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Chapter 1


Merlin sighed as he gazed out into the vast lake of Avalon. Seventeen hundred years have passed and he still awaited the return of Arthur. Throughout the centuries Merlin travelled, though never far. The Old Religion had given him meager tasks, as he indirectly participated in both muggle and wizarding world wars.

The Old Religion was no longer the magnificent power it once was. In fact, modern day wizards hardly knew anything about the Old Religion other than the fact that it once existed. Today, Wizards and Witches, no longer referred to as sorcerers, practiced magic through the use of a wand. Of course Merlin had one in order to fit in. However, he despised using it.

While the use of this magic had faded, the Old Religion still lived on through the Earth. Merlin recalled as Balinor had once told him, he was more than just a son of his father, but he is a son of the Earth. Magic is the fabric of this world, and as such Merlin was a son of magic. This magic coursed through his body and prevailed as his life force. It was this power that kept him alive for centuries. It was this power that kept him waiting, in an ever changing world, to fulfill his destiny.

Over the years, Merlin entertained himself by enrolling in Hogwarts again and again. In fact, Merlin had helped build the school. He had helped guide the founders in the planning and early construction. Once it was completed, Merlin had even added a few of his own spells to help add to the protection.

However, Merlin grew sad as the years went by. Those with magic had separated themselves from the modern world. People forgot about magic, and it now only existed through petty illusions. Everything that Merlin and Arthur had worked to achieve was gone. The peace between those in the magical community and the rest of the five kingdoms had fallen. And now, Wizards were forbidden by the Statute of Secrecy from ever revealing the wizarding world.

What infuriated Merlin the most were those that saw themselves above those without magic. Salazar Slytherin advocated this idea, and many believed he was the first to propose this prejudice, though Merlin knew better. It had been Morgana who had instilled this mindset, although there were many before her that thought the same, others like Nimueh. However, it had been Morgana who had the most influence over the spread of this outlook.

Merlin frowned in displeasure as he saw even those who claimed to be free of prejudice, begin to refer to people differently. Those without magic became known as Muggles to the wizarding world. This had been something Merlin continued to advocate against throughout his years at Hogwarts. He believed in equality for all, even those without magic. He knew that everyone was equally important because everyone played a part in the balance.

Perhaps it was this reason that Merlin had always favored Hufflepuff. When he had known Helga Hufflepuff she had shared his views of equality and had advised her fellow founders to think likewise. She had been a strong influence on Godric and Rowena who had begun to add equality for all to their own house morals, although Salazar had continued to think himself above those without magic.

Throughout his many times at Hogwarts Merlin had been in each house multiple times. The hat continuously refused to sort him, as he was the embodiment of magic itself.

Though Merlin favored Hufflepuff as it emphasized equality and loyalty, he also enjoyed Gryffindor. The values of the house reminded him of Arthur, and whenever he would place himself there he would always feel a sense of security, like Arthur was watching over him. The morals of the house highlighted courage and bravery, something Arthur had never been short of. Being in Gryffindor reminded him so much of his past, which served as both pleasant and painful.

It reminded Merlin of the good times he and Arthur had. It reminded him of the strange looks they would get from people as manservant and prince bantered and argued, the curious stares as the actions of the two reflected that of brothers. Everyone in Camelot had known that the two possessed an abnormal master servant relationship, but as Arthur transitioned to his position as king, the people respected him more for it. Merlin had helped Arthur create a kingdom of peace and equality as their unlikely friendship allowed Arthur to break free of his father's own reign and expectations. However, being in Gryffindor also reminded him of everything he had lost, how everything that he and Arthur had worked for had been destroyed, how the Old Religion declined and all was but lost in the minds of men. These were the painful reminders that made Merlin steer clear of the house.

Yet, as time went by, Merlin was in need of a reminder. He needed to remember why he had to endure the harshness of his reality, as he was forced to watch those he befriended grow old and die. It was during these times Merlin returned to Gryffindor in order to remember the bravery and valor of those that had sacrificed themselves, just so Merlin could live to the moment of truth and await the Once and Future King's return.

Merlin knew he could not overly involve himself in the events around him. Occasionally he was allowed to indirectly interfere when his actions would not cause additional effects. It hurt him. Merlin wanted to be involved with life again. For centuries he stood in the shadows, walking with the crowd, but never being allowed to tell his story. He was lonely. After the first few centuries, Merlin tried to avoid making friends, for fear of the pain and loss he would feel upon their death. His only solace was seeing the ghosts at Hogwarts, who remembered him year after year. They didn't know his true identity, but Merlin was sure they suspected.

