The Scholars Academy

Prologue: The World We Saw End!

Lily should have known not to mess with magics she did not understand. The blood ritual she was prepping was dangerous. If preformed it would re-birth a power equal to the enemy named. One child would gain this power, the other a parents love. If she went through with this ritual, the child of the prophecy would on the night of the rituals activation gain the re-born power.

This ritual we watched and could not interfere. We had no right. We knew raised in darkness and away from magic the child would turn cold. Away from magic memories from the ritual would be sealed for all eternity. Raised from magic he would grow evil and would possess the power to back it up. Raised without a parents love he would end the world. We saw this yet could not interfere. Not Yet!

Lily had explained her plan to James and Dumbledore. Both agreed this ritual was brilliant. It was the night of the twins first birthday. Harry was a smiling little child. He had large green eyes and messy black hair. His twin on the other hand had deep red hair like his mother and hazel eyes like his father. Both boys were very close to each other.

"I think we should ask the Academy for help with the ritual like I originally planned" stated Lily.

"I know love but the Headmaster is strong enough to perform it and you have it fully researched. The Scholars would only interfere. One of our boys might be the one to defeat Voldemort. It is important he is strong enough." said James soothingly.

Two nights later the three set out to perform the ritual. We watched and could not interfere. The three called forth the spirit of the most powerful founder of Hogwarts. They called forth Salazar Slytherin. They done this unknowingly. We were forced to watch as they bound this spirit to the child. They did not know which child. They did not see the serpent mark form on his foot and ankle before fading.

They called forth this spirit and sealed him in a child. This child would not know his parents love. They done all this and still did not understand. The child now had power unequal to any on the mortal plane. We watched and still could not interfere. We waited and hoped they would see sense. We knew it was a futile hope. But it was all we had.

We waited and watch as the months passed. We began to think the fear we had was unfounded. We were wrong. We witnessed the betrayal. We knew it was only a matter of time. Still we could not interfere. On All Hallows Eve it happened. The ritual was activated. Still we held hope. A mother's loyality was like no else.

Voldemort attacked. The first obstacle he came to was James. A simple stunner got him out-of-the-way. He did not know up in the nursery Lily was activating the ritual. Voldemort burst in and sent a stunner at Lily. He then turned to the crib holding the twins. We held our breath and hoped he would see sense and leave. It was a futile hope. But still we could not interfere.

"So one of you is to be my downfall. Hahahahahaha. Not likely. I shall slay you both." he spoke to both children before raising his wand, "Avada Kadavra". The green light fled the wand at hit the ritual child.

Eyes the same shade of green, as the spell flew to ward, narrowed and filled with knowledge. They reflected back the curse as power with no equal filled the room. We wept at this power, at this re-birth, at the knowledge we could not interfere and save our Salazar. Not Yet. We prayed and hoped. It was all we had. We knew it was not enough. But is was still all we had.

Lily came too as Harry passed out. She rushed to her children, overjoyed to see both still alive with minimal injuries. A heart shaped pendent had fallen on Godric Potter, burning a scar the shape of a heart on his cheek. On Harry's forehead where he was struck by the killing curse was a lighting bolt. After checking on her boys she rushed to find James. He too was coming through now Voldemorts power was broken. The couple was quick to call Dumbledore, Sirius and Remus. When the new three arrived Lily showed them to where the twins were resting. Albus Dumbledore examined the children and then raised Godric from the crib.

"This is the destroyer of Voldemort. He is the boy who lived." This announcement raised cheers from the four friends. The lot headed to Hogwarts so the children could be seen to by Madam Pomphrey and plans could be made for the future. We watched and could not interfere. We wept for Salazar and the future we feared for him.

"Now I know this is not something you want to hear but you have too. Voldemort is not fully gone I do not believe." started Dumbledore, "for this we need to train Godric so that our saviour is ready for the Dark Lord's return."

"Of course." the four agreed.

"Sadly to do this we can not bring Harry with us." finished Dumbledore.

"WHAT? You can not expect me to leave my baby." raged Lily. We had hope. It was strong.

"Lils I know how you feel. But if Voldemorts really going to come back Godric needs this training." interrupted James.

"I know but he is still my baby. You will make sure he is cared for?" Lily said in a resigned tone.

"Of course." agreed Dumbledore, he would leave the boy at his Aunt's later and then focus on training the boy who lived.

Three hours later the child was left on a doorstep and his parents gave him up to love their first-born son and their saviour. We watched and wept as we could not interfere.

We are the Valar and we are helpless to stop what we see happening. We are the Gods over magic and we can not interfere. Not Yet. We can not interfere any time soon enough sadly. We can not stop this. We do not have the right. Our Salazar and we can not save him. We have no right. We can just pray when our time comes it is not to late. We fear it will be.

We are the Valar and on this night we saw the world end!