So it's not hard to tell that uh, Logan is my number one favorite, followed by Carlos. Yeah I felt needy and I missed my Logie-Bear, and I needed a little something something for him, so here we go! Let me know what you think!

Logan's POV

It was raining. A night so dark that even street lights couldn't illuminate the sidewalk. The sky was black, and the rain fell so hard on my skin that it felt like bullets raining down on me. The city seemed dead at this time of night, which was completely odd considering the nightlife was so popular. But in the middle of the darkness there she was, the girl with the bright blue umbrella, walking without a care in the world. Her dark hair was pulled back into a low bun, the rest of her hair sheltered by a grey fedora. Her bright red trench coat flapped in the wind. She didn't mind standing out, and when you're as beautiful as her, you should stand out. I watched as she glanced around the street, seeing no one was around she hooked her arm around a lamp pole and spun around before jumping into a puddle. She laughed out loud to no one in particular before continuing her walk to her apartment building. I watched as she closed the umbrella and opened the glass door, disappearing into the building.

I sighed and sat up quickly, rubbing my hands up and down my face to shake the dream I just had. I couldn't stop thinking about her, it was unhealthy, it was stupid, and I didn't even catch her name.

Now it really sounds ridiculous. I couldn't stop dreaming about a girl whose name I didn't even know. I just knew that she was beautiful, and she had a loud, contagious laugh that could make you smile in a heartbeat. She had a lovely smile, bright, cute, I just couldn't stop thinking about it, but it was stupid to think so much about someone whose name I didn't even catch. She was just a girl that was someone's assistant at Star Beat magazine. I met her weeks ago, and I just could not stop thinking about her. She just…..she seems like the type of girl you just want to protect.; to hold in your arms and keep away from all the evils of the world. She just….I don't know, I can't get her out of my mind.

We were at the office of Star Beat magazine because we ran into….a little dilemma on tour.


We were in South America and the guys and I decided we wanted to take a tour through the amazon. Well, we ended up getting separated from our tour guide. Carlos swore he saw a monkey and went to see it, James followed him of course. I didn't want them to get lost so I went after them, and Kendall said that it was ridiculous that we were all straying away, so he came over for us and we ended up getting completely separated. We wandered around for about two days before someone found us, but wow were those two days hell.

We found a river and followed that down until we came across this…weird looking temple. I didn't want to go inside, because you never know what could be hiding in there, but Carlos just ran right in, so of course we all ran after him. We fell down this slope of marble and stone, we were pretty banged up by the time we reached the bottom, but we just kept walking because Carlos insisted there was going to be treasure somewhere.

Well, he was right.

After scouring the halls of this…temple, we found a bright blue gem. There was some sort of green gas swirling around inside.

"I'm going to touch it." Carlos announced making a grab for the diamond.

"No don't you don't know if that's safe!" I yelled and reached forward to stop him, but I ended up grabbing the diamond. I watched as Carlos' eyes lit up, and it appeared like his pupils were two raging fires, but only for a second.

"Whoa…"He muttered and pulled away. I myself felt something surge through me, I felt cooler, I felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders, I felt safer. I pulled away and looked down at my hands, noticing as the cuts and scrapes I had slowly started to vanish.

"What, what did you feel?" Kendall questioned furrowing his eyebrows.

"Dude I want a go." James announced, reaching forward and grabbing it, along with Kendall who decided he didn't want to feel left out. Kendall's pupils flickered the same way Carlos' once had, except it didn't look like there were flames dancing in his, it looked as though a layer of ice washed over his yes for a split second. He must have felt something, because he quickly pulled way.

James' reaction didn't go unnoticed. We all watched as his skin rippled when he touched the diamond. James, the drama queen screamed and threw the diamond at the wall. Diamonds shouldn't break when thrown against a stone wall, but James' throw managed to shatter the diamond into millions of little shards. The gas inside the diamond floated in the air, and the shattered bits tuned into water, seeping through the cracks of the floor.

"What the hell just happened?" Kendall shouted, staring between the floor and James. "You broke a diamond dude!"

"I KNOW I DID! Wait why is that a big deal?" James questioned, running his hand through his hair.

"You're not supposed to be able to break diamonds James, only a diamond can break another diamond and you shattered one against the wall with your bare hands!" I explained to him. James nodded slowly before grinning like a moron he sometimes is.

"Diamond crushed a diamond." He said with a nod, and all of us rolled our eyes and groaned.

"Let's get out of here before something else happens." Kendall sighed and shook his head, then glanced at me. "Dude your cuts are gone." Everyone then stepped closer to examine me. The cuts, scrapes, all the bruises I had because of our trek were now all gone.

"Oh my god…Logan healed himself!" Carlos gasped and stepped away, "And James crushed a diamond, that means he's super strong. That means that thing gave us powers, AND THIS IS JUST LIKE A REALLY COOL SUPERHERO MOVIE!" Carlos shouted the last part, which echoed throughout the temple.

"No…no there has to be a rational explanation." I said with a nod, even though I already know I'm wrong and in denial. It's just; well none of this makes sense, none of it at all.

"Dude you can't deny it." Kendall said, running a hand through his blonde hair. "You and James are different after touching that thing, you said it yourself, nothing else can break a diamond, well he broke it! And you, your skin looks like nothing happened at all!"

"What about me? What's my power? I want a power." Carlos whined and leaned against the altar that the diamond was once resting on. I'm not going to tell Carlos that I saw a fire in his eyes, because if that means his ability has something to do with fire, he'll start playing around like a goofball.

I suppose this makes sense though. James is the strongest out of all of us; it only makes sense for him to have some sort of super strength ability. Myself, well I guess I…healed myself because I wanted to be a doctor. There's nothing special about that though.

"Yeah well, I'd like one too I don't want to be left out." Kendall remarked. "Come on, we really should get out of here, we don't know what else is here."

"Well no!" Carlos said, pushing himself off of the altar. "I want to know what else is in here! Maybe we'll find cool costumes or—"

"No Carlos I just want to get out, so let's go!" Kendall stated, and Carlos growled a bit.

"You don't have to make all of the choices for us you know! I say we stay here and find more stuff!"

"And I say we get out! You already caused enough trouble Carlos we followed you all the way here and now look, we're separated from our tour guide, those two have supernatural abilities, and this whole thing is your stupid fault!"

"NO IT'S NOT MY STUPID FAULT AND NO ONE SAID YOU HAD TO FOLLOW ME ANYWHERE ANYWAY!" Carlos screamed and was waving his hands around as he spoke, when he pointed his finger at Kendall, a flame shot out making him scream and jump back in surprise. Kendall raised his arms and crossed them in front of him to protect himself, and just as he did so a sort of ice barrier formed over his crossed arms, melting right as the flame hit, but keeping him completely safe. "I JUST TRIED TO SET YOU ON FIRE!"

"I JUST MADE ICE THAT SAVED ME!" Kendall screamed.



It all made sense, of course Carlos had the ability to manipulate fire, because of his fiery attitude and awful temper. Then there was Kendall, with the ability to manipulate ice, because he was …well the cool one so to speak. He kept his cool, he had a calm temper, he was basically the leader of us, and it figures that he had a…cool ability.

They all had awesome abilities. Super strength, and what we later figured out to be invulnerability, fire manipulation, ice manipulation, and then there's me. I 'heal' people; I don't feel cool at all. I just sit here and wait to be useful. I just sit here and wait to be the guy that saves the girl that doesn't need saving.

I feel like such a loser.

For god's sake I dream about a girl whose name I don't even know, that isn't even normal!