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My desk at work was simple. I didn't have many personal possessions on it just a few family photos. One of my parents during happier times, one of my mom and step dad on their wedding day, and last a collage of my sister and me and our step siblings. As I sit here staring at the collage all I can think is how pretty my sister unlike me. Rose was gorgeous. She was tall, blonde with big brown eyes. That's the only trait we share. I'm average height with brown hair and brown eyes. I'm not ugly but I'm not gorgeous like Rose either. I was average. I was happy being average. Rosalie was the type of girl you would imagine on a movie star's arm but she wasn't like that.

We were born in Forks, Washington. Our parents divorced when we were little and instead of uprooting our lives here my mom left us with our dad. She moved to Seattle just four hours away. She visited as much as she could. About five years ago she remarried. Phil was a pro baseball player with the Seattle Mainers which Rose loved. She was tomboy stuck in a glamazon's body. When people from out-of-town needed their cars fixed they were shocked to see Rose under the hood. She owned her own body shop and was only one of two mechanics here in town. I'm a nurse at the outpatient clinic in town. It was a quiet job. Never really exciting than again my life wasn't really exciting. The most excitement I got was from movies. I loved movies so just imagine how excited I was when i found out my favorite book 'Love spelled backwards is love' was being made into a movie and being filmed right here in Forks. It was set to start filming on Monday so I figured I could go on my lunch break and see a bit of it filmed.

The paps had already started showing up to catch the first shots of Tanya Denali and Edward Cullen, the stars of the movie. I'm not obsessed with celebrities or anything but I followed their love story. The way he looked at her in pictures you could just tell he loved her. I wanted a love like that. About two months ago it seemed the fairy tale was over when pictures of Tanya and her barely legal co-star surfaced. Tanya apologized profusely but it seem like Edward wouldn't forgive her. Then a few weeks ago news broke that they were back together. I'd always thought he was really good-looking but this just proved he was dumb. I will admit I seen all his movies and I thought he sounded smart in interviews but taking back his cheating girlfriend after she cheats on him and cheated on her last boyfriend with you. I did feel bad that he had his heart-broken.

I knew the feeling.

My first boyfriend, Mike cheated on me with my best friend, Jessica. I never had trusted guys after that.

At least not in that way. I had my best friend, Jake and my stepbrother, Seth to protect me from assholes. Not that I ever dated anymore.

"Bella, sweetheart, I'm going to lunch."

"Okay, Dr. Grendy. I'll hold down the fort until you get back."

I don't know how long I sat there before the bell above the door rang. My stepsister, Leah came in and sat next to my desk.

"You look deep in thought. Anything you want talk about?"

"No Lee, I'm fine. I wanted to ask you if you would go with me on Monday."

"Why don't you go alone like you planned?"

"Your overprotective boyfriend and our brother said it's unsafe. Some Hollywood guy might kidnap me."

"Sure I'll go with you but you need to start standing up to them."

I just rolled my eyes and kept thinking about how great Monday would be.

Monday on my lunch break like I planned Leah, Rose, and I went to the set to watch them film.

"You didn't have to come, Rose. We were fine alone. Bella only asked me to come for protection."

"I came to watch them film not hang out with you two even though I am enjoying the sister bonding time."

"I'm going across the street for some coffee, anyone want anything?"

"No thanks, Bella."

I didn't want coffee. I just want some time alone to enjoy this experience. After I got my coffee I was heading back across the street when a green Porsche splashed a puddle all over my scrub pants. That's okay. I have an extra pair in my truck. As I lean in my passenger side door looking for my pants I hear a car pull up but ignore it. I find my pants and lock up my truck as I went to walk away the car next to me open their door and knocked my coffee down my shirt and clean pants I had in my hand.

"Really?! Now I have to go home and change!"

That's when she stepped out of her green Porsche. Tanya Denali. Her blonde hair flung over her shoulder as she laughed on her cell phone. "No just some dumb hick yelling about something."

"Yes, I'm yelling because you just spilt coffee down the front of me."

She just waved me off and keep walking.

"Excuse me! There is this thing called common courtesy! I don't care who you are but I'm covered in coffee thanks to you!"

"Hold on, darling." She turned and gave me an evil look. "I don't care who you are either. I'm sure you can scoot on over to the Piggly Wiggly and get some new clothes. Now shoo before I call my bodyguards."

I followed behind her trying to get her to understand. "You can't treat people this way just cause you're a celebrity." as she walked on set she motions for security to send me away. "I'm not a threat to her. I just want her to apologize for splashing me and spilling my coffee on me."

"You're gonna have to go miss or I'll be forced to call the cops."

Oh Charlie would love that. "That won't be necessary."