You knew something felt odd about your chastity belt when you were going to put it on earlier, however you put it on anyway.

You knew something weird was going on when it started to vibrate a little, but you fixed it with your hand and ignored it.

Now you were naked and writhing on your pile, fumbling in your discarded clothes for the damn key to the belt. You were desperate for attention, grinding your hips into your hand and muffing moans into your upper arm.

"S-Son of a bitch…" you hissed out, trying to wriggle out of the belt and feel your aching bulge.

However, it was too small to slip over your hipbones, no matter how you tried. You could feel your bulge struggling to slip out of it's sheathe and your nook becoming soaking wet.

You whimpered and thrust your hips into your hand, palming yourself through the straps, feeling the radiating heat everywhere. You're almost gasping and begging incoherently for any form of relief. The heel of your hand was being ground against your nook and you moaned loudly before jumping as the vibrating increased.

Pants and moans tore from your throat, your body tensing and jerking with every touch. Your one hand was tugging and pinching at your nipples, which were stiff and bright red by this point. Your hips jolted and sought relief from your hand, which was better than nothing and, oh fuck, did it feel good.

You were practically screaming when the vibrating increased again, your back arching and your head being thrown back. You were so wet you could feel yourself dripping along the sides of the bottom strap, your hips jerked and ground more, trying to just-

Fuck, you needed to just get off once, then you'd be good.

But it was just…

So hard to do.

You were moaning and writhing again, chomping on your lip as you tried to rub one out. You were so close, whining loudly as you just kept saying you needed just a bit more, when suddenly, the vibration kicked into overdrive and your entire body tensed. Your mouth was stuck in a silent scream as red poured everywhere.

You barely had enough time to catch your breath when there was a knock at the door. You hefted yourself up onto your shaky legs and dragged your sweater on, pulling it down low as you went to answer it.

"Hey, chief, I found this key of your's and… Damn you look good."

"Cronus, I swear you will regret it if you do not get in here and finish what you started."

"I don't knowv vwhat you-… Are you serious vwearing your-…."

"Either you come in and use the damn key, of I will take it and use it myself."

"Lead the way, Kan."