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"She doesn't belong here boss"

He narrowed his eyes but didn't look to his side.

"The fuck you talking 'bout Mystique?"

He was down in the lab, keeping an eye on his little captive as she slowly lingered her hands over Logan's chest, absorbing certain amounts of damage gradually. Making sure she wouldn't weaken herself too much since he still needed her. Or maybe he didn't… Stryker said one more try would possibly be enough.

"She does not belong with us. But you want her to stay" Mystique said as she stood next to him, neither one of them looking each other in the eye. Instead they looked at Ylva.

"Of course I want her to stay. She's a fucking powerful mutant with abilities that this Brotherhood needs"

The blue mutant chuckled "That's not why you want her to stay"

"If you know everything so well shape shifter, why don't you fucking tell me why I want her around"

"To warm your bed" Mystique simply stated.

Instantly, vivid images of all the different ways he could fuck the little wolf came to his mind. Mmmm, yes as soon as this was over and done with, as soon as Jimmy was alive, he'd drag her to his room to fuck her every way possible.

"So two birds, one stone. What's it to you?" he asked Mystique agitatedly.

"She's not at all like us Tooth'. Look at her: She's not a killer. I bet she hasn't killed anyone in her entire life. I mean; for Christ sake, healing people, seriously? Taking damage to safe other people's sorry asses. This is what she's been doing the last thirty years or so. Taking care of her disabled and mentally insane brother. Practically devoting her life to making his life worthy. Boss, even you can't be blind to this: she does not belong here. She won't wanna stay if you ask"

"I can make her stay!" he hissed without taking his eyes off Ylva.

"That you probably can. But you gave her your word and she will never fit in here. She is nothing like any of us. Instead of telling you to go fuck yourself, she's selflessly healing your brother"

Victor growled deeply "Selflessly my ass, I'll rip her to shreds if she doesn't do as I say"

Mystique scoffed, her boss was ridiculously stubborn "She doesn't give a shit about you threatening her life. Trust me: I recognize a woman with nothing to lose when I see one. She's helping you because she wants to"

According to Stryker, this would be Jimmy's last procedure. Now he just needed to rest and make it through the night. It was safe to say that he would finally be able to wake up in the morning.

Same story for Ylva. She was absolutely shattered after this last session with his brother. She literally almost dropped to the floor if Victor hadn't caught her.

He brought her up to their room and put her to bed. Let her rest for now. Her little body seemed broken but he knew she would restore soon enough, just like all the other times she had done this with Jimmy.

She woke up that night, only to find she was wrapped up in a pair of masculine feral arms. She shifted a little but he didn't give. Instead he only pulled her closer to his chest and moved his legs to entwine with hers. Now she was sure he was awake and purposely holding her in place. How she ended up in his arms was a mystery though. Just like the other day when they woke up like this…

If he would have moved her and forced her body to connect with his during the night, she would've woken up. Being a light sleeper and all. So there was only one explanation: they moved in their sleeps and this was the position their unconscious bodies preferred.

She shifted again. "Let go" she hissed.

"Why?" a content smirk on his face "I'm perfectly comfortable, aren't you?"

He put meaning to his words by letting one of his arms glide down her body, sending a tremor down her legs "Hm, you smell so good little wolf. I wanna eat you"

With his one arm wandering over her body, she took the opportunity to move away from him to the far side of her bed.

He growled. Uptight little bitch. She couldn't help getting wet for him and yet she didn't allow herself to give in. Well, he wasn't gonna take her if she denied him. Not that it had ever stopped him before. Things were just different this time. He wasn't sure how, but they just were.

"You feeling okay again?" he asked, meaning her physical condition after healing Jimmy.

"I'm fine. Can I please go back to sleep now sir?"

He turned on his back "Fine. Exciting day for you tomorrow, if you're lucky, you'll be a free woman again"

She froze "What do you mean if I'm lucky? You gave me your word"

He chuckled darkly "Let's just say I'm still thinking about it"

He yawned, turned around and went back to sleep.

