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Finn´s pov:

Yesterday i had a talk with Santana and i explained all that happened between me and Rachel.

After yelling at me in Spanish during an hour, she told me that Rachel was really hurt by my actions and that i had to work my ass to prove her that i will do anything for her, cause she´s the one i love.

Santana also told me that she didn´t fully trusted me but maybe with time she would stop hating me so much.

Not that i care tha she hates me.

Believe me Santana is the last thing i am worried about.

First thing being Rachel.

It´s always Rachel

Glee Glee Glee

-Hey Rachel!

-...Hello Finn, can i help you with something?

-Actually you can, please come meet me in the auditorium at 13:00?

-Well as tempting as it seems, i have to decline your offer.- she says quickly.

-C´mon Rachel, please come!

-Finn , do you remember what went down the last time you invited me to the auditorium?

I do, so thanks but no thanks.- she says turnig around.

I grab her arm stopping her from walking away.

-Please Rachel, i owe you that, please!- i beg.

-Fine, you´ve got 3 minutes.- she says leaving.

Glee Glee Glee

-Hey !- i say when i see rachel walking up on stage.

-Three minutes Finn.- she says

-Okay... So yesterday i finally understood that it´s all my fault.


Of course you shouldn´t have kissed puck but i deserved it after what i done to you.

I never deserved you.

And you deserved a better boyfriend.

I wanna be with you again, so much Rachel but i also know you don´t want it.

I hurt you too much, and now you just don´t trust me anymore.

You aren´t ready to be with me again and i totally understand it, but i am not giving up on you.

I know that my shitty atittudes proved otherwise, but the truth is that i love you more than life and i am sorry that i ever made you doubt it.

And i will wait until you forgive me-i say

I look at her and i see tears rolling down her cheeks

-I don´t think i can forgive you!-she says sadly.

-Why?- i ask desesperate.

-You hurt me too much, you destroyed my heart and you destroyed me.

-I know Rach, and you will never be able to know how much sorry i am, but i can´t give up on you.

I swear i will prove to you that i can be a good boyfriend.- i say with tears my my eyes

She nods.

-i guess i understand you, but that doesn´t mean i forgive you- she says.

-i know- i answer tearing up

-I gotta go,Finn.

-What?- i ask confused.

-I gave you three minutes and that time is over, besides i have to go somewhere else- she quickly says.

-Fine, thanks for hearing me out

-Thanks for telling me that- she says leaving

Glee Glee Glee

Next day:

Yesterday, in football pratice i talked with Sam about Rachel.

He said he didn´t trust me and that he couldn´t forgive me now for what i did to Rachel or to him, but he also told me he wasn´t going to stop me from trying to prove Rachel my feelings.

I guess, that´s not bad.

It could have been worst.

Oh yeah, i also knew he gave her a ride to school everyday, so i asked if i could be to one to pick Rachel up, today.

After a few tries to convince him, he finally agreed.

Glee Glee Glee

Rachel´s pov:

I hear a car horn so i get out of the house.

To my surprise, instead of seeing Sam, i see Finn in his truck smiling at me.

-Hey beautiful!

-Humm... Hi- i say confused to his presence

-Oh, right!
So i know that usually it´s Sam that drives you to school, but today that will be me, i hope you don´t mind- he quickly says.

I sigh, what can i do, anyway?

-I guess that is fine- i say getting into the car.

-Here take my hoddie, today it´s cold and i think your sweater won´t help you with the cold, even though it´s cute- he says pointing to my cat printed sweater.

-Thanks - i say nervous

-You´re welcome- he says half smiling.

Glee Glee Glee

Finn´s truck reaches the school´s parking car.

-Did anyone told you how stunning you look today?- he asks smiling

-You think i look pretty?- i ask blushing

-You don´t look pretty.

You are pretty.

No, not even pretty, you´re beautiful, stunning , perfect.

-Thanks- i whisper looking at my lap- i wish it was true.

-Oh Rach!

What i said couldn´t be more true!

-Really?- i ask quietly

-Sure, anyone that doesn´t sees it , it can only be blind- he says opening the door´s car for me.

-That´s really sweet, thank you Finn!- i say

-Don´t worry about it Rach!

It all makes part of the wooing!- he exclaims.

-Wooing?- i ask

-Of course, i am wooing you, cause i love you so much even if you don´t love me back, anyway, wooing or not you deserve to know how beautiful you are!

-Thanks, for the the ride and for what you said.

-My pleasure, c´mon may i go with you in the hallway?- he asks

-Yes, you may.- i say smiling

-Thanks, my princess, let´s go then.

Glee Glee Glee

I am in chemistry class sitting on the front, and i can´t stop smiling.

I know what you think, i am an idiot, and maybe you are right but Finn was just so sweet with me today, that i can´t be mad at him anymore.

Sure, i can´t get back together with him, but i can be friends with him .

I guess he deserves being able to be my friend again.


-Having a good day, Ray?- sam asks knowingly behind me

-The best, Sam , the best!

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