Deep in a dark alley within Vancouver a scream was cut off shortly followed by a wet gurgle, too quick for any human ears. In that alley, a teen girl crossed her arms as she stood against the brick wall, allowing her long brown hair to fall in her line of view. To her left, a teen boy knelt crouching over an almost drained body.

"I may only be half, but I still have moral values you know." The girl said to her companion.

After a moment of silence, the boy finally stood up straight from the dead body. Turning her head, the girl looked at the boy in the eye. "We could fix that you know." He said, his ruby eyes glinting with humor in the moonlight. The girl just glared at him.

"You wouldn't dare." She said.

The boy just laughed, then, pulling a lighter out of his pocket, lit it and threw it on to the body; the body immediately catching on fire. As the body blazed, the boy walked over to the girl and held out his pale hand to her. Her brown eyes studied him for a moment in doubt, causing him to laugh at her once again. "Don't worry, I'm in control."

Remaining with her arms crossed against the wall, she kept staring at him. "That's the sixth lighter this week." She reminded him. The boy kept his steady gaze at line with hers. After a moment of locked gazes, the girl finally sighed and took her friends hand. As they walked off into the night, the girl spoke to her friend once again.

"This is the closest I am to home, and I'm not letting you wreak my come home trip."

In response, her friend gave a loud laugh which reverberated off the alley walls and into the dark. "Don't worry, I won't."

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