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So, about this fic... I've had this for a while now. I got inspired to write this when I saw how his reaction changed from excited to sad after regaining his memories.

Set some time, maybe a year or two after Jack's 'death'.

There's the plothole in this story. I thought, maybe you could just ignore it, or maybe he remembers this someone(which could be anyone: you, your character, his sister, his mother, his lover, etc etc etc) without remembering him or her entirely, and just feels strongly for them enough to elicit this reaction from him... you get? You know, like in those tv dramas or movies?

Or maybe, I'll leave it up to your imagination to patch up the whole plothole thing. ;)

Anyways, ENJOY the story!


The ground was slowly becoming covered with snow. Small bits of white would start falling from the sky, and the breeze cooler, biting. The world has adapted a hue of a bluer shade.

It'll be winter soon.

I miss him.

I'm coming home.

On days like this, he'd always pinch my nose, for absolutely no reason at all. He'd tease me a lot.

'You're just too cute.'

'I just felt like it.'

'Why so serious?'

'Rudolph! It's your new nickname!'

Tears threatened to fall, but I did not let them. Heaven knows how much he disliked seeing me cry, and all the more when he knew the reason behind my tears was him.

I wiped my eyes slowly, feeling small biting sensations where the 'tears' smeared. I blinked, once, twice. I tried not to make a sound. If there was any after life, if there were truly any souls still lingering on this earth, if... if he was here, I don't want him to see.


I stood up and walked away from the bench I sat on, toward the open field in front of my house. I didn't bother putting on any footwear.

The ground felt cold, crunching under my feet every step I took. The sensation of being under the sun, its final rays caressing me felt oddly soothing, together with the gentle blowing wind of the fast approaching winter.

I closed my eyes. Images of him flashed in front of me: his kind eyes, his mischievous smile, his warm expression...


I'm here.

A tear escaped my eyes.

The cold winter breeze gently caressed me.

Please, don't be sad.

A small snowflake slowly fell on my nose.

Come on, smile for me.

I smiled.


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