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Sam sighed as he sat on the bed, looking over at Gabriel. "This is going to get messy isn't it." Gabe leaned against the closed door. "We knew that when Dean went off the deep end." He folded his arms. "They might start coming after us harder, now that Cas is out from under them." Sam buried his head in his hands. "We have to stop him." Gabe sighed, pushing off the door. "We will, but until then we can't get comfortable. We'll have to leave soon, Sam." Sam looked up at Gabe, who was now standing before him. "It was nice seeing them again." Arms wrapped around his shoulders pulling him closer to his agent. "Yeah, it was nice to meet your family, but Sam," "Don't Gabe. Not tonight." Sam looked up, giving Gabe a soft smile. "Tonight let's just focus on the positive." Gabe smiled down at Sam. "Anything for you, Sammy." He leaned down and gently kissed Sam, cupping his cheek in his hands. Sam sighed into the kiss wrapping his arms around his lover and pulling him flush against him.

Once Dean and Cas were locked away in the panic room, Dean wrapped Castiel in a tight hold. "This is going to work." He murmured into his ear. "It has to." Castiel said nothing, instead he kissed Dean, trying his best to convey that he would not leave Dean. Not now, not after everything. When they broke apart they were breathing hard. "I love you, Dean." Cas's voice dropped an octave, bring a gravelly quality to his voice. Dean smirked, mischief in his eyes. "I love you too, Castiel." He took his tie in his hand, and pulled Cas closer. "I'm not going to let you go." He growled against his lips. A wet tongue flicked against Dean's lips. Dean purred at the teasing, latching onto Castiel's lips, prying them open with his tongue. Cas softly moaned, running his hands down Dean's chest, and toying with the end of his shirt. Cas broke the kiss. "Dean," he whispered, pulling Dean's shirt off. "I want to make loved to you." Dean groaned, helping Cas out of his shirt and tie. He grabbed his belt and pulled their hips together. Dean ground against his lover, enjoying how Cas replicated the action. "I'll take you to heaven." Dean whispered hotly, trailing kissed down Castiel's neck.

Gabriel took his time opening Sam's shirt. Kneeling down he made sure to kiss every scar and mark he had accumulated over the years. Sam pulled him back to his lips. He lean back on the bed, sighing as Gabe followed him, keeping their mouths attached. Sam's fingers danced down Gabe's shirt, slipping the buttons from their broke the kiss, letting his shirt fall from his body. Sam wasted no time flipping them over, so he could explore his lover's body with his hands, mouth, and tongue. Gabe knotted his hands in Sam's hair, tugging when Sam found a particularly sensitive spot. He looked down when Sam dipped his tongue into his navel. Gabe groaned at the sight. Sam tonguing his navel, looking up at him with lust hazed eyes. "Sam." He gasped out, earning him a soft nip as Sam started to kiss down his happy trail to the waist band of his jeans.

Castiel was panting, Dean had three fingers stretching him wide. Dean stared down at him, aroused that the sigh of his tousled agent. He leaned down to kiss his neck, leaving a wet trail to his ear. "You keep on taking don't you, babe." He clutched tightly at Dean's back, as Dean added another finger. Feeling stretched and full, Cas withered against his hard chest, rocking his hips against Dean's hips only to rut back against his fingers. Dean slowly removed his fingers from Castiel's body. "Tell me what you want, Cas." He whispered hotly, sucking on his ear lobe. Cas flipped them over, smirking as he looked down at Dean. "I want you to take what I give." He leaned down and kissed Dean lustily. While Dean was distracted, Cas slipped a finger into his tight ass. Moaning into Dean's mouth, Cas moved back a mixture of amazement and lust in his features. "You will feel so good around my dick, Dean." Dean grabbed his ass, skimming his fingers over Cas's quivering hole. He pushed two fingers in, making Cas arch and stop his questing finger. Dean looked at his lover, desire running high. "Don't stop, Cas." A blush adorned his cheeks as he continued to finger Dean. As Dean became more relaxed to the intruding finger, Castiel added a second, moaning softly when Dean found his prostate. "Dean, I want you." It came out in a hoarse gravel. Dean rolled his hips against his fingers. "Then take me, Cass." Dean removed his fingers from Cass's ass and pulled his hips closer, rubbing sensually against him. Castiel grasped Dean's hips, holding him still as he line them up. Sinking into the warm heat of his lover, Cass groaned and Dean withered beneath him. It was slow the dance between them, but never once did they take their eyes away from each other. Castiel would feel Dean to the depths of his very soul, and knew they were falling in a free fall with no way of stopping. In that moment of ecstasy it did not matter what the world had waiting outside the iron walls of the panic room. All that mattered was how Dean's face looked in pure bliss when his cum shot between their sweat slicked skin. All that mattered was how Cass moaned as the tight channel milked him for all he was worth. Dean held Cass's shaking form, given him time to cool down, stroking his back and sharing soft kisses. When their second wind came, Dean flipped Cass on his back and entered him. They didn't want it to stop, knowing that when they did everything would bare down on them, threaten to tear them apart and destroy their fragile love. "Cass," Dean began feeling the start of his orgasm. "Dean." Castiel echoed. The words did not need to be spoken, they knew the bond that they had was permanent and they would always have each other. In their twisted kind of love.

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