Her breathing increased as did her anger. He gave her his word! Even Mystique said that you could trust him when he had sworn on his honor. How foolish… How stupid she had been! This was the fucking Brotherhood, he was Victor Creed! What good would his word do her? This was a crime organization, not a bloody social gathering. Of course he would never let her go if he didn't want to. He was a killer, a hunter and most of all: an Alpha wolf with a freshly claimed toy.

Tears burned behind her eyelids. How foolish she had been, how naive. Of course she had to help the Wolverine and of course she had to do whatever mister Creed told her to do if she ever wanted to see Jason again. But in the mean time she should have used the given opportunities to search for a way out. Because he was not just going to let her go.

She clenched her fists and grinded her teeth together. She was such a bloody fool! To trust such a predatory, sadistic, cruel and seductive man. Such a naïve little fool.

She heard his steady breath and figured he was already asleep again. Not a care in the world. But her entire life had just been turned upside down. If she didn't do what she had to do, she would never see Jason again. And he needed her more than anything.

There was only one thing she could do.

Ylva soundlessly got out of bed. It wasn't until then that she noticed she was wearing one of his shirts as a nightgown again. And the candle was burning too. He had changed her clothes and made a light for her in the dark.

She quickly shook her head. It didn't matter. A few acts of kindness would not erase all the brutality he had put her through. All the mood swings, all the threats. But what about the fact that he saved her life? What was that worth to her? God, this was so confusing! He had saved her life, twice. Because she came back for her brother after he set her free. It was such a long time ago but still she felt like she owed him the world for it.

But Jason was more important than this feral man. So without debating herself any longer, she walked over to the cabinet and took out the knife. Her knife. Her Musarama blade. This time she would not miss. She swallowed hard and before she could change her mind, she was already standing next to him, leaning over the bed with the blade merely two inches away from his throat.

If she did this, there was no going back. She would have to run and run fast. She would have to kill the man who had given her a real chance of living all those years ago. Not just her, but also her brother. It would have been so much easier for him to just get rid of the scrappy little feral girl in the cage. But instead he had chosen to set her free, to cloth her and protect her. To do the same for her brother when she came back that night. He owed her nothing and yet he had given her everything that night. She would never be what she was now, if he would've made a different decision that day. If he would have chosen the easy way out. The selfish way out.

And now she was standing over him, with a blade, meaning to back stab him at first chance.

This was not her… This was not a thing she would do… She couldn't. Not to anyone and most certainly not to him. He was supposed to be her knight. A dark knight, sure. But a knight still. One with mood swings and tendencies towards violence when things didn't go his way. One who wanted to possess her instead of… Well, one who's growls would make her purr and who's talons could set her skin on fire.

She closed her eyes and withdrew the blade. But before she could move away, his claw entwined her little wrist and pressed the blade to his throat.

"Do it"

She stared at him with wide eyes. Not able to believe what he just said.

"Do it!" he repeated in a hiss.

He could see the obvious confusion on her face. The fear, the doubt, confliction. Mingled with a teasing hint of arousal.

He smirked. Little wolf couldn't kill him. He could smell she never even wanted to. His hand gripped both her upper arms and the blade dropped to the floor. He stared into her eyes, they were more intense than ever.

In one swift move he flipped her over, her body pinned half beneath his and his hand around her waist.

He smirked and eyed her lips "Now for a moment there… I thought you were going to kill me… But I see you came to pay your debt little wolf"

She knew what debt he was speaking off. But that's not what she came here for… was it?

"No… I-"

He grumbled "You what? Can't help getting wet for me?"

He took both her wrists in one hand and brought them above her head. His other hand slicing through the fabric of her shirt, revealing her delicious body beneath him. A whimper of fear knotted up with a moan of pleasure. A very demanding moan.

He smirked as his other hand caressed her arms, all the way down to her shoulders, her collarbone, her chest… She started struggling underneath him. Trying to pull out of his fierce grip and moving her trembling legs around, trying to kick him violently. She groaned as she fought against him.

