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We have reached the conclusion of the teens' dare contest. The winner has been decided by you, the readers, in a poll I previously had on my profile. Thanks to you guys this is my most popular story, and I really appreciate it.

I present to you the Of Teens and Dares finale.

The Final Streak

The six teens were sitting at a table at the back of the Great Hall, a serious silence surrounding them. Hiccup could not help but reminisce over the past year, mulling over all the crazy things they had dared each other to do. To think it all started because Snotlout was running his mouth off and Astrid called him out on it. Hiccup could admit that he would oddly miss the dare contest, but he certainly wasn't sad to see it finally ending.

He had only a little bit of sanity left. It best to end it all before he went completely insane.

Astrid folded her hands together and regarded Hiccup and Ruffnut, who were sitting opposite the rest of their friends. "We have spent a long time discussing what your final dare should be."

"A really long time," muttered Tuffnut grumpily. "Too long."

The blonde scowled at him for interrupting before speaking again. "We realized that through the course of this dare contest, we never got around to a proper streaking dare."

Ruffnut made a face while Hiccup buried his head in his hands. "Oh Thor."

Snotlout grinned. "You have to streak from the Great Hall, through the village and to the docks. You have to swim under one of the ships, climb onto the deck and jump back onto the dock."

"From there you have to call the dragons, do a lap around the island and land at the academy," added Fishlegs.

"From there you will run to the farming fields, and the first person there wins," finished Astrid with flourish.

Hiccup gaped. "We have to do all that naked?"

Astrid smirked. "Uh-huh."

"You are disgusting people," grumbled Ruffnut.

"I was against the streaking part, for obvious reasons," said Tuffnut flatly.

Snotlout folded his arms across his chest and arched an eyebrow. "So are you two ready?"

"Whatever." Ruffnut stood up and glanced at Hiccup, who was pale in the face. She smiled tauntingly. "Or maybe I win right here, right now."

Hiccup gave his head a sharp shake and got to his feet. "No way," he said determinedly.

Astrid beamed. "You go, babe."

"We'll each be stationed at different points on the route to make sure you don't cheat," said Fishlegs, looking pointedly at Ruffnut.

"Why're you looking at me?" she asked, offended.

"I'll blow the horn when we're ready," said Astrid, gesturing to the hollowed-out yak horn hanging around her neck. "Until then, sit tight."

"Good luck," cackled Snotlout and the teens left.

It was early in the morning, so early that no Vikings had arrived for breakfast yet, for which Hiccup was grateful. He hoped that it didn't take his friends long to get into their positions, for he wanted to get this over with as soon as possible.

"I thought the point of finishing this dare contest quickly was to keep from getting caught," said Ruffnut with a slightly puzzled frown.

"Well, my dad is out on a fishing expedition today," said Hiccup. "I guess we have plausible deniability."

Ruffnut stared blankly at him. "What?"

"Never mind," muttered Hiccup.

"So…should we get naked now?"

His face flamed red and he covered his eyes. "Ugh, I guess, but don't say that so casually!"

Ruffnut rolled her eyes and started undressing, leaving her clothes in a pile underneath the table. Hiccup kept his eyes locked on the floor as he too got undressed, goosebumps creeping across his bare flesh. He immediately covered his male parts and stood tensely, refusing to look over at his female friend.

"…are you looking at me?!"

Ruffnut hastily snapped her gaze forwards at the closed Great Hall door. "No."

The sound of Astrid's horn echoed across the island and soon the two teens were off, racing across the wooden floor. Hiccup never raised his hands from where they covered him protectively. Ruffnut was not as modest, arms swinging at her sides as she ran.

They burst out the doors, startling a few Vikings on their way to breakfast. Screams of shock and scandalized shouts rang out as the two hurried down the stone steps, elbowing each other in an attempt to get the lead.

"It's cold out here!" hissed Hiccup, the frigid wind stinging his skin.

"Just wait until we get to the water!" said Ruffnut with a grin.