They respected him as many knew him to be their elder. He was able to share laughs with them, though he acquired strange looks from both the faculty and students as they wondered why Merlin would prefer the company of the ghosts rather than people. Of course they never got their answer.

Year after year Merlin would change his name. However, he would always pick something that started with an M. On the registration forms he would fill in his parent's names, though varying it between the names of his friends back in Camelot.

In order to fit in, Merlin would perform an aging spell, though this time in reverse making himself younger. This was the part Merlin hated the most because despite his size, Merlin was still a fully developed sorcerer. His magical ability succeeded any witch or wizard, and was now forced inside an 11 year old body. Containing his magic was difficult.

Merlin remembered some of his first years at Hogwarts when he had first attempted this spell. Let's just say that the Great Hall needed some redecorating and reroofing. Since then, Merlin had been extremely careful with his slip ups, making sure to visit the forbidden forest whenever possible to release excess magic that threatened to escape his small body. Upon his many returns, Merlin managed to get this down to a system.

Hogwarts was a good distraction for Merlin, as he focused on the school work and activities. However, he could not return right after graduation. In fact, the majority of Merlin's time was spent wandering, rather than in the school. He could not return until all the faculty and students had either passed or moved on with their lives. Sometimes this would only be a matter of decades, other times he would have to wait more than a century to return to the school.

In the meantime Merlin found it difficult to occupy himself. One of his greatest distractions though had been Kilgharrah and Aithusa. They had lived to this modern time along with him, though seeing them was difficult. They were the last two of the ancient race, and as the wizarding world was shrouded in secrecy, this gave both dragons less room to travel as they could no longer find safety in "Muggle" territory. Aside from that, the Ministry and "Dragon Experts" have begun to try to tame dragons.

Modern Dragons were not the same as the ancient. They were not wise and they could not speak verbally. They were dumbed down creatures, much like the Wyvern. While both Kilgharrah and Aithusa were larger in size, these dragons were still large. However, through attempts to capture and tame these beasts, both of the ancient breed fled into hiding. Their race had "died out" long ago, and for them to be rediscovered would draw far too much attention to them, jeopardizing their safety.

It has been over a century since Merlin had last seen them, though he would occasionally speak to them through their mind link in order to make sure they were safe. After the battle of Camlann, Merlin had Kilgharrah take Aithusa under his wing. While Aithusa had taken Morgana's side, Merlin had no choice but to forgive him, or he would lose yet another companion to endure the long centuries with.

Kilgharrah continued to grow old, but he remained wise and powerful. Merlin now understood the pain he had suffered as he had watched all those in his noble breed die off. Merlin had suffered the same fate, as he watched all that once followed the Old Religion turn away to the more modern practice, until it was all but forgotten. Merlin mourned the loss of the magic that coursed through the Earth. He still felt it, everywhere he went, though he knew he was the only one that could still feel it's power thrumming beneath the world's exterior.

The two had become excessively close, truly becoming kin as there was nowhere else for either to turn. If Merlin ever truly needed Kilgharrah, he knew he would come without a moment's thought. Yet, Merlin knew the dangers the dragons faced and refrained himself from summoning them, upholding his duty as dragonlord to keep the ancient race safe.

Though on some nights, when Merlin was depressed and mourned the loss of his life, he would reach out to Kilgharrah and they would talk through their minds. It was comforting, and probably the source of Merlin's sanity. Kilgharrah had become his companion, and while he also valued Aithusa's company, it was the Great Dragon that held him together. Merlin was still wary of Aithusa's alliance. The two were not as close, and Merlin wondered if Aithusa would truly ever be on his side or if he would run back into Morgana's arms were he given the chance.

Aithusa was still a mystery Merlin tried to unravel, yet it seemed Aithusa was equally wary of him. It seemed that in each of their past encounters Merlin had been forced to use his dragonlord abilities to thwart his attacks. Aithusa was hesitant to trust Merlin since his youth was spent being dictated to flee the battle. Though it had been his choice to fight alongside Morgana, it was Merlin who commanded him.

When Aithusa was born he was given a purpose, and that was to help. As he taught himself to hunt and take care of himself, he had found Morgana in the woods, hurt and slowly fading. He was born to help. He saw it was his duty then to aid her and nurse her back to health. Morgana had then befriended and took care of him. They shared a special bond and looked out for each other.

Merlin had not been there for Aithusa once he had hatched. He had expected Kilgharrah to be his guardian. Yet, Kilgharrah enjoyed asserting himself as the dominant dragon and ignored the young dragon's questions, thinking it best for life to be learned from experience. Kilgharrah was wise, and in different circumstances Aithusa may have learned, but the times set him on a different path.

