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The pair, Mr. Harris and Mrs. Lovett, is back at the bakeshop. They are in the parlor, seated in front of the roaring fire that's keeping them warm. It has only been a few minutes since they have arrived. By now, Nellie is much calmer. Though she is still crying softly, she is not bawling like a child anymore. A great thanks to David; his soothing words really worked like a charm.

It still pains her to think of the things that Benjamin has said to her. She knows he did that just to save himself from his angry wife, but it still hurts nonetheless. It is the words of the person you love that can affect you the most; for whatever they may say- good or bad- it will always mean so much to you. For him to say all those things to her- that she's desperate- then he must actually think that. He will not just blurt out things that, even though for a bit, he does not mean.

Her pain turns into anger as she reflects more of what happed just a while ago. She hated how Ben just left her like that. It's not like she came to him; in fact, it's the other way around; he approached her first. How will he be able to fulfill his promise to her that he will take care of her and their child, when he cannot even defend her from his wife? With just one snap of Lucy's fingers, Ben is already at her side, bowing to her every wills.

If she is in Ben's situation, and Albert has caught them, she will protect him even though it will cause her her marriage. That's how much she will do for him; that's how much she loves him. Unfortunately, he doesn't return her feelings. It is only she that is giving Benjamin love, and all he is doing is receiving them; sometimes he throws them away.

Thumbs run down her cheeks to wipe the tears that stain her face. She looks up, seeing the face of David. She has completely forgotten about him. Here, beside her is a man who does not leave her side, and who is willing to do anything for her; all he asks for is for her to love him, yet she cannot do that, just like how Ben can't with her.

She wants to tell him that she is alright, but she knows that she will just make a fool of herself if she says this, because it's very obvious that she's not fine- far from it. Also, she does not trust herself to speak. She's afraid that whatever she will say, will just turn into a sob. Instead, she just offers David a sad smile. This is for her thankfulness that he is still with her, for comforting her, and for loving her.

She leans her head on his shoulder, enjoying the warmth that his body is radiating. She closes her eyes, trying to relax, but images of Ben denying her come in to her mind. She bolts up, sitting straight. She is just staring into nothingness, not moving; it is as if she is paralyzed. Then, without warning, she begins to cry. Just like that, she is a sobbing mess again.

David, who has not said any word to her since they left the ball- except for trying to calm her- has now spoken. He wraps his arms around her, cradling her head on his chest.

"Nellie, tell me what happened." He says, as he caresses Mrs. Lovett's hair. It leaves him feeling helpless for not being able to do anything that can maybe aid her to whatever she is going through. He doesn't even know what has happened that causes her to act like this. "Please, Nellie. I need to know."

Mrs. Lovett looks up to face David. Shall she tell him? She does not want to hurt him by telling him that Ben is the cause of all this; that the reasons she cannot make herself love him is because of Ben. Because she loves that stupid bastard more than she ever should.

But David at least deserves an explanation. Maybe she should tell him? There's nothing left to lose for her. Besides, it will be for the better if he knows. At least, she does not need to hide the fact from him. Also, even though she'll confess it to the wrong man, at least she will be able to let out what she has been keeping a secret for a long time.

"Before I tell you, I want your full understanding. Can you give that to me?" the baker asks; yes, she wants to share her story, but she does not need someone who will just judge her. She does not need any more negativity.

To her relief, David says yes. So, without stalling, she proceeds.

"I am in love with someone. I fell for him the moment I saw him. We are the best of friends. He always visits me here and I always anticipate the time that he will come. Unfortunately, he has a wife." She stops, gauging David's reaction. There is no emotion present in his face, so she continues.

"Something… something happened between us. His wife saw; this caused their marriage to fall apart. Yet, he still didn't avoid me. Our friendship continued as my love for him grew. Many times, I plead to my heart to stop loving this man, but my heart is stubborn. I know it's wrong, but I just can't stop."

Mrs. Lovett left out details to her story. David does not need to know everything. "He was there at the ball; he came to me. We danced all night, that's why I was gone for a long time. I was ready to tell him of how I feel about him, but his wife saw us again- she was mad. And you know what he did? He told her that I forced him to come with me, and that I was desperate!"

She does not notice the tears that are running down her face as she tells this to David. Only when he reaches out to wipe them does she realize. "You are talking about Mr. Barker."

It is not a question, but simply a statement. It does not shock her that David will recognize who she is talking about. It is very obvious that she only has this kind of relationship- that she is talking about in her story- with Ben. And David is well aware of this, for countless times did he get jealous of their closeness.

"You said that something happened between you and his. Is that child that you are carrying… his?" David asks. Mrs. Lovett looks away; she is embarrassed. She is ashamed of letting it happen, but she will be lying if she will say that she does not want a child. Bowing her head, she nods in response to his question.

David does not know how he will react to what he has learned. He is angry for what Ben did; it is not enough for him to get Nellie pregnant; he still has to hurt her again and again. If only the bastard will leave her alone. If he is here now, he will beat him until his face is not any more recognizable. Though beating him will not be enough for the pain that he has caused Nellie.

He taps Mrs. Lovett on the shoulder, and when she looks up to him, he says: "You deserve someone better."

"I can do the things he can't, Nellie. I can give you everything you want. I can marry you and be the father of that child- without worrying of what people will say. You are alone in my heart, Nell. My heart belongs only to you; you don't have someone else to share it with. If only you will choose me. Just give me space within that heart of yours, let me in; love me, even only for a little. That much will be enough for me."

