It was a busy day at the salon as usual; drunken men everywhere and prostitutes making their ways around. Seychelles sighed as she stared at all of the commotion around her. Quickly hustling to get the orders of the men and women who had ordered drinks, she gathered them and brought them back to the customers. Pirates. They were always in this salon. She didn't like them one bit; the stench, the language, everything about them disgusted her. They always seemed so vulgar and deranged to her at least.

The brown colored girl put on a smile as she served them; she had done this for two years now, and was finally getting the hang of it. The only reason she had taken the job was to help provide for her parents and younger sisters. However, she always regretted taking this job. The money she earned was enough, but the customers always bothered her. She knew she was lucky the pirates that always came to the salon were just harmless. She had heard scary stories about pirates who took captive some of the workers and would kill them at the end.

"Seychelles! Bring this young man a bottle of rum!" Screamed the owner of the salon. Seychelles turned and nodded doing as told; her dark brown and maroon dress brushing up against the crowded tables filled with people drunkenly laughing. She placed the bottle of rum on the table and left; it was almost time for the salon to close anyway. Moving towards the owner of the salon, a tall yet boisterous woman, she smiled in relief as the owner smiled at. "Thank you for helping me again."

"It was honestly no problem, Madame Papillon!" Seychelles replied sighing, "It's almost time to close though, isn't it?"

The owner nodded, "Yes, but I was wondering if you could stay and help a little bit more afterwards? I need help cleaning, of course."

Seychelles nodded, and the owner moved away. Madame Papillon was trying to get all of the pirates out now. After they had all left and Seychelles had cleaned up the salon she went up to her room; she no longer stayed with her family since she was making her own money, but she did send home half of what she earned.

As the young girl climbed into bed and lay down, she stared at the ceiling. She had been living for 20 years and nothing had happened as of yet that was exciting or thrilling to her. She supposed it was a good thing nothing terribly exciting had turned up in her life though, because she always feared it would end up horribly. Turning to her side, she closed her eyes and dozed off to a deep slumber.