OCs belonging to Saria19. All credit to her.

Name: Anita Atwood
Age: 11
Appearance: Appears weak, pale, and thin but very fast. Shorter than average with light brown hair with blond streaks and heterochromia, one eye bright green and the other blue.
Personality: Shy and quiet until she gets to know someone or is annoyed. Afterwards is relatively talkative when feeling up for it but can go days without saying a word if she has nothing to say. Good sense of humor, speaks formally, hates crude language, and doesn't recognize sexual innuendos or flirting until someone explains it to her (each time).
Skills: Very talented in arithmancy and runes, prodigal in potions, but barely makes the mark in Transfiguration or Charm classes until she can make a tear down of each spell and understand every aspect of it. Because she lacks physical strength, Anita is terrible at most sports except running or things that require speed without much possibility of her being struck.

Name: William Burstein
Age: 11
Appearance: Dark brown hair and brown almond-shaped eyes. Light athletic build with naturally tan skin. Has one scar that starts before his left ear and travels down his neck almost to his chest.
Personality: A bit bipolar and has a HUGE problem with bullies. His scar was caused by his older brother who was a bully when the boy found out he was a squib and William a wizard. Suffered many beatings during childhood that caused him to become a bit wild and will be smiling and laughing until something sets him off. He is a fearsome fighter that has no problem with "cheap shots" so long as the person he's fighting knows they are fighting and is honorable enough to not attack an unsuspecting foe.
Skills: Near useless in potions and herbology, talented in dueling and above average in most other subjects. Trained in fencing and a Chaser in Quidditch. Infamous amongst his friends for his talent with animals in that he can cause fish to drown.

Relationship with Anita: They met at the Academy and were a bit like oil and water at first. Though there was no fighting it seemed they did not mix at all. That changed when William's older brother "visited" the school during their first year to try to force his acceptance in classes such as potions, herbology, and runes. When he found out that Anita was near or at the top of those classes, he went out of his way to attempt to beat her. William stepped in and finally managed to force his brother away. Friendship and understanding came quickly after as Anita figured out very quickly what William's life was like before the Academy and promised to keep his secret but he chose to tell his friends anyway. They did not start going out until almost the end of the sixth year since Anita never realized he was flirting with her at times. Whenever William plans a prank or rule breaking, he always runs the scheme by Anita who might help by brewing a potion he needs or pointing out a flaw in his plan such as patrol schedules.