Okay so alot of people liked this story, so I decided to go ahead and make a sequel even though I labeled it complete. All you viewers have xInkedInBlood to thank, this person encouraged me to write the sequel.

Basically, its five years later and Harry and Malfoy (no matter how much I love Drarrys I blatantly refuse to call Malfoy by his dreadful first name) are still together. They decide to reminisce about the first time they had sex, which leads to some hot and heaviness. You'll find out what happened to them after Filch and Mrs. Agnes caught them. From Malfoy's POV. Smut warning, naturally. They still call each other by their last names. Oh, meant to put this on the first one but Dumbledore ain't dead. That was bullshit killing him.

Waking up spooned against Potter has its benefits. Looking down at him with the sunlight streaming from the window onto his face, I smile fondly at him. Not that I would smile like that at him while he was awake. No, Malfoys do not show fondness. That's unbecoming.

Growing impatient with my amante's apparent lack of arising, I lick a stripe up his neck. Upon reaching his ear, I lightly nibble on the soft flesh of his lobe.

"Wake up, amante. Though a virtue, patience is not a trait I am familiar with."

Almost instantly, Potter's eyelashes began fluttering and his body tensed slightly against mine before relaxing; further melding his body onto my own. A hand crept up to grab mine, which was resting lightly on his stomach.

"Malfoy," He breathed. "Morning."

I raised an eyebrow and smirked down at him, "A proper greeting, I believe, if it was morning. Unfortunately, it is now the afternoon. Apparently, we slept half the day away." Not that it made much of a difference. Contrary to belief, Potter decided to live the free life; using money from his (and mine) vast amount of vaults for support with a more than occasional splurge.

Many people were outraged when Potter announced he wouldn't become an Auror…or take up any job at all. Many blamed me-I am well known for my reliance of my parent's (now mine) money during my days at Hogwarts-and tried to convince him to break up with me. Naturally, he was horrified at the idea and told everyone off-including the Weasel and Mud-Granger. Most didn't care about his relationships and were only trying to convince him to join the Auror department but Potter convinced them to leave him alone with a good blast of wordless, wandless magic.

Honestly, I agree with him. Spending nearly eight years of his life fighting old No-Nose dampened his interest in fighting the Dark Arts. Besides, there is barely any crime in the Wizarding World after the Dark Lord; cowards are too afraid to do anything. Of course, Potter and I have committed numerous illegal actions the five years we've been together.

Potter's eyes opened and he grinned at me mischievously, "All with good reason, love. Both of us were pretty busy last night, if I do say so myself."

Shuddering slightly at the moniker Potter bestowed upon me, I leaned towards him till our noses were touching. "A good reason indeed. One of the best reasons I ever had, I believe."

Frowning slightly, he turned towards me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "I don't think so. I can think of time that was better than last night."

"Oh? Do enlighten me."

Sliding his hands slowly up my back, Potter looked at me through half lidded eyes already dark with lust. "Oh, I don't know. Our first time, maybe?"

Scowling slightly, I thought back to the first time we had sex; the night I bonded Potter to me. More like he practically forced me to drink his blood. It was a very unMalfoy-like to lose control like that, especially considering the location. Having sex in a broom closet while hiding from Filch is not what most would consider the best. Even if the sex was mind blowing.

Potter interrupted my thoughts, with a thoughtful look on his face. "What were those words you said to me? Not amante…I know that means lover. The other one…um…Io su to, or something?"

A rush of warmth ran through me as I whispered, "Io sono tou. I am yours."

Beneath me, Potter shuddered and pressed against me. "Mmm. That's it. What language is that, Malfoy?"

My cock twitched in response to his arousal and my voice was deep and husky when I responded to him, "Italian."

He shifted slightly, angling his pelvis perfectly against mine and gave a soft thrust into it; pulling a sharp gasp from me. "A beautiful language." He murmured.

"Indeed, amante."

His eyes flicked up to meet mine and I was immersed in brilliant green before I crashed my lips into his in a wonderfully bruising kiss. I ground my pelvis into his slowly, not letting up till he was mewling beneath me, gasping my name.

"Malfoy. Oh, Merlin please, Malfoy. I need you to fuck me now. Oh shit, please."

Laughing quietly at my amante's vulgar language, I quickly prepared him. We were already nude due to our actions prior the night before.

