This is a new series based on a list of 50 sentences I wrote about Booth and Cam's relationship. (50 Words About Booth and Cam…Link in my profile.) I love their dynamic and I loved writing about it so much I decided to expand on the idea. Plus, some of the people I like most in the world are big Cam and Booth fans, and they're always good inspiration.

As always (and you know how bad I suck at posting regularly) this won't be posted in any organized way, and the chapters do not follow any set timeline.

My endless love and devotion to Mary, Tracy and Bailey for reading and reviewing and beta'ing for me.

This one is for Rosita, who loves her some Booth and Cam.

Chapter One: You Don't Fool Me

June, 2008

Cam stood in the doorway to Booth's office and watched as he leaned back into his chair and sighed. The stress and pain of the last two months was written all over his face, and with the closing of their last case, she could see that her old friend was affected more than she or anyone else had realized.

"Cam?" Booth's voice invaded her musings and she almost blushed, embarrassed to have been caught staring. She entered his domain with a small smile and a proffered cup of Starbucks.

"Hey, big man." She placed the still-hot coffee in front of him and watched, amused, as he took a deep breath and inhaled the deep, rich scent before sipping the brew carefully. As he closed his eyes in caffeine-induced relief, she decided to plow right in with the reason for her visit. "We've missed you around the lab lately."

Swallowing, Booth stifled a wince at Cam's blunt comment and the wave of shame that unexpectedly washed over him. "Yeah, well…that's Brennan's domain, not mine. You squints usually give me what I need and save me the trip over." Even he knew that his excuse sounded lame.

"Uh huh." She settled into the chair across from him, primly crossing her legs and leveling her piercing stare at him. "And when was the last time you were able to bullshit me, Seeley?"

He glared at her out of the corner of his eye as he turned his chair to stare out the windows that shone bright with early morning Washington DC sunlight. He blinked slowly, expecting his oldest friend to continue her prodding, and when she continued to say nothing he sighed heavily and dropped his gaze to the blank screen of his computer.

Booth could make out his own reflection in the dark, hazy reflective surface and even he could see the new lines that surrounded his eyes and mouth, the natural result of two of the strangest months of his life thus far. Resigned, he took another sip of his coffee and ran a hand through his hair in frustration. "I should have seen that there was something wrong, Cam."

"You're not omniscient, Booth."

"It's my job, dammit!" He slammed his fist down on his own thigh, ignoring the immediate pain for the deeper, internal throb around his heart. "Every single day, I went into that lab and I watched that kid working with Bones, talked to him about women, gave him a hard time…and I missed it." Booth let his head tip back against his chair. "Fuck. I can't believe I missed it."

Unexpected tears pricked her eyes as Cam watched her friend finally vocalize his despair. "We all missed it, Seeley. I saw him every day, all day. If anyone should have…I mean, I was a cop, too. He fooled us all."

Shaking his head against the chair, Booth continued to look skyward. "It's broken something in her."

Her response was quiet, almost whispered. "I know."

"And I helped with that."

"You couldn't have known. She was supposed to have been told."



"Doesn't change the fact, though, does it?" His head swiveled to the side, eyes pleading with her to disagree. And as much as she wanted to, he deserved the truth.

"No. No, it doesn't."

A smile cracked his sad countenance and a half-laugh escaped him. "No bullshit, right?"

"You know it."

"I'll run by the lab later today." At her raised eyebrow, he smiled, this time genuinely. "I promise, Camille."

Cam nodded and stood, absently brushing her skirt down. "I'll hold you to it." She moved to leave the office and then paused and turned back. "And don't call me Camille."

"Then don't call me Seeley."

She tapped the doorway with her closed fist. "Love you."

"Love you too, Cam. And thanks."