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Chapter 1: Meet the boss

"YOU BETTER FUCKING FIX THIS STRYKER! OR I WILL RIP OUT YOUR THROAT!" he roared in Stryker's face "I'll make it nice and slow you slimy son of a bitch!"

Victor Creed held the colonel by his throat against the wall, only just loose enough for him to breathe. They were on the first floor of the Brotherhood base. Inside the lab where Logan was strapped down on a table. Weakened and dying thanks to the adamantium that had been injected into his bones thirty years ago.

"Vic... I mean... mister Creed… please, you have to believe me!" the old man gasped as he almost choked on Victor's grip "There is nothing I can do for Logan! The adamantium has been poisoning him and we cannot operate because of his healing factor. His memories… they won't come back unless the bullets are out and again: we cannot operate on him. We didn't know this when we-"

Victor roared violently in the little man's face.

"You put those bullets in there! You find a way to get them out! Same goes for the adamantium you useless piece of shit!"

"Boss, he ain't no use if he's dead" Toad tried to settle between them.

Creed instantly dropped the colonel to the floor.

"He ain't no fucking use to me now!" he barked in Toad's face.

"Please… mister Creed" the ex-military man pleaded for his life.

Creed turned around and looked down at Stryker with much disgust in his eyes.

"I will make you wish for something as sweet as death tiny man… You will suffer… I will break you, I will fucking eat your guts out, you mutant hating scum. So you better think of something, or someone who can take out these bullets and this poisoning adamantium of yours"

Stryker coughed and gasped for air from his position on the ground.

"There… there might be… a way, there's a chance that maybe…"

"Fucking spill it Stryker or my claws will be digging into that brain of yours before the night's over!"

"I know of a mutant… she has this power…" he coughed once more and looked Creed in the eyes "She can absorb pain and injuries. I'm not sure how she has developed her powers though. I've not seen her in thirty years. But she might have a chance of curing Logan"

Creed looked down at Stryker in disgust "Was she one of your little captives for that fucking project X you scumbag?"

"Something like that" Stryker replied, feeling ashamed enough to look away from Creed.

"Tell me everything you know about her" Creed demanded "And get the fuck up from the floor!"

"Her powers take away pain and injuries" Stryker said as he stumbled and pulled himself to his feet clumsily "She absorbs them after which she is weakened for only a little while because she has a healing factor. Once she has recovered from them, she can just do it again, absorbing more pain and injuries. Eventually the subject, I mean your brother, will completely heal. Maybe she can absorb the poisoning adamantium and the bullets in his brain. She won't die from it"

Creed scoffed loudly "Like I give a shit"

"I just mean to say, you will need her to use her powers on Logan more than once so you need her alive. The healthier she is, the more she can absorb"

"So where do I find this bitch?"

"I'm not sure, her birth name is Amy but she doesn't use it I think. She goes by her mutant name which is Ylva. Last name: Aleksandrov"

"She Russian or sumthing?"

Stryker blinked several times and nodded nervously "Her mother was, she goes by her name now. I believe she's still a concert pianist and music teacher. Last time I checked she worked for the New York State Theater"

"Well this little bird won't be hard to find. Well done Stryker, guess we'll let you live just a little bit longer" Victor replied contently with an evil grin on his face.

"But there is one problem" Stryker reluctantly admit "Her DNA… is spliced with specific wolf DNA. Which means… she is a canine feral. Like you sir"

The big feral mutant slowly cocked his head to one side, curling his lip in an angry snarl.

"And why would that be a fucking problem Stryker?" Creed sneered.

For a second there, he thought Stryker had the guts to insult his mutant DNA. Canine ferals were the top of the evolution scale according to Victor Creed. With the keenest sense of sense and smell of all ferals. Acute hearing and eyesight, extreme physical strength, speed, reflexes and agility. Not to mention the enhanced stamina.

Mystique quickly pulled him aside to explain more thoroughly.

"Boss, have you ever met a female feral? Not just any feral but an actual feral from the subclass 'canines'? A mutant of your own kind. Descendant from wolfs and with a big ass healing factor…"

"No, where the fuck would I run into one of those?! Didn't even know bitches like that existed. I thought ferals were all men"

"The women are very rare. They hide to survive"

"Where the fuck from!? If they are feral mutants they have killer instincts and they are physically stronger than anyone else. Besides, with a healing factor like ours, where the fuck would you hide from?!"

"From male ferals. Like you. Ferals are easily provoked and extremely territorial. The females usually hide from male ferals because the males cannot help themselves around them. Apparently something in their scent drives your guys absolutely nuts. Makes you guys wanna mate with them and mark them for life. If anyone as much as looks at your marked feral mate, you'll go nuts on bloodlust" she explained most seriously to Creed.

Creed scoffed and shook his head, obviously not taking the shape shifter serious.

"That's fucking bullshit Myst. I get around with frails more than enough"

"Oh, you mean those crying women that always end up broken or killed when you raid someone's place?" Mystique asked mockingly.

"Yeah those. I like it when they scream, you got a problem with that?"

The blue shape shifter chuckled "Beats me"

He shrugged "For some reason they don't appreciate my natural charm and charisma. Anyway, don't you worry, I have no problem controlling myself around some little bitch who's here to heal my brother. I won't lay one finger on her since I obviously need her as healthy as possible to heal Jimmy. Besides, after she's healed him, I can do whatever the fuck I want with her. But marking her for life… Monogamy and shit? I don't think so. Send Toad and Quicksilver to find the bitch. Let them take a jet and make them hurry the fuck up. I don't want Jimmy weakened any more than he is now. She can't be hard to find; weird fucking name and a weird fucking profession"

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