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Chapter 20: Epilogue

I still didn't know how I got here. All I knew was that my first emotion had been fear. It was a fear that was quickly overcome with the heat of desire.

It was him - always him.

And, here he was, in the flesh.

Sitting spread out in front of me.

Edward Cullen, clad only in a blindfold.

I was done for.

It was Edward's birthday and this is what he wanted. After the year we'd had, it was worth it.

I still wasn't thrilled he'd chosen the bathroom in this little dive bar near our apartment. It was fairly clean. I was almost certain that Edward had cleaned it first but, still, it was an older bathroom and the onyx tiles on the floor were dingy from age and wear. The beige toilet had seen better days. Of course, my love was now handcuffed to it.

It was funny thinking back on how it was that we ended up here together. We were stronger than ever now that Emmett and Rosalie were out of our lives. They had fled to Vegas for a quickie marriage, and followed that by exiling themselves in Chile. It seemed that drugging your younger brother with deadly barbiturates, and also having drawers full of the illegal substances would be enough for one to flee the country. They were still alive as of last week and hadn't met their demise from drug dealers or people they treated unkindly, like waiters. Emmett had a small amount of tact to at least contact his mother and keep her from losing her mind. Esme and Carlisle were devastated by their eldest son, and we were trying to support them the best we could.

Of course, we hid our glee at not having to deal with their shadows over our future.

"Bella? Muffin? Is that you?" Somebody was getting visibly excited.

I answered him by quickly turning the lock, the click echoing throughout the room.

"Oh, please let this be my muffin and not a burly guy named Buck!"

I let a giggle escape.

Edward let out a hearty chuckle. "There's my girl."

The trench coat I wore fell to the floor, and I was nude underneath. It was tad bit chilly.

"What are you waiting for? I need some warming up, Bella."


I crossed the room and lowered myself onto his lap. His cock felt so hard rubbing up against me. I bit his earlobe, his shoulder, his neck. "Shush, Cullen, or I'm going to gag you."

He let out a grunt.

My lips met his and my tongue pushed into his mouth, as my nails ripped down his pecs.

"Oh, God," he moaned. "Take off the blindfold and let me see you!"

"Quiet!" I stuck my hand over his lips and moved down to take his rigid length into my mouth. I licked and moved slowly over it. He was kissing the inside of my hand, moaning. My hands traveled to my sensitive center and I gently made myself come undone with my fingers.

"I'm ... I'm ... going ... to..." he mumbled into my palm.

Pulling my lips away, I moved upward and settled myself down on his cock. I pushed up and down forcibly as I ripped the blindfold from his eyes. My body was heated to a sweaty pink, the chilly air no longer an issue. He blinked in the dim lights and focused in on me. His eyes were glazed, but fixated on my face. He hissed, "I love you so much!"

"Fucking come inside me!" I pulled his hair hard and smiled down at him. "I love you, too."

I felt him emptying himself inside me as my body quaked with the intensity of what he brought to my every fiber.

I pulled off him slowly, resting my head on his chest, my legs wrapped around him. "That was ..."

"Amazing." He kissed my forehead. "Get the keys to the handcuffs, Muffin. They're in my pants pockets. I need to hold you."

Stumbling weak-kneed to the stool where his pants rested, I pulled out the key and a ...

It was a ring. A glistening diamond set in a whimsically-twisted platinum setting. I fingered it and looked at Edward.

He smiled and said, "Marry me?"

"Yes!" I squealed,, putting it on my finger. I jumped on him and started kissing him all over.


"Yes?" I cuddled into his warm body as I admired my new ring.


"I'll get to it."

And I did. Fifteen minutes later.