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Jim Moriarty was a man who knew what he wanted and didn't have any qualms about making sure he got it. Moreover, he was not used to anything being out of his reach. Then again, his game with Sherlock seemed to already break all the rules. The criminal consultant could feel the tug as his eyes were drawn back to the blonde doctor who was completely oblivious to being watched from across the bar.

Moriarty had chosen the pub on a whim and certainly hadn't expected to find Sherlock's pet already inside, laughing and swapping stories with the other patrons. Since the first time they had met, in the lab when he was pretending to be that silly girl's boyfriend (Mellony, or Marla, or something was her name), Jim had found himself drawn to the man in a way that he was unfamiliar and not in any way comfortable with.

Something about the doctor was just…hypnotic. He wanted to rid the man of those awful sweaters he always wore and see the body he kept hidden beneath. Not for the first time, Jim had to consciously stop himself from licking his lips as he watched the other man. He was just so captivating and Jim's normal control was practically nonexistent. He had hardly touched the drink he'd ordered upon his arrival over an hour ago but he felt his mind was clouded as though he'd been taking shots.

This was always the case whenever John Watson crossed his mind, and he seldom just crossed it. The man lingered and teased Jim even just in his imagination. A shudder ran down his spine and he felt his pants tighten as John gestured to illustrate his current story and the helm of his sweater tugged up, revealing a quick glance of his tanned stomach.

At first, when he'd started having these…urges, Moriarty refused to admit they were feelings because he simply didn't DO feelings, he'd tried to suppress them and when that didn't work he'd tried to turn his attentions somewhere else. Jim wasn't the virgin that Sherlock was. He had a healthy appetite for sex and participated in the activity quite regularly. Or at least he had until he'd been subjected to this damned fixation with Dr. John Hamish Watson. Now no one else seemed to cut it anymore.

It certainly didn't help that Jim had, at the pool, seen the subtle signs of John's own attraction. He'd taken keen notice of the way the other man's pupils dilated or the way his heart rate had picked up when the master mind invaded his personal space, and not with fear. Sure, the attraction was involuntary and the blonde likely had no desire to take action from it, but it made it all the harder to suppress his own urges.

So last in his own thoughts, Jim didn't even realize that he was being approached until someone sat heavily on the stool beside him. Looking up in surprise, he made eye contact with none other than the cause of all of his current problems.

"I would ask what you're doing here but I doubt you'd tell me. This better not be another kidnapping. I got enough of that last time, thanks."

The corner of Jim's lips quirked upwards in amusement. As usual, Sherlock's pet was full of the unexpected. John was right; there was no way he was going to admit he'd spent the last hour watching the blonde because he couldn't bear to turn away. To take the focus off himself, the criminal consultant quickly changed the subject.

"You certainly seemed to be having a good time. I sooo hate to disturb you."

John looked at him for a moment; Moriarty noted the signs of attraction once again, before sighing and turning back to his drink.

"I suppose that as long as you're here, you aren't out blowing something up or killing people."

Dark eyebrows rose almost to his hairline.

"You don't think I could do any of those things from here?"

"Quite the contrary. I know you could. I just don't think you would want to. Forgive me for the assumption, but I don't think this is really your usual scene."

Moriarty nodded in acknowledgement.

"Pubs are generally too loud and too crowded for my tastes, yes."

John smiled at him and the criminal mastermind felt something twist in his gut.

"But you're here tonight."

And there it was the thing that made John Watson so horribly irresistible. He was unpredictable to a fault and had the unique ability to corner people like Jim and Sherlock while never once seeming anything more than the average bloke. Jim felt a twitch downstairs and knew he wouldn't be making it through the night without relief.

And John Watson was going to provide it.

"I'll tell you why, if you'd like, why I'm here." A pause and Moriarty could tell he had John's full attention. "It's because of you. You…captivate me."

The blonde startled back a bit.


Jim took a moment to savor the surprise on John's face…Delicious.