It amused him and he put more pressure on her limbs. His hand roamed down her stomach and his talon teased the top part of her panties. The more she wanted him, the more she struggled against him. And she struggled hard against him. He bared his teeth and growled at her.

She tried to get out of his grip, wiggled her body around to get away from him and tried to fight him with everything she (didn't) have. But her smell told a complete different tale. She fucking wanted him deep inside her. So why she wouldn't just give in and let him take her, was a fucking mystery to him. One he couldn't be arsed to unravel tonight.

His hand moved lower and lower…

"Awww!" A jolt of electricity shot right through her when she suddenly felt his knuckle between her soaking wet folds. She moaned loudly and threw her head back. He slowly rubbed the sensitive nub and inner lips. His mouth found her neck and he suckled hard on it. Wanting to possess, needing to claim. She stopped fighting. Her head was spinning and the only thing she could feel, was his hand between her legs. Rubbing her, circling her, forcing out feelings she was unfamiliar with nor could she control them.

To see her so needy, aching for him, her body begging for more of him, made his erection harder than ever. It was fucking painful by now. The way she moved against him, the smell of her arousal, how fucking wet she was, it drove him wild and he fought hard not to just fucking take her. But he wouldn't… not until she begged him for it. Instead, he continued the torturous pleasuring of her sensitive nub. Another moan. She was so fucking wet for him.

He growled possessively against her mouth and caught her lower lip between his teeth. One fang grazed the flesh, just hard enough to draw blood. He half expected her to put up a fight when his mouth touched hers. When he smelled a hint of blood coming from her lips. But instead she opened her mouth. He traced her lower lip with his tongue, teasingly finding the inside of her mouth.

"Mine" he growled.

His tongue dived into her mouth. At that moment, she would've agreed to anything. She couldn't even find the words to object, didn't want to. The only option she had was to buck against his hand, hoping it would never leave the inside of her thighs.

She hesitantly reached out with her tongue to touch his, to feel his lips. The second she did so, the kiss became aggressive, forceful. Her need awoke the feral inside him. It verified how badly she wanted him to claim her. He entered her mouth again and she welcomed him with hers. His tongue was rough but his lips were soft. She'd given up on trying to control her moaning pleads from underneath him. Her head was spinning way too fast for anything rational.

Her hands reached out to touch him, one trying to grab his hair and the other to feel his naked skin underneath her soft palms. It was pure instinct, trying to pull him closer, digging her nails into his shoulder blades, raking them over his bare back. She could feel every inch of muscles twitch underneath her hands.

He growled and tore away her panties in one swift move. Without saying a word he started lowering his lips. Jimmy once told him frails liked that, to be kissed everywhere and shit. Especially around the neck. Well his brother was right, when his lips suckled on her neck she arched wildly and dug her nails straight into him. He chuckled internally, sweet little bitch this little wolf. His mouth and tongue continued their journey down her body. Along her throat, her chest, he flicked his tongue over her nipple and downwards her bellybutton. He slowly opened her legs and almost lost focus over the scent of her juices, hitting him like a truck. He wanted to tear her open and just plunge inside her but fuck it! He wanted her to crave him, to beg him for it, to actually reach out to him.

He kissed the inside of her leg and her need was almost unbearable, tears stinging behind her eyes. If he was not going to finish this, she would kill him! Her need was more painful than any torture he could've put her through right now.

His canines carefully broke the skin of her thigh. Her moan of pain strangled up with pleasure. His tongue gliding upwards her legs as his hands held her tightly in place, opening her legs wide for him. Exposing her most private area to him. And after as much torture as she could take, he finally tasted her moist flesh. The mere flick of his tongue could've been enough for her to release but she fought hard to hold back, wanting more of his mouth and tongue between her thighs. He slowly, agonizingly licked the insides of her folds, flicking against her nub and catching it between his rough lips. He continuously brought her to the edge of release and then halted… over and over again until she felt like popping out of her own skin.

