Chapter eight:
We had just relocked the door when Talbot came down the stairs, she looked shocked to see all of three of us together, folding. It passed fast. She smiled

"Jessica, sweetie, your parents are about to leave, come say goodbye." I nodded and bid a do to Chloe and Rae, then followed the graying nurse. Lily and Allen were holding hands in Gill's office, both smiling at my as I walked up to them. Lily grabbed my hand with her free one.

"We have to go now sweetheart, We'll come back every week, and we'll bring Kimberly when we can." I nodded and throw my arms around her, she looked down at me shocked.

"Thanks for not sending me back." Tears started to form in Lily's eyes

"I'll never send you back" Lily wrapped her arms around me, laying her head on mine. We pulled apart and I gave Allen a quick hug before they left, Talbot smiled at me, eyes shining, one of the smiles I'd never gotten from her, but I'd seen her give Peter. Was it really so out of character to give some one a hug? I shrugged on the inside and went to go find Simon and Derek, I had a few things to tell them, and even more for Derek. The boys were outside kicking around the soccer ball, I suck up behind Simon knowing Derek wouldn't say anything and kicked it out from under Simon's feet, he jumped a foot in the air. Derek chuckled and I was gripping my sides from laughing so hard. Simon glared at me, then started laughing with us. We settled down and started kicking the ball around.

"So where've you been?" Simon asked, I kicked the ball to Derek

"Lily and Allen came to take me out to breakfast." Derek kicked the ball to Simon, obviously annoyed that we weren't' going fast enough. Simon kicked it back to him and smiled at me.

"I take it went well considering I've never see you so glowey, it makes your hair look redder."

"I think she looks the same." Derek grumbled and kicked the ball into the air with his foot. Simon rolled his eyes.

"That's because you don't know girls like I do, and she my brother, is glowing." I stared at him puzzled

"I'm not glowing, your just an idiot" he winked at me

"but I'm a handsome one." My cheeks turned bright red, I grabbed the ball from Derek and throw it at Simon's head. Derek laughed, Simon rubbed his head, bottom lip sticking out, I smiled.

"Don't be a little girl Bae" Simon puffed out his chest, pain forgotten.

"Who are you calling a little girl, I'm a man, I'm the manliest man you've ever meet." I glanced over at Derek and cocked an eyebrow

"manliest man I've ever meet, I'm pretty sure Derek hadn't dyed his hair to get a girl to like him before." Derek snorted, I beamed at Simon "not that you have either." Simon glared at Derek

"you told her!" Derek shrugged

"figured Jess wouldn't tell anyone and I wanted to give her something to use against you." Simon throw his hands up and stormed into the house, I snickered and grabbed the ball throwing it to Derek, he bounced it in the air with his foot once again. I told Derek about 'someone' wanting Chloe to open the basement door. He listened never letting the ball touch the floor, when I was done he said he'd work on it tonight, I nodded and went inside to catch up on my homework from missing class and did my chores, even washing dishes wasn't ruining my mood.

Derek's POV:
I'd just gone inside, thinking of what Jess had said when I passed the media room, clicking was coming from inside. I popped my head in to see Chloe on the computer, face inches away from the screen, eyes huge. Me being curious as I usually was I snuck up behind her and smirked, the heading of the article she was reading was all I needed.

Fatal accident at A.R. Gurney

I neutralized my face and said

"Is that who you saw?" She spun around in the chair, I pointed to the heading "A.R. Gurney. That's your school. You saw that guy, didn't you?" She blinked

"I don't know what you're talking about." I stared at her like she was stupid, never in my life had I meet someone so difficult.

"Don't play with me." She clicked the browser off

"I was doing schoolwork. For when I go back. A project." It took everything I had in me not to smiled, she was a horrible lair, it was kinda cute, in a naive sort of way.

"On what 'People who died at my school?' You know, I've always heard art schools were weird….."

"Weird?" Her tone was so harsh it almost made me take back a few steps

1.) Cute
2.)Not afraid of me

I can see what Simon sees in her.

"You want something to research?" I leaned over and took the mouse. Her tiny face made a little disgusted look. Damn. The deodorant wasn't working again. I glared at her, angry. Why? I don't know. It's not like I cared what she thought. I closed my elbows all the same and entered the search bar. I put in one word Necromancer, it was time she looked a little history of her race, it was time she excepted it, the sooner she did the sooner Jess, Simon, and her could all get out of here. "Try that. Maybe you'll learn something." I walked out of the room, not looking back to see if she was really looking at it. I found Jess in the kitchen doing dishes humming to herself, I didn't know why Simon didn't like her like he did Chloe, she was pretty, and smart, and caring. But I guess I could judge because I didn't like her like that either, but still, she was around long before Chloe was, and he never ever looked at her like that. Simon even had a thing for gingers, he date this girl named Cindy for three months, the entire time we stayed in that town, she was a redhead, longest relationship Simon ever had. But he never even gave Jessie a second look

"you keep staring at me I'm going to start charging some type of fee." She smiled over her shoulder at me I smirked, did I mention she was funny?