A few children were playing in the plaza and adults raced to cover their eyes as the duo charged through.

"Are you crazy?" one Viking demanded.

"What's wrong with you?" another shouted.

"Get some clothes on! Wait until Stoick hears about this!"

"I am so dead," grumbled Hiccup. An irritated scowl crossed his face as he heard Snotlout's laughter ringing from somewhere nearby, but he refused to let himself get distracted.

They reached the docks and Hiccup scowled when Ruffnut was first to jump into the water. Despite the embarrassment he was feeling from the situation, he sure wasn't going to let her win easily. He was in the water a few seconds after the girl and he made a sound of discomfort, the freezing water surrounding his bare body.

This cannot be healthy.

Hiccup managed to locate a boat and he swam underneath, kicking his legs madly. He emerged on the other side and grabbed hold of the rope dangling off of the side. He spluttered to the surface, gasping for air and shivering madly, his hair plastered to his neck. He craned his neck up and immediately looked away when he realized Ruffnut was above him, her butt swaying as she shimmied up the rope.

"This is severely indecent," he muttered to himself, quickly climbing up.

Ruffnut had just reached the deck of the ship when a loud, booming voice thundered, "What in Thor's name are you two doing?!"

Startled, the blonde looked over her shoulder at the boat approaching Berk's port. She could make out Stoick and Gobber at the front of the ship, the chief's face glowing red with rage. "Oh Odin."

Her hesitation allowed Hiccup to catch up, and he was white with terror. He sped past her and all but jumped over the edge of the boat, rolling ungracefully onto the wooden docks. Ruffnut quickly launched herself after him, managing to land on her feet.

"You said he was on a fishing mission!" snapped Ruffnut.

"He was," cried Hiccup. "He must have gone late last night so he could finish early this morning!"

Ruffnut opened her mouth to make her dragon call when she realized something. She owned a Hideous Zippleback, which needed two riders.

Oh, screw it all!

With little time to think, as Hiccup was starting to recover from the fright of seeing his father, she let out her dragon call. Hiccup made his own Night Fury call, which mingled in the air with Ruffnut's, and stared at the blonde with wide eyes, making sure to keep his gaze about her neckline.

"Wait. That was a Deadly Nadder call!"

"Tuffnut isn't here!" defended Ruffnut. "And Fishlegs didn't specifically say it had to be my dragon."

Hiccup looked up at the sky and spotted his Night Fury, who was at a disadvantage to Stormfly, who was soaring through the clouds. He frowned, realizing that Astrid must have been nearby. Dang.

Toothless bounded across the grass and Ruffnut grinned when Stormfly landed in front of her, chirping madly.

"Later, loser!" she cackled, climbing onto Stormfly. "Come on, I'll feed you chicken later if you give me a ride."

Perking up at the prospect of her favourite snack (which had accidently been leaked by Fishlegs when the boy discovered Astrid's secret weapon to making her dragon faster) Stormfly took to the sky. Hiccup frantically looked over his shoulder, where he could hear his father screaming furiously at him from the water.

"Oh he is going to be on land soon," he whimpered.

Toothless soon came up to him and he tilted his head to the side. "You look different."

"Come on, bud, we have to catch up to Ruffnut," said Hiccup quickly, climbing onto his dragon.

"Is this another dare? Because if it is, I don't think I approve," rumbled Toothless, but he still took to the sky, and Hiccup was relieved to leave his father behind, at least for the time being.

Though Stormfly was certainly fast, she had nothing on a Night Fury. Hiccup quickly gained the lost ground and surpassed Ruffnut. The blonde scowled after him. "No fair! This is rigged!"

Hiccup snorted. "Yeah, right! Says the girl who stole Astrid's dragon," he called over his shoulder.

"Borrowed!" she retorted. "And it was strategy!"

Hiccup finished the lap around the island first and landed at the academy. He bid goodbye to Toothless before racing off in a mad dash for the farming fields. Ruffnut landed half a minute later and took up pursuit.

Stormfly looked at Toothless and said, "Wonder what all that was about."

