Alfred walks in and sees a scene that melts his heart. His two vampire charges, supposedly dead heartless monsters curled up in Bruce's large double bed with their puppy ensconced between them hugging his brand new teddy bear tightly, other thumb firmly planted in his mouth. "Breakfast sirs" Jason smiles pulling the thumb out of Dicks mouth and holding the hand that is now covered in saliva, but Jay doesn't care as this is a common occurrence in their house hold. "come on dick, let's get you fed and then ready for school". Bruce smiles watching the two boys run off. "Will he be allowed to visit his team today sir" Bruce nods sighing "yes they have a mission tonight. I'll put his mask on charge".

Downstairs Dick sits in his favourite chair, brother sitting next to him. Jay reaches across the table pulling the jug of blood towards him, pouring a fresh glass and then continuing to text. Until there's a smashing sound. Jason's head snaps towards his 'big brother' "I-I'm sorry Jay, I-It slipped and I-I-" Jason just smiles stroking his hair. Don't worry Dickie your only young, not quite used to your human body huh?" But it's too late the boys crying putting his thumb in his mouth. Jason groans "Bruce get the electro-plates he's getting upset" Bruce appears behind Dick at a vampire speed and clamps a metal brace around the top of the boy wonders head causing him to abruptly stop crying "Ah shit how long was I out for?" Jay glares sneering at the older boy "A few days, while you forgot your mask at your teams base, Bruce had to make a new one while you had only cloth over your eyes on patrol. Now don't get me wrong you're the little brother I always wanted, but you're not supposed to be!" Dick supresses a growl "I Don't have a choice do I?" Jason runs off jumping over the smashed Jug of blood. Bruce groans "Maybe it would be better if you didn't ever take the headband off" Dick can't help but shout this time "I don't choose to be this way! I wish I was a normal kid but I'm not, I'm a puppy. I want to be human but I'm not and you know what". It's now Dick's turn to run out of the room "You're not either"

Gotham academy

"Hey Dick, finally got the electro-plates working then?" The boy wonder spins around to see his best friend and releases the sigh he's been holding in all day. "hey Babs, and nah I lost my old ones Bruce made me these, Jason's seriously pissed off about it. Apparently he wants me to either stay as a little brother or a big one and not alternate between the two, he doesn't see it from my point of view!" Barbara just hugs him as the Pips go. "Do you want me to walk you to the wolf unit" he pulls a chain collar around my neck with the Gotham academy emblem on the tag "don't worry We're supposed to have a day with our sibling, to teach them how to 'deal with us'. Fun" The sarcasm seeps out of the child's voice and his best mate begins to guffaw. "later Babs" The child protector of Gotham runs off to class.

Outside the class room dick leans against the wall Jay appears next to him in a mere second "let's get this over with". They both walk in. Eventually sitting down. The ditzy teacher strolls in "Okay class take the bands off…" Jason groans "this is gonna be a long day" And a long day it was. Half way through all puppies in the class got given a break The world stands still and a voice echoes "We've been looking for you" Jason's head snaps up "I told you I don't do that anymore I have a family. "We placed you under your body gaurds protection chosen one" "Bruce is my father and Dicks my bi-baby brother" "ah yes the puppy, he is a mutt, you must rise chosen one and destroy the slayers" Jasons eyes glow read and he growls "leave. Me. Alone" The voices stop and time starts to flow freely once again.

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