She ripped into the bed sheets and groaned. It was the first time he actually saw her expanded claws. He was intoxicated by the new form of power he held over her. How she arched her body for him, gasped and moaned in agony, wanting more of him, begging for more of him. How her limbs trembled as his tongue tasted her sweet flesh. Simply the fact that with a mere flick of his tongue, he could withdraw any reaction possible from her little body.

Reactions he had always thought to be impossible when it came to him.

"Hmmm, Victor" she moaned his name and he halted for a mere second, shocked by her panting and moaning his name. She'd never said his first name. He decided he liked it and quickly continued, wanting to hear it again and again and again. She tasted too fucking sweet in his mouth. He greedily stroked his tongue over her sex as his hands roamed her wide open legs. Her gasping increased and her body was on fire, trembling all over and he knew she was gonna come for him. This time he would let her. It made him feel proud, being able to make her come this fast. Or being able to make a frail come at all. His own little wolf.

She arched wildly, the fire building up to an almost painful outburst. She wouldn't be able to stop her orgasm this time if she wanted to. Her breathing was absolutely ragged and finally the buildup tension shattered all around her as she released. She never even noticed how she screamed his name as he made her come, driving his claws into her legs, holding her still and his mouth driving her into the pleasure which had consumed her completely. A surge of animal pride shot through him when she came for him.

He worked his way up her body. She was still panting and trembling all over when she suddenly felt something incredibly broad pressed against her entrance. Her eyes wide flew open and met his grinning gaze. He was going to fuck this little frail into destruction. Her eyes were suddenly fearful. He opened her legs even wider and licked his lips while his hand entwined her throat.

"Tell me you want me, beg me for it" he demanded.

She blushed and arched her back for him, wanting to feel him inside her. His finger found her delicate swollen nob again and she yelped when he massaged it.

"Say it!" he hissed.

She moaned and arched up against the tip of his cock "Please—"

He growled and held on tighter, trying to enter her slowly but her body was too ready for him. He didn't wanna fucking hurt her, but it would be done. He slid straight up to her barrier and she arched beneath him, gasping for more. If he would've noticed, her small wince of pain would've stopped him, it would've made him go slower. But he didn't notice. He was too far gone. It felt too damn good to be inside her, finally inside her tightness, so he pushed forward sharply and deep into her with a wild roar.

She screamed, the inevitable pain of being stretched too wide made her do it. She struggled for a moment but he pulled back and slammed brutally into her. He let go of her throat and caught her lips with his "Mine" he growled into her mouth.

Her moans were a mix of pain and panic. But every time he drew himself from her, it subsided. Making room for painful pleasure. He wanted to give her body time to adjust but she arched underneath him, her need drove him to the edge. It disabled him to hold back any longer and he continuously drove out and slammed back into her.

The scent of blood hit the air and he fucking loved it. He kissed her roughly, demandingly, letting her know who was alpha. Her tightness could've milked him in seconds but he focused hard on control. Wanting to enjoy her as long as possible. Then again, he could do her as many times as he wished.

His big hand roamed down her throat, her breasts, her stomach and held on tight to her legs as he continuously rammed forward. Her body shaking with every hard thrust. At first it felt like he was tearing her apart but now… the pain started to move to the back ground and slowly knotted up with pleasure, like the pleasure when he was licking her but different. More intense. Way more intense.

He rubbed one curled finger against her clit, wanting her to come again. This time around him so he could feel it, be a part of it. Within minutes she obeyed his command and came for him a second time. He felt her climax around his cock and he pressed his mouth on hers, capturing her cry of release.

He had expected her to fall back, completely limp. But the opposite happened. Her orgasm was fuel for her engine, and his, it made her want more. It made her more needy and demanding. She grinded against him, driving him deeper inside her and forbidding him to be gentle. He completely gave up on trying to control his inner beast and fucked her as if there was no tomorrow.

There was blood, pain, pleasure, roaring. Until he felt her clench around him again, her inner muscles strangling his cock. Knowing she would come for him again, made it impossible to hold back and he finally released himself inside her with an almost animalistic roar.

