I know I'm not supposed to do this, and I shall take this announcement out in a week or so. I'm only posting it to make sure all you wonderful readers who stood by me all throughout Nightingale, and who might be interested in a sequel (even if you weren't in the AUs) will know it's finally out! I just posted it earlier. And you can get a taste of it right here:


(Sequel to Nightingale)

"When one lives in a world where magic and science exist side by side, where individuals with extraordinary abilities walk the streets every day, the lines between myth and reality can become blurry. When the points align, the Veil will be lifted, and the Universe will never be the same again..."

The fic will be five chapters long and include a rewrite of T:tDW to fit my Nightingale-verse and a taste of Agents of SHIELD.

Main pairings remain: Loki/Nightingale, Thor/Jane, Odin/Frigg, Phil/Darcy. And others, like Tony/Pepper, Bruce/Betty, Steve/(surprise character), Clint/Natasha, Peter/Gwen, Harry/MJ.

Suggestions and requests are accepted for any MCU character I haven't mentioned.

Well, that's it for now. Hope you'll enjoy "Nexus".