Hello. So this is the start of my new fic.

Natural I have some warning for everyone that shall be reading this.

First this is about a serial killer, so there will be death and depending on when I write them, could be really gross.

Second this is a twist kind of love story, between two males.

Third this is written by me, so there will be some spelling issues, maybe something wrong with my grammer, and a verious other buch of stuff that just happens.

I don't own these characters, shows, songs, or anything mentioned really in this fic. I just wrote it.


A serial killer is, defined by the FBI, a person who has: a minimum of three to four victims, typically a stranger to the victim, reflects a need to sadistically dominate the victim, motive is psychological, victims could have symbolic meaning to them, and normally chooses victims who are vulnerable.

Special Agent Castiel Novak, swore when a case file came across his desk, again. This was the third time he had successfully handed off the Dean Winchester case only to have it come back to him within the month. He had hoped to go on vacation this time, but instead spending the days backlogging paperwork and filing everything from the last time Dean had crossed his path.

Castiel was tired of this endless cat and mouse game Dean seemed to be fond of. He noticed it when Dean had broke his leg as a 'welcome back, don't leave me again' gift. Dean wouldn't let another FBI agent near him, only Cas, as Dean seemed to insist on calling him. He didn't know why he hadn't shot the bastard yet. It would be a service to the world to take out that psychopath, but Castiel knew he would miss him terrible.

He sighed opening the file, and started to enter the world that was Dean Winchester.

Dean sat on the moth eaten bed of the current back woods motel he was currently hold up in. He set out a cloth on the opposite bed, and began to set his beauties upon it. Knives, hooks, and guns adorn the cloth when he was through. Picking up his favorite hunting knife, he started polishing it, thinking of his agent, who should be back on his case.

Dean smirked, as he wondered what he would do to his Cas to welcome him back to this game. The first time he left Dean had broken his leg, which led him to leave again. So Dean was careful with his second gift, breaking into the FBI agent's apartment and leaving bits of the latest trash leading to his bedroom, like rose petals. Dean had waited in Castiel's bed, and was happy he had chosen that particular day to give him his gift. Castiel had been out running it would have seemed, short shorts showing off long toned legs and a white tank top drenched in sweat. Even with the gun pointed at his chest, Dean thought that image was hot as hell. Now Cas had the nerve to leave him again. Dean's smirk turned slowly to a feral grin, he would just have to punish his pet again.

So there you are, small, tiny tease. I wanted this to be a short chapter more for introducing the main characters. I forgot to mention, I might do flash backs. So please review, they keep me writing in time with my heart.