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Gotham city

Friday the 13th of december


"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Wally...Happy Birthday to you" The slayer strolled into his sons bedroom singing outrageously flat. "Dad I told you not to wake me up" "and i told him the opposite". Wally rolls his eyes as his big sister interjects into the conversation "then again you are a ginger vampire slayer with a tan and passion for science". "whatever Ingrid" "Be nice to your brother its time for his present" "S.W.E.E.T" "Be nice Ingrid or leave". The girl walks out the room breaking many objects on her way. "Now as its your 9th birthday i thought you should get something very special". The young boy sits up in bed excitedly, as his father pulls out a black box. "Happy birthday son" The boy shakes the box trying to work out what it is "is it a stake or omg a garlic gun or-" "stop shaking the box! its...fragile" "oh okay then" The boy opens the box gently and sees a tiny black puppy with gorgeous blue eye. "Oh my god dad it's a shade pup they are so rare". He takes the puppy out the box gently "how did you find him?" "his parents were murdered and I knew it was a full moon on your birthday so I took him in, I thought maybe you could train him, lots of modern slayers have dogs now" "but dad he's not a dog he's a shadepup! When the full moons gone he'll be human again!" "No he wont, see that collar" The boy nods his head slowly" "it stops the moonlight affecting him, as long as he has it on he's a simple pup. "Oh my god dad thank you!" The small child swings his arms round his fathers neck "what has mum said?" "that you can keep him if you can look after him" "oh my God dad you're the best!"

an hour later

"so then...'Dick'" The boy says studying the puppy on his laps collar "lets see what the slayers guild site says about you". While the computers loading theres a shout downstairs "sweetheart lunchtime" "okay mum! come on Dick" The boy runs off carrying the tiny Pup. As he walks out the computer loads it reads:

SHADEPUP-Evolution of the werewolf. Posses form and mental state of common dogs on a full moon. However, if angered can evolve to a larger form. Ideal for training to help slay Vampires. Redirect the moonlight away and they will never turn human again. Shadepups have the form of a young puppy until their 14th birthday. On this day they change to a form, no human has lived to tell the tale of this. It is rare, however if well trained after the 14th birthday they can be like a normal dog- WARNING shadepups are wanted by hunters. They WILL kill the owner if it means they get the pup.

Wally didn't get to see this information. His computer crashed.

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