The bond between Morgana and Aithusa grew as they endured perilous events by each other's side. Morgana was nurturing and became a mother like figure to Aithusa as neither Merlin nor Kilgharrah had taken time to teach Aithusa right and wrong. Merlin regretted this as he came to respect why Aithusa made the decisions he did. It was his own fault.

Aithusa was aware of the power of a dragonlord, and while they were kin, they acted like a dysfunctional family. He had found his own solace in Morgana when he had felt abandoned by both his kin. Through this they forged their bond and Aithusa would forever be indebted to Morgana.

After her death, Aithusa was left with no one, and due to this he sought amends with both Kilgharrah and Merlin. However, while he turned to them to fill a void of loneliness, they would never be his true loyalty. Merlin knew this. He knew it was his fault Aithusa turned to Morgana. He knew that he would never completely have Aithusa's trust and faith.

Sometimes Merlin wondered what would have happened if he had simply commanded Aithusa to stay away from Morgana. Yet, Merlin knew that had he done this he would have only made their relationship worse. Aithusa would feel betrayed and see it as an abuse of power. Even now Merlin didn't think he would be able to ask this of Aithusa as he couldn't deal with losing another friend, no matter how fragile their relationship was.

Right now the dragons were hidden safe within the Isle of the Blessed, which Merlin had cloaked to be shielded from all eyes save his. They were safe and that was what mattered.

For the past couple hundred years, Merlin decided to visit important landmarks of his past. He spent time in each. For a while he sought Ealdor, which was difficult for him to locate as it was not part of a wizarding community. Once he found it he stayed for many years, reflecting on his childhood. After his unchanging appearance was beginning to spark questions he had to move on.

He visited Camelot, which was now nothing but a pile of rubble and a tourist attraction, though not many knew the truth to what the shattered palace actually used to be. He had sat where the physicians chambers once had been, moving pieces of rock and digging up a bit of dirt only to find an ancient piece of torn cloth. It was faded red and Merlin laughed recognizing it as part of his neckerchief.

That was another thing Merlin had never grown out of. Throughout his years walking the Earth, the neckerchief had always remained part of his attire, even as his poorly sewn pants evolved to jeans, the neckerchief stayed part of his ensemble. Even at Hogwarts the strange neck piece replaced the traditional tie, raising questions from his teachers and fellow classmates. After seeing little change they decided to ignore it.

He had smiled remembering how even those in Camelot gave him questioning looks at his strange garment of clothing. He recalled how Arthur had once known something was amiss, eventually concluding Merlin was in danger as his neckerchief was found abandoned on one of the paths. It was his signature piece.

He then went to Arthur's chambers where he was surrounded by memories. Tourists shuffled by him, a bit unnerved as they gazed at him seeing his attachment to the fallen fortress. He soon realized the kind of attention he brought himself and left the castle, looking back with longing. No one understood.

To waist more time he recalled his adventures with Arthur, travelling to some of the most memorable locations. The first place he had gone had been the Isle of the Blessed, where he spent a couple decades with the two dragons. However, he felt it had been time to move on as he continued in his quest of remembrance. He spent time in past druid camps and other places within the different forests as he reminisced in the hunting trips.

Merlin almost found it comical as he made camp in various places remembering how he loathed the hunting trips. Yet, he looked back at them fondly thinking of Gwaine with his campfire jokes, and how the knights laughed at the banter between Merlin and Arthur.

Merlin spent much time in his father's cave, isolating himself from the rest of the world. The rest of his time was spent travelling to the Valley of Fallen Kings, hiding away in the Crystal Cave relishing in the power of the Old Religion. This Cave felt like home. This was not the first time Merlin had come here. In fact, many times in the past centuries Merlin had come here as he sought comfort in the old religion.

It was here in this Cave where past, present nor future mattered, as everything just was. It allowed time to pass without him feeling its effects. By looking into the crystals he even got to relive aspects of his past. Occasionally he would even get to talk to his father and mother who would appear in the cave. Merlin wondered why his friends never showed up. He never got an answer. However, he was thankful that he was able to see them, even if from a distance, as the crystals showed him his past.

His life was dull, and he was tired. Sometimes he wished he was back in Camelot, being bullied as he was forced to be Arthur's practice dummy. He wished he could stand next to Arthur and banter. He missed his Prat. He missed being called an idiot. He missed Gwen and her kindness. He missed Leon and his loyalty. He missed Lancelot and his selflessness, Gwaine and his alcohol, Gauis and his wisdom, Percival and his dry humor, Elyan and his valor, and even Morgana, before she turned against her friends. He missed his life. The life he led before the end, before the Battle of Camlann. It was that night, Arthur had taken his final stand. Merlin had done everything he could to save him, yet there was nothing he could do. It was two nights later Merlin held Arthur in his arms, watching the light fade from his eyes. It was that night Arthur forgave him, and accepted him for who he was. It was that night, Arthur had thanked him for the first and last time.