Nails digging into my back, Potter was arching off the bed; tears of ecstasy rolling down his cheeks, mouth open in a perfect 'O'. I winced, Potter had a habit of clutching my back, therefore it was covered in little nearly healed half moons and more than a few times did he re-open some.

Slowly sheathing myself into his hot tight hole, I smiled to myself. It was worth a little pain to be able to feel pleasure like this whenever I wanted, since Potter seemed to stay horny teen as the years pass and is always ready for more sex.

"Faster…oh please more Malfoy…harder please." Below me, said man was writhing about, desperately impaling himself on my dick.

Changing my angle, I pounded into Potter's prostate; holding his hips as he arched into me and screamed. Feeling the familiar warmth gathering to my lower abdomen, I leaned lower-Potter's legs resting on my hips-and ground into his prostate; wrenching another scream from him as he came.

A second later, I did the same, not surprising since he clenched down on me as he came. Suddenly lethargic, I fell onto Potter-careful not to squish him-and nuzzled into his neck. Soon, the temptation was too great and I gently bit him, drawing his blood into my mouth.

A chuckle reverberate from his body into mine. Lifting up slightly after closing the wound, I looked questioningly at my amante.

"No…it's just that this reminds me a lot of our first time. The look on your face was priceless when you said the wards broke and Filch ran into the room."

Sneering, I shuddered in disgust as I remembered Filch's leering looks.

"But the look on Dumbledore's face is what really got me."

Relaxing back onto Potter, I laughed, recalling the old coot's face as he looked at his supposed 'Chosen One' who just got caught having sex with the 'Slytherin Prince'.


Glancing over at Potter, I sneered at his pale face. Honestly, was it that bad to get caught having sex? I mean, for Salazar's sake! We're both grown men. Not to mention bonded. Dumbledore., I might added albeit grudgingly, is more than smart enough to know not to interrupt when a Dark Creature is committing a bond, let alone try to break one.

Well, speak of the devil. In comes the old coot a disturbingly bright yellow dressing gown, a matching sleeping hat and a disappointed frown.

"Now, it has come to my understanding that the two of you were behaving…inappropriately in a broom closet, Mr. Malfoy…Harry." Dumbledore aimed his disapproving frown at Potter.

Impossibly growing paler under the old man's gaze, he tried to come up with a valid excuse. "Uh…you see, Professor…well, me and Malfoy…we were-"

"Professor, Potter's actions are my fault." Bloody Griffindor was beginning to rub off on me already. "I know you know about me being a vampire. Well, I bonded to Potter and was required to consummate the bond, therefore giving both of us a valid reason for being out after curfew. I will not be caught anywhere near Griffindor Tower and I know Potter feels the same about the dungeons. Neither of us are ready to tell our friends so weekends are a no-go. And other than that we have classes all day, only leaving after curfew."

Leveling his gaze on me, Dumbledore almost looked vengeful. "I am aware of that Mr. Malfoy. Yet, that does not change the fact that you were both out after hours, and were doing inappropriate things no less-"

"Oh please! We are both grown men! Not to mention he is probably stronger than all your students combined! Whether we are out after curfew or doing the nasty is none of your business!" At that moment, Severus and McGonagall entered.

"I agree with Draco, Albus. I believe they are more than capable of handling themselves." Severus drawled, looking utterly bored.

McGonagall on the other hand… "Mr. Potter! I am severely disappointed in you! Walking the corridors after curfew, committing indescribables, consorting with Slytherins-"

"I see no problem with Mr. Potter's relations with one of my Slytherins. I see no reason why you should not feel the same, Minerva." Severus' voice could've froze hell over.

"Well-I…I just-" she sputtered.

"Minerva, calm yourself. Severus, Mr. Malfoy I see you point. The problem has been resolved and the two of you will face no consequence, Harry, Mr. Malfoy. Shall we all return to our rooms now?" The headmaster looked green.

Sharing a look, Potter and I ran out before anyone could change their minds. Behind me, I could hear McGonagall sputtering indignantly.

"That went better than I expected."

"Oh, please Potter. You looked like you were ready to pass out."

"Fuck off, Malfoy."

I looked at him smugly, "Already did that."


~~Flashback End~~

"McGonagall looked ready to kill, though." Lethargy creeping back on me, I could only nod and press my cheek into Potter's shoulder.

As my eyes closed I the last thing I heard was Potter whisper, "I love you, you Slytherin git."

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