Chapter 1: Bella's POV

"Bella. Sweetheart, I'm going to lunch okay?" Dr. Grendy states smiling at me

"Okay, Dr. Grendy. I'll hold down the fort until you get back." I reply politely

Once they stepped out the front doors I glanced about the office, analyzing everything. My work desk was simple because I didn't have many personal possessions. All that I had was three picture frames as evidence that someone used this desk. The first photo was of my parents when they were still together, the second was my mom and step dad on their wedding day and lastly, a photo of my sister, our half siblings and me.

I am a nurse at the outpatient clinic in town and I enjoyed it because it was quiet. Forks, Washington had always been a quiet, small town and nothing exciting very happened. Much like my life.

Yet things were changing, currently my favorite book was getting turned into a movie and, it was to be filmed right here in Forks! The book was called, Love spelled backwards is love' and it was set to start filming on Monday. My plan was to go to the filming during my lunch break on Monday. Seeing as one of my favorite actor, Edward Cullen was staring in it alongside Tanya Denali.

They were also off screen lovers and I had this strange fascination to follow their love story. No one could deny his love for her by the photos you would see of couple. I wanted something like that-

"You look deep in thought. Anything you want to talk about?" a voice states breaking my train of thought.

Glancing up I realize that my stepsister Leah was the one came through the entrance and broke my thoughts.

"No Lee, I'm fine." I begin, watching as she began to play with the sign in pencil, "I wanted to ask you if you would go with me on Monday to the film set."

"What changed? I thought you were going alone?" Leah asks curious now

"Our brother and your overprotective boyfriend." I begin rolling my eyes at her annoyance, "They both told me that it wasn't safe, and that some Hollywood guy might kidnap me."

"Fine. I'll go with you but you need to start standing up to them." Leah states before saying good bye.

When Monday finally came around I eagerly clocked out for lunch and met up with Leah and Rose.

"You didn't have to come Rose. We'll be fine alone, I'm only here because Bella asked me to." Leah states

Rose rolls her eyes in annoyance as she glances between us, "I came to watch them film the movie. Not hang out with you two."

"Anyway." I begin breaking the silence, "I'm going across the street for coffee, anyone want anything?"

"No thanks." They both replied sending me on my way.

Sighing I walk away from them. In honesty, I didn't even want coffee. I just wanted some alone time. Crossing the street and entering the local coffee shop I ordered an iced coffee. Browsing the shelves of coffee supplies I soaked in the relaxing atmosphere. The strong whiff of brewing coffee surrounded you and the ambient music enhanced the experience.

After paying for the coffee I bounded out the door and stopped at the curb as a green Porsche turned the corner rapidly. Spraying watering all over my scrubs I couldn't help but grimace. Seriously!

Ugh. If it wasn't for the extra set of scrubs in my car I would not be happy. Shaking my head, I veer off course and head to my car instead of going back to Lee and Rose.

Now with a new pair of clothes in my hand I head back towards the coffee shop to go change. I needed to hurry or Leah and Rose will start to wonder where I went. Hurrying I turn the corner and cut between to park cars when-

Ugh! One of the car doors had opened right into me. Spilling my coffee all over myself and the clean pair of clothes I just grabbed.

"Really?! Now I have to go home and change!"

That's when she stepped out of her green Porsche. Tanya Denali. Her blonde hair flung over her shoulder as she laughed on her cell phone. "No just some dumb hick yelling about something."

"Yes, I'm yelling because you just spilt coffee down the front of me."

She just waved me off and keep walking.

"Excuse me! There is this thing called common courtesy! I don't care who you are but I'm covered in coffee thanks to you!"

"Hold on, darling." She turned and gave me an evil look. "I don't care who you are either. I'm sure you can scoot on over to the Piggly Wiggly and get some new clothes. Now shoo before I call my bodyguards."

I followed behind her trying to get her to understand. "You can't treat people this way just cause you're a celebrity." as she walked on set she motions for security to send me away. "I'm not a threat to her. I just want her to apologize for splashing me and spilling my coffee on me."

"You're gonna have to go miss or I'll be forced to call the cops."

Oh Charlie would love that. "That won't be necessary."