He collapsed on top of her, his breathing ragged and his body in a state of absolute fatigue.

But within five minutes she looked up at him, slightly biting her lip and he knew what time it was. A certain heat radiated from her eyes, demanding he'd relieve her. He grinned lustfully and flipped her over, filling her as she growled for him.

And that's pretty much how they spend the rest of the night. Filling the Brotherhood facility with their wild roars and animal sounds as the other members fought hard to ignore what was happening on the top floor.

"Stay with me"

He whispered it softly in her ear when he thought she was asleep. Finally asleep after not getting enough of each other. Because the first time just fueled them for another, and another, and another. Until they finally collapsed and without saying a word to each other, fell asleep within seconds.

She groggily turned around "Mister Creed?"

He growled "My name's Victor! Not mister Creed when you're naked in my bed"

She turned around to look him in the eye "Yeah well, my name is Ylva and not little wolf" she hissed.

He gave her a bemused look as he moved some strings of hair behind her face.

"You remind me of a little wolf. You howl like one too" he grinned down at her "And since I'm obviously the Alpha, I demand that you stay here with me"

She laughed softly "Victor, I can't, I-"

"Yes you can… and I can make you stay Ylva" he replied sternly.

"I know you can. But… You gave me your word and I have Jason to take care of"

"So I'll have him brought here"

"He can't be around you and your people. He's dangerous to anyone but me. Well, probably not to you either I guess, since you're feral. But… this Brotherhood… it's all about criminal activities and even killing. I'm no good at that nor do I wish to be. I'm a music teacher and a pianist Victor. What job would you have me do?"

He smirked as he climbed on top of her, pinning her wrists above her head but only slightly pressuring them.

"Well, since you asked" he mused softly "You could be my personal assistant"

She giggled as his hand made its way over her breasts, stomach and down to her legs.

"Ooooh right… personal assistant and what exactly does a personal assistant do? I mean, what would be my job description? Because I'm not sure I would be suitable for the job"

"Well, I've never had one but I hear they give great massages. Trust me, the job would suit you"

"Ah okay… great massages, what else?"

"You have to draw me baths and rub my shoulders while I'm in it"

"Mmm yeah, so far I think I got it down, any other stuff they do?"

"They wear no clothes what so ever…"

"No clothes" she looked down at herself "Check"

"You cannot ever interrupt me or tell me that I'm wrong"

She inhaled sharply and gave him a painful look "Ouch, I think that's a hard limit for me"

"You'd warm my bed and spread your legs without complaint whenever I say so"

His words made her blush, no matter how many times they had sex by now, this kind of bluntness would always make her blush she feared.

"So what do you say?" he asked most seriously.

She took a deep breath "Victor, no" she stated determinedly "I can't"

He growled agitatedly "Yes you can! And you will and that's final!"

She pursed her lips together, trying hard to suppress a giggle.

"Something funny about that little wolf?"

She slowly moved her hand up and touched his cheek attentively "Victor, you're acting like a little kid who doesn't get his way"

He scoffed "I don't even know what that means, not getting my way"

"It means I'm not going to stay mister Creed" she said most seriously, trying hard to disguise the hurt in her voice and eyes. Because she would miss this.

And him.

"Well little wolf" he finally said as he climbed on top of her "Then I'm just gonna have to convince you otherwise"

He flipped her over and pressed against her entrance from behind. One of his claws digging into her hair, tugging it forcefully and bringing a sharp cry to her lips. Her hungry need was filled when he entered her brutally. She arched her back downwards, her face digging into the pillows as she urged him to go deeper. He growled and brought his face down to her neck, soft nips sending shivers down her spine.

His teeth reached the area where her shoulder met her neck and he broke the flesh, biting her fiercely. She cried as the blood run down her shoulder. Now she was marked. Now she was his. A way stronger bond than any normal bond of marriage, partnership or contract. She was his mate now. He had claimed her and she would carry his mark for the rest of her life. Now she would not leave him.

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