"Think I'm getting somewhere with Chloe, she's looking at Necromancers right now, at least I hope she is" Jess nodded, curls bobbing.

"Good, maybe you can write a note from Simon and I'll stick it in her room, that why you can see if she looked it up in private." Smart, really smart

"good idea." She dried her hands

"I'm full of them, now if you will excuse me, I have math to do." I nodded and moved out of her way

"come get me if you need help." She beamed at me

"would have gotten you if you told me to leave you alone" she walked away, going up the stairs, I went to the pantry to get what I came for, something to eat.

Jessica's POV:
Turns out my math was a lot easier then I thought it was so I got done faster, I was walking down the stairs when Derek slipped me a note, I nodded and ran back up, placing the note on Chloe's bed, then back downstairs. I prayed that Derek did royally fuck up, but the boy was unpredictable, oh well, what could go wrong? I was sitting on the stairs when Chloe walked upstairs, then back down, note in her hand to the basement, I smirked when Derek came down not long after, I opened my book reading. Five minutes later Chloe came running past me, holding her arm, I dropped my book and ran after her, getting into her room before she could lock it. She looked at me and started crying, I pulled her into a hug rubbing her back

"shh, Chloe, what happen, are you okay?" She sniffled, I pulled her back where I could look into her eyes but the dark mark on her arm drew my attention. I grabbed her hand and made her straiten her arm, bruises were already forming and you could clearly make out finger prints, I growled. "I'm going to kill him" Chloe didn't ask how I knew who it was, didn't even try to stop me as I stormed out the room to the basement, where he was still standing, looking at the floor. I got in front of him, pointing my finger at him. "I want you to tell me why Chloe had a big ass bruise on her arm." I spoke throw my teeth, Derek refused to look at me so I grabbed his face, forcing him to look me in the eyes. "It was an accident right? Tell me what happened" he forced his head out of my grip

"I didn't mean to, she just made me mad, and she tried to leave, and I grabbed her." He looked at his hands "I let go of her the second I realized what I was doing." I let out a long breath

"it was an accident, but it was stupid, what is with you, your never like this!" He rubbed his face

"I don't know, I'm just not patient lately, and she made me feel stupid, and I just reacted!" I held my hands up

"and because you just reacted she has a bruise in the shape of a handprint!" I ran his hand throw his hair

"is she okay?" I throw my arms up in the air

"no she has a giant bruise on her arm!" He winched

"is it bad?" I stared at him like he was stupid

"what part of big ass purple handprint bruise on her arm do you not understand!" He winched and I felt a little bad for yelling at him but he had to learn, instinct was no excuse. "You need to get control Derek, you've known what you were your entire life, and yes I've already changed and that may help me, but you need to learn to breath!" He rolled his eyes, and tried to move past me, I stuck my hand out into his path "I'm not saying don't go near Chloe, but I'd stay away for a while. Simon doesn't need to know about this." Derek looked strait ahead

"that is if Chloe doesn't tattle on me." I glared at him

"Chloe is not a tattle tale. She's better then you give her credit for, she's not just some blonde bimbo." He gave a slight nod and shoved passed me I rubbed my face and went back upstairs to check on Chloe. She was sitting one her bed taking in a deep breaths, I sighed and went to sit next to her "Derek, he's not a bad guy, he just acts….." she rubbed her arm. I sighed and grabbed her elbow inspecting her arm, the bruises were a lot darker then earlier, but that was to be expected. I let go and rubbed my face "Your going to have to wear long sleeves" she looked at me sheepishly.

"How do you know I'm not just going to tell?" I glanced over at her

"because I can read people and you are not a tattletale" she looked at me doubtful, I stood, crossing my eyes and glaring at her "and you owe me a favor, and I'm asking. No begging, don't tell anyone, please, I'll get on my knees if you want." She shook her head

"I wont tell, your right I owe you, but I just want to know why. Why do you care what happens to him. Yes your friends with him, but he's rude and irritating, and he's terrifying."

It would hurt Simon….

He better then he seems.

"You don't know him like I do." Chloe looked at me shocked

"you and him are a couple?" I chocked on air.

"No. God no. Never. Not in a million years, never like that." She nodded slowly

"he's just a good guy?" I nodded, and brushed my hair out of my eyes "do good guys make you look at crazy people raising zombies?" I blinked a few times

"for reasons….." she glared at me

"what reasons!" I too in a deep breath

"all will be reviled in time, you just need to except it, just think." She looked at me funny and I backed out of the room, going downstairs to retrieve my book.