David is now grasping Mrs. Lovett's hand. His face is pleading and is looking like he is about to cry. The baker leans in and kisses him on the cheek. With a smiling face, she says: "Just you wait, David. One of these days, I will learn to love you like you do me. When that happens, right away, I will marry you. But now, I need you to help me forget Benjamin. I need you, David."

David does not say anything; he just smiles at her and wraps his arms around her. Mrs. Lovett returns the embrace. They stay like that, comfortable in each other's arm. Starting tonight, they are a team- with different missions. One's mission is to forget, and the other is to help forget. Together, they'll do what they can to accomplish this.

Mrs. Lovett and Mr. Harris' moment of silence is broken when they hear loud banging from the door. They pull away from one another and go to check on who could possibly be disturbing them in the middle of the night. When they reach the entrance of the shop, the baker stops short. She is torn between opening the door or not. For there, outside, is Lucy, shouting in rage.

"Open up!"

Still, Mrs. Lovett is frozen. She does not know if she can face Lucy. Not after Benjamin telling her that she forced him to be with her. It's not like she will listen to her.

"Open the door!"

Will it be a good idea to do so? Maybe if she does not acknowledge Lucy's presence, then she will get tired and walk away.

"I will not leave until you show your face to me!"

Well, it seems like she does not have a choice. She walks towards the door, David makes a move to stop her but she ignores him. Nervously, she turns the knob and opens up.

Trying to calm her fast-beating-heart, and trying to put on a stoic face, but failing miserably, she asks Mrs. Barker. "What do you want?

Lucy takes a step forward; she is now face to face with the baker; their noses are almost touching. She holds up a finger and proceeds to use it to point at Mrs. Lovett's chest as she speaks- yell. "What I want!? Simple. I need you to leave my husband alone!"

Grabbing hold of Lucy's hand, Mrs. Lovett yanks it away from her, causing the angry housewife to whimper. With a dangerously calm voice, she responds. "You do not know what you are talking about Mrs. Barker. It is Mr. Barker who came to me, not I. It is him you should be angry about."

It is as if Lucy will explode in anger. Although it is hard to see, but her face is all red. She is clenching and unclenching her fists on her side, ready to strike anytime. She is really furious. "If you think I will believe you over my husband, then you are mistaken. I know what you are- whore!"

Mrs. Lovett laughs; she laughs until there are tears springing from her eyes. "Whore, you say? Am I the one, who went out for a week with the honorable judge, without my husband's knowledge?" then, she says in a mocking tone- copying Lucy. "I just wanted a job to earn money." Crossing her arms to her chest and cocking an eyebrow up, she asks. "What was your job position, deary? Lying in the judge's bed naked?"

In all fairness to Lucy, she is still able to remain composed. Mrs. Lovett does not receive the blow that she is expecting from saying that. Instead, Mrs. Barker copies her position, smirking. "Oh, how about you? What did you do to seduce my husband? What did you take off first? Your dress? Your knickers? Or your conscience?"

Without skipping a beat, Nellie replies. "You should ask Ben, he would know."

Before Mrs. Lovett can register what happened, she feels a stinging pain on her left cheek. David is already at her aid, restraining Lucy from doing anything to her any further. That's only when she realize that the bitch slapped her. Now, she is seeing red. She is still in control to fight back, though. "I suggest you leave now, Mrs. Barker."

Lucy keeps struggling under David's hold. "Who is this then?" she asks, turning to the man. "Is he your substitute when my husband's not with you?"

That does it. Without thinking, Nellie slaps the smug looking Lucy. It's as if time has stopped. Both women just stare in each other, shock showing through their faces. Then, when the trance is over, Mrs. Barker, with all her strength, launches herself to the baker, breaking out of David's grasp. They stumble to the ground.

Nellie is trying to defend herself while Lucy is on top of her, attacking her. Mrs. Lovett's only concern now is her child. She must take Mrs. Barker away from her. With all her might, she pushes Lucy off her. Luckily, the woman loses balance and she is now the one on the ground. The baker quickly stands up and tries to walk towards David. But, Lucy catches up to her, yanking her hair back.

Mrs. Lovett, now not having any choice, twists herself to face Lucy. With her hair being pulled, she is in so much pain now. So, in order to stop the pain, when she is face to face with Lucy, she throws her a punch, hitting her square on the face.

Mrs. Barker stumbles; she is about to attack again when the voice of her husband stops her.

"Nellie! What did you do?" Ben rushes over his wife, checking out her bloody nose. He just comes home from the pub, thinking that being drunk will not really solve his problem. When he nears his home, he hears a commotion coming from the bakeshop. He goes to see what is happening and sees his wife getting punched by his best friend.

Mrs. Lovett is quick to defend herself. "No- no... I- she- I was just defending myself. She attacked me first."

"No, no, Benny! I came here to ask her to leave you alone; she went mad and started attacking me." Says Lucy as she fakes crying. Ben holds her tightly, trying to calm her.

"No-" Mrs. Lovett is about to explain again how Lucy is twisting the story, but Ben just stops her from talking.

"I know what I saw, Nellie. You hit her." with that, Ben gathers her wife and leaves the bakeshop.

Lucy has the audacity to approach the baker before going away. She leans in and whispers at Mrs. Lovett. "As long as I'm alive, you will not be promoted to wife."

As she walks to the arms of her husband, she is-again- faking crying. Mrs. Lovett is rooted at her spot, shock at what just transpired.

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