All eyes were on the TV screen in Magnus' office as the news showed footage of the latest horror in the city. Magnus stood with her arms crossed as she watched the scene, Will and Kate standing in similar positions as they too watched the news. Concentration still was not broken as footsteps echoed into the room from the corridor, even after John Druitt and Nikola Tesla walked into the office.

"Well well, what have we here?" Druitt said as he walked in, his eyes immediately trailing to the screen everyone was so tuned in on.

"You summoned?" Nikola said as he swept into the room behind Druitt. Finally, someone moved; Magnus looked away from the screen to her fellow 5 members.

Waving them over, she returned her gaze to the TV as the two men complied. "Take a look at this," she said as they joined her. "Burnt bodies have been found all over the city, unfortunately though, with no evidence as to who did it."

"What do you find so intriguing about this?" Druitt asked, his eyes flickering between Magnus and the screen.

"The only other thing connecting these cases aside from the obvious burnt bodies found in alley ways is that each body showed absolutely no trace of fatal wounds." Helen explained, studying little of the evidence that was visibly shown. "It's as though something paralyzed the victim, or killed it, then set flame to it."

"Mind you," Will finally interjected, "that's all they're releasing to the public."

"You believe there's more to the story than meets the eye." Nikola asked, looking to Will and Magnus while ignoring Kate who had so far stood silently.

Magnus remained silent, still analyzing the news cast with a steady amount of concentration. Then, Druitt sighed in understanding, finally seeing where Magnus was heading with this case. "You believe it to be an abnormal." He said.

"Well unless a pyromaniac is going around the city lighting fire to helpless citizens, though not before he or she is able to render the victim immobilized, yes;" she turned to her friends. "I do believe we have an abnormal on our hands."

"One that needs to be stopped before it gets out of hand too." Will added, he too finally turning to face Tesla and Druitt.

Both men nodded, though Nikola taking it a step further by putting his hands up. "I assume you want to go to the latest crime scene?"

"Yes, I would." Magnus nodded.

Sweeping his arm towards the door, he held up a finger in a pause, giving her a meaningful look. "Well in that case, I'd like to accompany you. If there's blood involved," he looked to John with a smirk. "I'd like to meet the culprit."

Druitt stepped forward. "I would like to come as well, someone need to keep an eye on Tesla."

Tesla looked back at Druitt disgruntled. "Speak for yourself." He muttered.

Magnus looked between the pair in slight disbelief before shaking her head and headed to the door. "Fine, just promise to control yourselves. Will, Kate; I want you to see if you can get any more information on this case, and check the database. See if we have an abnormals that may be capable of these sorts of things." She ordered from the doorway, her teammates nodding and already heading to the computers to start working. "Right then," Magnus breathed to herself. "Let's get a move on then; shall we?"

And with that, the three members of the five were out of the room and on their way. In the office still, Will sat in Magnus' desk and started looking through the system for different abnormals while Kate rummaged through a stack of papers, her feet propped up on the desk as she leaned back in her chair. Will looked to her for a moment before a suggestion came to mind.

"Hey Kate, you mind running down to tell Harry and the Big guy about what's going on?" He asked, returning his gaze to the screen.

Kate flung the stack of papers to the desk before getting up and walking out of the room. "You got it."

In a café, the brown haired girl sat at a table staring at the TV slightly worried as it showed the same news reel as at the Sanctuary. Finally, she moved her gaze to the boy as he approached the table with a coffee cup in hand and sunglasses covering his eyes. He placed the cup in front of her and pushed it closer to her, trying to get it farther away from him as he wrinkled his nose up in disgust at the smell.

"They're catching on…" the girl mumbled in a singsong voice as she pulled the cup closer, bringing it up to her lips. The boy looked up to the TV, shrugging his shoulders before turning to face the girl with a grin, revealing his perfectly straight, white teeth.

"Doesn't matter," he said, crossing his legs as he leaned back. "They won't figure out the truth."

The girl looked up from her cup, her eyes dark with doubt. "You'd be surprised of the things that happen in Vancouver." She mumbled.

The boy just laughed.