Merlin had felt betrayed. Everything he and Arthur worked to build would fall. While Gwen would officially unite the kingdom and lift the ban of magic, it was not long after her death the kingdom spiraled. Why did he have these powers if he could not save the people he cared about most? It was in that moment Merlin felt cheated, he felt like the joke was on him. Had Kilgharrah not been there to reassure him he had not failed, he would have become a shell. He may have become hateful. He owed more to the dragon then he could possibly know.

Yet, this did not stop him from wanting his old life back. Despite the danger, or the hard decisions, he missed his friends, the people that stood by him and made life worth living. He had nothing now save Kilgharrah, his salvation. Had the dragon fled Merlin would have drowned in his misery.

His life was so hard to endure. Sometimes, he wished he could just die. He wanted to enter Avalon and live in peace, reunited with his friends and family, forever to be in their comfort. But he couldn't. He had to wait over a thousand years to fulfill his destiny. He must wait for Arthur. When Arthur returns everything would be better. And so he waited, day after day. And still there was never a sign.

Merlin continued to think back. There had not been a sign, not until one fateful night.

Merlin had been jolted awake by the power of the Old Religion. It burned his body. He had not felt it's presence so strongly in over a thousand years. The power was magnified in the cave where he sat. It urged him to pick up the crystal and gaze into it. Merlin had felt anxious, but was filled with an excitement he had not felt in centuries. He did as he was told.

Merlin looked into the crystal, seeing a young boy in an orphanage, Tom Marvolo Riddle. Merlin watched him grow, turning to darkness and adopting the belief Merlin loathed. He saw himself better than people without magic. But Merlin watched as he became more objective, learning to see himself as better than all.

He was powerful for the modern time. However, he was still nothing compared to Merlin. Merlin wondered if the Old Religion wanted him to be disposed of. He certainly could stir an imbalance. Merlin continued to watch, realizing this was not what was wanted of him.

Instead he saw a boy, no older than a year. The parents began to scream and the father was shot down with a single spell by the dark sorcerer. The mother guarded her child, stepping in front of him, allowing her love to guide her actions. Merlin stared at the woman, her eyes filled with determination and love. She reminded Merlin of Gwen, full of love and compassion. It seemed the Old Religion saw something as well. It reached out its power to this woman, and as the dark sorcerer used the same spell to end her life, the power of the Old Religion radiated from her, acting as a shield to protect her child.

Merlin then saw who the Dark Sorcerer was. Tom Riddle. He sent his curse to the small child, but the power of the shield deflected it, sending it right back at him. What Merlin had not been expecting was the use of a horcrux, very dark magic used to split one's soul in pieces to be stored in objects, unnaturally preserving one's life.

Merlin watched as he prolonged death by drinking Unicorn blood. He also watched as the boy, Harry grew, living at his aunt and uncle's house until he was old enough to attend Hogwarts. Merlin sat watching as destiny merged the fates of both Harry and "Lord Voldemort" together. He watched as Harry defeated Quirrel and obtained the sorcerer's stone, which was later destroyed. He saw Harry defeat the Basilisk to save his friend's sister. He saw Harry free his innocent Godfather and defeat the dementors.

Merlin smiled. Harry reminded him slightly of himself, willing to go to any lengths for his friends and family. However, the visions didn't stop there. That had all been in the past. Now he was beginning to receive glimpses of the future.

The death eaters assembled, plotting the return of the Dark Lord. However each seemed distraught and confused. They seemed almost fearful of what their actions would bring. Before Merlin got a chance to hear what they were saying, the vision changed. He saw a Goblet radiating fire, as a slip of paper was thrown out of it with Harry's name. The vision changed again. A tournament with tasks, each flashing by quickly.

Finally the visions had stopped, showing one last face. A face that filled Merlin with dread as a smirk grew. A smirk that was all too familiar.

"Hello Emrys."


Merlin's mind was reeling.

Morgana. She was coming back. Merlin didn't know how or why. He didn't know what would happen because of her return. All he knew was that she needed to be stopped at whatever the cost.

Despite the severity of the situation, Merlin couldn't help but smile as he realized what this meant. He was needed. And if the visions left any clue it was where. He was going back to Hogwarts.


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