"You. Captivate. Me." His smile was smug. "Truly, I doubt you have any idea of the unique power you possess."

"Power? Me? What're you going on about?"

"Oh, yes. You're complete obliviousness is part of you charm. Indeed, you are quite the impressive one. Not only are you able to put up with the no doubt considerable irritations that come with living and working with Sherlock Holmes, you have managed with make him feel. True friendship is something that Sherlock never understood before you came along. So you were dragged into our little game. Honestly, I didn't expect you to last long. An ordinary bloke playing with myself and Holmes? But, as has proved to be the norm, you surprised me." His smirk grew into a full on grin. "I like surprises."

Oh, there are the pupils, blown so wide his irises almost disappeared. Encouraged, Jim leaned forward until their noses almost touched.

"Do you like surprises, Dr. Watson?"

John grunted as his back slammed into the wall. His shoulder twinged in protest but the ex-soldier couldn't bring himself to care with Jim's lips pressed against his own and the criminal's hands on his body. God, they were EVERYWHERE. A moan slipped from his mouth, only to be swallowed by his partner.

"Sherlock's going to kill me."

"Do me a favor?"


"Don't talk about Holmes when I'm kissing you."

"Oh? The jealous type? I should've known."

"Better idea. Just don't talk."

Their lips clashed again in a violent kiss, teeth clashing and tongues wrestling. Moriarty moved them backwards, further into the flat that doubled as one of his safe houses. He'd already sent the text that cleared all of his personnel from the area. He didn't need them seeing this. Besides, Dr. Watson made a very sound diagnosis. He WAS the jealous type and he'd hate to have to kill a perfectly good lackey because they'd caught a glimpse of HIS John.

It was a simple matter to maneuver them into the bedroom and push the doctor onto the bed. Jim took a moment to enjoy the sight of his interest sprawled on his sheets, hair a mess and face flushed. His cream sweater was askew and covered way too much. The mastermind growled before accosting his victim once more, seizing the helm of the offending article and yanking upwards, pulling it off in one fell swoop and tossing it aside.

"Getting impatient, are we?"

"What did I say about talking?"

"Oh, I don't know. I was a bit distracted at the time."

A growl ripped itself from Jim's throat.

"New plan. Next time you open your mouth, it'll be to scream."

He attacked John's neck with kisses and nips, worshipping the tan column and pulling a string of moans from the other man. His hand worked quickly to rid the man of his clothes, unbuttoning that atrocious plaid shirt and all but ripping it from his body. His lips moved down to the doctor's collarbone as his hands moved down to the top of his pants.

Inch by inch, he worked his way down. No bit of skin was left unattended to. He lavished the chest beneath him with licks and scrapes from his teeth. It didn't take him long to figure out that John liked a little pain with his pleasure. He paid special attention to the bullet hole in his shoulder that got his sent home. While only a small circle was left on the front, Jim knew there was an impressive spider web of scars on the back of the shoulder. But he would get to that later, preferably when he was already hip deep in the man.

Slowly, he eased John's pants down to reveal more of that skin that tasted so good to his tongue. If Jim were the type to believe in God, he'd surely be thanking the big man now. With abs and hips bones that would make Greek statues jealous, John's body was truly a work of art. His breath was coming in short gasps now as Jim nuzzled the side of his penis, a high whine escaping those bruised lips.

Flicking his tongue out, he made his way up the shaft from base to tip, making sure to collect the drop of pre-cum that had gathered at the head before smirking up at John from under dark brows. Seeing the pleading look on the other's face, he wasted no time in swallowing the man whole. The warmth that filled his mouth was like a promise of the tight heat he would be feeling around his own appendage later.

Humming so that vibrations were sent down the shaft, Jim wrapped his tongue around it as best he could before pulling back until only the head was in his mouth. Glancing up, he saw that his hapless victim's hands were already fisting the sheets, back arched and mouth open. A low moan filled the air as Jim flicked his tongue across the slit and dipped down again.