"Don't want to know," muttered Toothless.

Stormfly perked at the sound of her human calling for her. "That's Astrid."

"I'll tag along. There's no way I'm missing this."

Though Hiccup had gained a lead with his Night Fury, Ruffnut was faster than he was and quickly caught up. They were once more side-by-side and each was dripping with water, feet sinking into the ground with each step they took.

The farming fields soon came into sight and Hiccup let out a cry of dismay when Ruffnut pulled ahead of him with a wide grin. His metal foot was making it difficult to move in the slippery mud, giving the blonde the advantage.

Oh, I hope Astrid won't be too mad, he thought, feeling his gut twitch in disappointment.


One second Ruffnut had been eight steps away from reaching the wooden fence, the next she was flat on the ground, having been tackled by a large pig. Hiccup jogged past, an expression of disbelief on his face as he stared at the fallen girl. He was startled from his gaping when he slammed into the wooden fence.

He blinked.

He had won.

He had won!

Whoops of glee sounded from above and Fishlegs and Astrid flew down on their respective dragons. Snotlout was next, Tuffnut riding behind him on Hookfang, with Barf and Belch and Toothless following after them on foot.

The two males were looking rather disgruntled and irritated by Hiccup's victory, but Fishlegs and Astrid were overjoyed as they dismounted.

Astrid tossed Hiccup a long cloak, which he dazedly shrugged on. "I won."

"You won," she agreed delightedly, slinging her arms around his neck and kissing him soundly. She pulled away with a bright grin. "Good job, babe!"

"Ugh," gagged Snotlout, a bitter expression on his face.

"This sucks," grumbled Ruffnut, pulling on the cloak Fishlegs tossed her, his eyes shut firmly until he was certain she was clothed.

Astrid glared at her. "Serves you right for stealing my dragon!"

"Borrowed," corrected Ruffnut, crossing her arms moodily over her chest. "I couldn't use Barf and Belch, because I would have needed Tuffnut for that."

"I was hoping you would have forgotten that," admitted Astrid. "I was a little worried when Stormfly left my side at the sound of your call."

"Not like it did me any good." Ruffnut kicked at the ground with a scowl.

Hiccup grinned widely and pumped his fists in the air. "I did it! I won the dare contest!"

"Dare contest?"

The teens froze, the happy smiles of Fishlegs, Astrid and Hiccup and the bitter sneers of Snotlout, Tuffnut and Ruffnut being replaced by utter terror. The group slowly turned, faces turning white at the sight of Stoick, Gobber and Spitelout emerging from the cover of the forest, eyes glowing with deadly understanding.

"I thought they were gone," hissed Tuffnut, cowering behind his sister.

"They came back early," squeaked Hiccup, his feelings of victory momentarily extinguished by fear.

Hookfang snickered, the group of dragons observing the events from the side. "They're in so much trouble."

Toothless shook his head. "Like we didn't see that coming."

"So that's what you lot have been up to all this time," whispered Stoick, eye twitching in fury. "You lied to me, Hiccup."

"Meep," the boy whimpered.

The twins instinctively tried to make a break for it, but Gobber was quick to intercept them. He slung Tuffnut over one shoulder and put an iron grip on Ruffnut's arm. Spitelout took his son by the ear and Fishlegs firmly by the shoulder. Hiccup yelped as his father took hold of the back of his cloak and lifted him up, his other hand landing on Astrid's back to steer her along.

"You all better beg for mercy," growled Stoick.

They six teens were led off, feeling a mixture of dread and yet satisfaction. A winner had been decided, which meant that everything they had done in order to make it as close as possible to the finish line had not been in vain.

"Was it worth it?" whispered Astrid, a slight twinkle in her eye.

Hiccup grinned. "Strangely enough, yes, it was."

"I think so too."

Hiccup sneaked a glance at his livid father and asked in a low voice, "Will you take the blame for cutting off his beard?"

"Anything for you, babe. Anything for you."

Until next time,

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