, but the faces were oh so clear.

Oh, God – Oh, God – Oh, God!

He squeezed my shoulder. "Breathe, girl."

I pulled away, wiping away my tears with my arm. "Don't touch me!"

"Bella, sweet Bella," he sang. "We can get back at both of them."

I backed away from him.

"Look, Edward and Rose hurt us. Can you imagine how they'd feel to see our bodies naked, with you writhing underneath me?" He smiled.

I slapped him. "You just fucking got married! Stay the fuck away from me!"

He started laughing, as I ran away.

Tears were clouding my eyes, as I dashed through the crowd littering the lawn. I just needed to get away from him and away from this whole family. They must all be twisted to raise such awful sons like those.

I felt my arm being grabbed and pulled into a chest. I screamed, "Get off me!"

I was spun around and it was Edward who was holding me. "Sweetheart, what happened? Talk to me!"

I pushed against him hard and he stumbled backward. "When you were going to tell me? Were you going to make me fall completely in love with you and then destroy me? I never should have believed that you actually liked me!"

"What are you talking about?" he asked, as I pushed the photos into his hands.

He looked down, his face registering shock. He was a great actor with the pretense down-pat, that bastard.

"I don't understand..."

"They were from last night. They're dated." I had more tears pouring down my face. "Never call me again!"

"I don't remember anything from last night!" He looked pained.

I shrugged. "How convenient!"

He made me ill. I started walking away and he cried out, "I love you!"


I ran to the parking lot, as Edward pursued me. A car pulled up and a door opened. "Need a ride?"

I looked inside to see Tanya behind the wheel, still in her wedding dress. Her face was as tear-stained as mine, so I jumped in.

Looking back, I saw Edward chasing the car, but I just faced forward to look at the open road ahead of us. "Shouldn't the runaway bride thing happen before the wedding?"

"I made a horrible mistake," she admitted.

"That seems to be the way this day is going." I lowered my head onto my knees.

She rubbed my back. "Where to?"

"Just drive toward the horizon," I sniffed.

Away from heartbreak and approaching a brighter future.