Oh, he was enjoying this.

Bringing his hands up to the other man's naked thighs, he dug his nails into the skin, just hard enough to leave little dimples but not to break it. His own member nearly hurt and ached for attention. Just a little longer now.

He bobbed his head up and down a couple more times before releasing John from his mouth with a pop, earning a whine in protest.

"Not to worry, Johnny-boy. The fun is only just beginning."

Reaching past the other man, Jim rooted in his bedside drawer to find the lube he kept there for 'special occasions.' He squirted a bit into his hand and went back to licking the gorgeous cock in front of him as he reached down with one hand and slowly pressed a single finger against the bundle of muscles. After a moment's resistance, the ring relaxed and he was able to slide in. He crooked the finger and stroked a node that caused John's hips to jump off the bed, nearly making him choke as his member was shoved a bit too deep.

Using one hand to hold those glorious hips down, he slipped a second finger into that warm depth. He circled the node lightly, making John shudder and moan loudly, before scissoring to loosen him up. All the while, he kept bobbing his head and licking at the thick shaft in his mouth. Another stroke of the node and he was slipping a third finger in, then a fourth.

Once he felt that the man was properly stretched he pulled his fingers out. He gave John's cock one last lick before pulling back and placing a kiss on his stomach, then his chest, and finally his gasping lips.

"Having fun?"

John opened his mouth to say something but Jim cut him off with another kiss, thrusting his tongue deep into the other's mouth and letting him taste himself. He let up only when his lungs were screaming for air, leaving them both gasping for breath.

"Oops, sorry. I forgot I said no talking. My bad!"

He didn't sound very sorry.

Standing, he shucked off his own clothes, folding his items carefully and hanging them over a chair. It was a Westwood, after all.

Climbing back onto the bed he kissed John again. Ooo, he could get used to this…addicted even. Another peck. Who was he kidding? He was already addicted.


Right. Concentrate. Guess it was true what they said about addictions going to your head. He pressed another kiss to John's lips before settling in between his legs.


He swallowed John's groan as he slipped inside. His mind went suddenly, totally blank as he was engulfed by that sweet heat. He pushed in until he was fully seated and then paused to give John time to adjust. It didn't take a genius to figure out that he wasn't the type to participate in a lot of male on male activities.

Maybe that was the reason why he was so damnably tight, even after being stretched.

Jim knew he could move again when John's hips started pushing against his own. Slowly pulling out, he pushed back into that amazing feeling before setting a fast, hard pace. Angling each thrust to hit against the bundle of nerves from earlier, he sat back and watched the beautiful specimen below him writhe in pleasure.

Nipping and sucking on the other man's neck, Moriarty made sure to leave more than one mark to proclaim that this was his property for all to see. John's cock was caught between their bodies, thriving on the friction of each thrust.

Now, now he WAS screaming. John's voice filled the room, bouncing off the walls and reminding Jim just how good the acoustics in the room where. Oh, yes. He would definitely be keeping this flat for a while.

He felt a coiling sensation in his stomach and knew that it wouldn't be long. Beneath him, John was panting and moaning and pushing back against him.

"Jim…Jim…I'm gonna…I'm so close!"

A feral growl ripped its way from his lips and he leaned down until his lips brushed against his ear.

"Let me hear you scream!"

John did not disappoint as he shouted out his climax, his heat tightening around Moriarty's girth. A few more pumps and he was spilling his own seed deep inside the blonde. Panting, he collapsed on top of the other man.

"That was…"


After a moment to catch his breath, Jim pulled out and rolled to the side. His forehead stayed pressed to John's shoulder.

"So where do we go from here? I'm not so naïve as to think that you'll suddenly be okay with me trying to kill your partner just because we're shagging."

John hummed thoughtfully in response before speaking.

"I guess there's only one thing to do."

"What's that?"

Now it was John's turn to let an evil smile stretch across his face. He flipped himself easily so that he was crouching over the mastermind.

"Make YOU scream."

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