A/N: This is super short because in the middle of writing this one I came up with a way better idea for a chapter. Next one will definitely be longer.


Thick scarlet was running down the top of her shoulder blade. He didn't think she noticed it at first. She had a grin on her face, but it faded as she noted the horrified look on his face. He ran over to her, and touched her wound lightly. "Blood… lots of blood. Okay- stay calm- I know what to do." Guy said quickly.

Eep twisted her neck to get a good look at her wound. She looked up at Guy, "I think the only person who needs to stay calm is you. It's fine." She said, "This happens all the time."

Guy shook his head, taking her over to a rock to sit on. "Yes, but doesn't it usually stop bleeding by now?" He asked as he pulled some animal skin from his pocket, wrapping it around Eep's wound to stop the bleeding.

Eep bit her lip, "I don't know."

Guy applied pressure to the wound, and he looked to Eep. "This is gonna scar." He said. He had gotten some wounds himself, they had healed, but the mark would always remain, as would the memory.

"It's not like it'd be my first scar." Eep joked. The young cave girl had several scars marking her body. She had never thought of them as a bad thing, but as battle wounds. She remembered each one- how and where she had gotten it.

Guy contemplated her words, and nodded. "You've got a point there." He had seen her scars, but they didn't bother him in the least bit. Everyone had them. If he met someone who didn't, he'd want to know what kind of privileged life they had been living that they didn't get the occasional scrape while trying to survive.

He peeked under the cloth to see that the wound wasn't losing as much blood as before. "I think we're good for now." He smiled at her. He took a seat on the rock beside her and suddenly pressed his lips to hers without warning.

Eep enjoyed the contact, but broke the kiss. "What was that for?" She asked.

"I'm… just glad you're okay." Guy admitted.

Eep let out a short laugh, "I've been fighting for my life since I was a little girl."

Guy nodded, "I know, I know… it's just… the thought of something happening to you, it just… it bothers me a lot. Be more careful; promise me?"

Eep nodded and leaned in to rub her nose against his. "I promise."


Eep was hiding in between a gap between two plains of land. She placed one hand against the hard rock, as she saw her prey coming near. She got into her pouncing stance and attacked.

A strangled yelp was heard, but she quickly covered his mouth then pulled him into the gap where she had been hiding.

"You really need to stop doing that!" Guy shouted.

Eep shushed him, covering his mouth with her hand again.

"What's going on?" His voice lowered. "Is Grug looking for me?"

"No." Eep said.

"Are Belt and Sandy plotting against me?"

"No." She repeated.

"Then why-" Guy was cut off as Eep's lips captured his. His eyes widened, pleasantly surprised, then closed, and he pulled her close wrapping his arms around her. In the secluded space around them, a rock jutted out awkwardly from the rest and he lifted her up with a slight grunt and placed her on it. Eep broke their kiss and laughed at him. He silenced her with another kiss and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

His hand trailed up her outer thigh, but halted as he felt raised skin there.

He had felt close to every inch of her body, and he knew where most of her scars and marks were. She had never had one here.

Guy looked down and rubbed the incision lightly. "What did you do?" He asked.

Eep looked up, "I tripped trying to help my mom put Sandy to bed."

Guy leaned down and kissed it gently. "You told me you'd be more careful."

Eep laced her fingers through his and offered a smile, "I was as careful as one person can possibly be around Sandy." She admitted.

At that Guy had to laugh, "I guess you're right." He agreed.